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I'm Stewart Macintosh with the BBC News. Hello. The world tennis authorities have announced an independent review into the effectiveness of anti-corruption practices in the sport. The announcement was made at the Australian Open. It follows an investigation by the BBC and the website Buzzfeed news, which found that 16 players ranked within the Top 50 had been repeatedly flagged up to the sport's watchdog, the Tennis Integrity Unit, over suspicions they'd thrown matches. President of the Association of Tennis Professionals, Chris Kermode, said the aim of the investigation was to restore public confidence in the sport.“All of us believe that with everything in the news and serious allegations that had been thrown at our sport, the last thing anyone wants is another sports body investigating itself, and which is why we have taken this very bold step to commission a completely independent review. And the most important point is that we have committed to act on every recommendation.”

Key Points
anti-corruption n.反腐败

watchdog 看门狗,看家狗,监视者

public confidence 公众信心