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The United Nations says the Syrian government has a duty to allow humanitarian aid to all areas under siege. Syria has approved aid deliveries to seven besieged areas, but the UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura said the UN had to have access to all Syrians in need. Our diplomatic correspondent James Robins reports. “This is an increasingly tense week after key world powers including Russia agreed to work towards a partial ceasefire in Syria. But neither the Syrian government nor opposition forces were involved and the UN envoy Staffande Mistura is meeting Syria's foreign minister in Damascus trying to persuade his government to stop fighting and allow unhindered humanitarian access to all besieged areas. There are signs that aid will be allowed into some besieged areas over the next few days, but it is hard to see an end to the fighting.

Key Points

1.humanitarian adj/n.人道主义的, 博爱的,慈善的

2.siege n.围攻,围困,围城

3.besieged v.包围,为敌对势力包围, 拥挤在周围

4.unhindered adj.顺畅,不受妨碍的,不受阻碍的