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The technology giant, Apple, has reported lower-than-expected sales of iPhones in the last quarter, thanks in part to the economic slowdown in China. Sales grew at the slowest rate since the device was launched in 2007. Apple's profits, nonetheless, rose for the quarter to more than 18 billion dollars. Rory Cellan-Jones reports.“At first sight, Apple has delivered another great set of results, with record quarterly profits and revenue. But concerns will centre on sales of the iPhone, the product which has transformed the computer maker into the world's most valuable business. As for the coming months, Apple is forecasting the first fall in revenues since the iPhone's launch. If sales of the product, which accounts for two thirds of its revenue, have pit, the pressure to unveil something that can replace it will increase.”

Key Points

giant n. 巨人,巨物,巨头, 卓越人物

lower-than-expected 低于预期的

forecasting v. 预报,预测, 预示