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  Hello, I am Jerry Smit with the BBC News.

Shares on Chinese main stock market have fluctuated sharply in the hours of trading since the country's security's regulator lifted the safety mechanism introduced to prevent sharp falls. The market in Shanghai opened more than 2%higher, but then lost its initial gains. From Beijing Steve Evens. "Under whats called the circuit breaker, markets immediately shut when there was a big fall in prices. But that just pushed investors into sell mode more quickly. After two market closure this week, the authorities ended the mechanism. On Friday, share prices went up and down, but not into the downward spiral that was feared. On top of that, the Chinese authorities seem to be intervening in currency markets to prevent further devaluation of the Yuan. The immediate effect of all the measures is more stability than earlier in the week. It's impossible to tell what will happen in longer term."

 South Korea has restarted its propaganda broadcast into North Korea two days after Pyongyang's announcement that it had tested a hydrogen bomb. Soul is relying by broad loudspeaker South Korean pop Music and World News across the border as well as criticism of the North authoritarian government. From Seoul Maricou Oll reports. "The propaganda broadcasts as they are known have always irritated the authorities in Pyongyang, and the two countries traded artillery fire over the issue last August. But following North Korea's a fourth nuclear test, Seoul has decided to resume the broadcast using a loudspeakers at the border. Another measure that the South Korean government has been considering is to beef up the US military presence in the country."

 The US Secretary of State John Kerry says he has told China its approach to dealing with North Korea is not working. Mr. Kerry said China had been given space to work with Pyongyang, but this approach had failed. "There cannot be business as usual, and we agree that we will work very closely together to determine the steps that we can take in order to address our increasing concerns about that nuclear test."

 President Obama has been explaining his proposals on gun control to a public television audience. He's reiterated that what is proposed is a strengthening of background checks on those who buy guns in the hope that some needless killings can be averted. "There is a mass shooting. They get publicity every few months there is one they get national publicity, every day there's hope one should focus on streets around the country that we dont even hear about. That is not something that we can be satisfied with." Mr. Obama called gun violence a national crisis and he urged gun owners and firearm manufactures to play their part in ending it. News from the BBC.

The United Nations says that it hopes to start delivering food on Monday to the besieged Syrian town of Madaya where people are reported to have died from starvation. The UN's Food Agency told the BBC lorries were ready to leave, but that coordination was needed to make sure there wouldnt be a risk of attack when they entered the rebel held town near the Lebanons border. As part of the deal with Syrian authorities, aid will be delivered to two besieged government held villages
 Dozens of homes and businesses in the Australian settlement of Yarloop have been destroyed by a massive bush fire. Firefighters are working to contain the blaze which is threatening other towns south of the state capital Perth. John Donnison reports. "This is one of the worst bush fires of the Australian summer so far. Already it's burnt through around 50,000hectares fueled by strong gusty winds. The fire raped directly through the town of Yarloop with population of around 500 people. It's thought up to 100 homes and buildings have been flattened with little left standing. Police say a number of people are missing."

 Astronomers say there are on course to take the first ever image of the edge of a black hole known as event horizon early next year. The team will focus on a super massive black hole called Sagittarius A star at the heart of the Milky Way. More details from Jonathan Web. "The event horizon is the spherical boundary of a black hole from which nothing including light can escape. But its cloud of gas and dust are sucked and squeezed into ablaze with energy. It's this swirling halo that would allow the Event Horizon Telescope to capture the silhouette of the black hole itself for the very first time. Based on many simulations of this unexplored frontier, the team behind the telescope has chosen to use very short radio waves which should penetrate the surrounding turmoil and review the black hole shadow." Jonathan Web. BBC News.

key words

Milky Way:银河



penetrate :穿透,渗入



crisis :危机,危难

 approach :方式,方法

hydrogen bomb:氢弹

irritate:引起恼怒; 引起不愉快;

authoritarian :独裁的,专制的

spiral :螺旋式的
currency :货币
devaluation :贬值
stability :稳定

blaze :火焰

bush fire:丛林火灾