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The United States and Cuba have signed a deal restoring commercial flights for the first time in more than 50 years. The agreement comes as the White House is contemplating a possible presidential trip to Cuba. Will Grant is in Havana. “There can be little done that the pace of the thaw between the United States and Cuba is quickening in president Obama's last year in office. And this signing of a memorandum of understanding on commercial flights between the old enemies is a good example of that new impetus. Up to 110 daily flights from the US to Cuba can begin under the new plan, twenty a day to the capital Havana and 10 to each of the other international airports on the island. This arrangement signifies more than just a new beginning for our civil aviation relationship, said the US transports secretary Antony Fox after signing the deal. It represents a critically important milestone in the United States' continued efforts to engage with Cuba and normalize our relations.”

Key Points

1.contemplating v.注视,凝视,盘算,计议

2.thaw n. 融雪,温暖气候, 放松,解冻

3.impetus n.动力, 势头, 促进, 声势

4.aviation n. 航空,飞行术,航空学

美国和古巴签署了恢复商业航班的协议,这是50年来两国首次达成共识。这个协议达成的同时,美国总统正有访问古巴的计划。 威尔•格兰特在哈瓦那为您报道。“总统奥巴马在任最后一年里可以为加速恢复美国和古巴外交关系所做的事情并不多。此次两国在商业航班上达成的一致协定则是促进两国关系的好举措。新方案下,从美国飞往古巴的航班可以达到每天110架次,其中飞往首都哈瓦那的有20架次,飞往古巴其他各个国际机场的各有10架次。美国交通部长安东尼•福克斯签署协议后表示,此次调整不仅仅标志着两国民用航空关系的新开端,其在美国为与古巴建立友好关系并使两国关系正常化上所作的持续努力中具有里程碑意义的影响。”