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51. He advised Jane __ anyone about the shortages of food.
      A. not telling   B. not tell        C. tell not       D. not to tell

52. He operates the new machine as if he __ special training in it.
      A. has received    B. had received           C. would receive   D. received

53. It is very kind of you to do the washing-up, but you __ it.
      A. mustn't have done         B. shouldn't have done          

      C. oughtn't to have done   D. didn't have to do

54. __., he does get annoyed with her sometimes.
      A. Although much he likes her   B. Much although he likes her            

      C. As he likes her much             D. Much as he likes her

55. The newly broadened stadium is __ of the previous one.
      A. the size of three times                   B. three times the size                

      C. as much as the three times size    D. three times more than the size

56. I hope that the little __ I've been able to do has been of some use.
      A. which   B. what      C. that     D. when

57. I like __ in the autumn when the weather is clear and bright.
      A. this   B. that        C. it      D. one

58. I like to play the piano but I can't play it well. ___ Sophie.
      A. As is the same with   B It is the same with      C. So it is the same as   D. So is it with

59. In vain __ to get in touch with the Embassy.
      A. they tried   B. tried they       C. did they try   D. they have tried

60. He had hardly finished the article __ the light went out.
      A. as   B. until       C. than   D. when

61. What a pity! Considering his ability and experience, he __ better.
      A. might have done   B. must have done     

      C. needn't have done   D. couldn't have done

62. "He's no more able to read Japanese than I am." The sentence means that
      A. neither he nor I am able to read Japanese.   B. I can read Japanese but he can't.     

      C. my Japanese is better than him.   D. both he and I are able to read Japanese.

63. Which of the following can be used to complete "You'd better do it by yourself, __ you?"
      A. hadn't   B. wouldn't       C. didn't   D. don't

64. In "What do you think he likes?" what is __ of the sentence.
      A. the subject   B. the adverbial       C. the object   D. the complement

65, "He is the last person to be fit for the job." has all the following possible meanings EXCEPT
      A. He is the one that isn't fit for the job.   B. He is the one that is not suitable for the job.          

      C. He is the fittest person for the job.   D. He might be the person that is least wanted.

66. You shouldn't __ your father's instructions. Anyway he is an experienced teacher.
      A. deduce   B. deliberate        C. defy   D. denounce

67. The new underground railway will ___the journey to all parts of the city.
      A. consume   B. eliminate          C. formulate   D. facilitate

68. The new" secretary has written a remarkably __ report only in a few pages but with all the details.
      A. concise   B. clear         C. precise   D. elaborate

69. Now a paper in Science argues that organic chemicals in the rock come mostly from __ on earth rather than bacteria on Mars.
      A. configuration   B. constitution        C. condemnation   D. contamination

70. The city will __ these buildings to make room for the new highway.
      A. tear off   B. tear out        C. tear away   D. tear down

71. If anyone wants to be __ by others, wealth, clothing or physical attractiveness are not requirements.
      A. respectful   B. respective         C. respectable   D. respected

72. The little girl was so frightened that she just wouldn't __ her grip on my arm.
      A. loosen   B. remove        C. relieve   D. dismiss

73. Bob isn't __, but he did badly in the final exams last semester.
      A. gloomy   B. dull         C. awkward   D. tedious

74. My tutor, frequently reminds me to ___ myself of every chance to improve my English.
      A. assure   B. inform    C. avail   D. notify

75. Fashion designers are rarely concerned with vital things like warmth, comfort and __
      A. stability   B. capability      C. durability   D. availability

76. Optimism is a ___ shown to be associated with good physical health, less depression and longer life.
      A. trail   B. trait         C. trace   D. track

77. The newly-elected president is determined to __ the established policy of developing agriculture.
      A. go for   B. go on        C. go by   D. go up

78. I am so busy that I only go home to visit my folks once in a blue moon. The italicized phrase means __
      A. rarely   B. barely           C. now and then   D. one a year

79. A man's worth lies not___ in. what he has as in what he is.
      A. so much   B. much so        C. too much   D. much too

80. It is well known that knowledge is the __ condition for expansion of mind.
      A. incompatible   B. incredible         C. indefinite   D. indispensable








51.  [D]【译文】他建议简不要把食物匮乏的情况告诉任何人,
            【解析】考查动词搭配和动词不定式的否定形式。advise sbto donot to do sth.表示“建议某人做/不做某事”。D为正确答案。

         【解析】考查状语从句巾的虚拟语气。as if/ though引导的虚拟语气,如果从句中谓语动词先于主句谓语动词的动作或状态发生,从句应用过去完成时.故选B

            【解析】考查情态动词的用法。mustnt have done没有这种形式,对过去的否定推测要用couldnt have done来表示。shouldnt have done表示“本不应该做而做了”;oughtnt to have done表示“本不应该做而做了”,含有责备的意思.不符合题意。本句不需要用到虚拟语气,D正确。


55.  [B]【译文】新扩建的运动场有原来的3倍大。
           【解析】考查倍数。A is three(fouretc.) times the size(heightlengthwidthetc.)of B意为“A的大小(高度、长度、宽度等)是B的三倍(或四倍等)”,故选B

         【解析】考查定语从句中关系代词的用法。当先行词是不定代词(如:alllittlemuch等)或被它们修饰时,要用that,不用whichwhat不可以引导定语从句,when表示时间,在句中作状语。此处the little作为先行词,故选C


            【解析】考查“so+be动词/助动词/情态动词+主语”结构的用法,该结构表示“……也一样”。但当前面的句子是两个分句,或者当前面的句子既含有肯 定句又含有否定句时,用“It iswas the same with sb.”或“So it iswas with sb.”来表达前述的多种情况也适用于后者,故选B

       【解析】考查倒装旬的用法。in vain表示否定的意思,类似地,n0,littlehardlyseldom等置于句首时句子要部分倒装,即把助动词或情态动词放在主语之前。在此句中,主语为第三人称复数,时态为过去时,助动词应为did,故选C

            【解析】考查时间状语从句的用法。表示“一(刚)……就……”的固定结构有no soonerthan…,hardlywhen…以及as soon as…。根据句中的hardly,可知应选D

61.  [A]【译文】真遗憾!就他的能力和经验而论,他本可能做得更好的。
         【解析】考查“情态动词+完成体”的用法。might+have done表示“本可能做却没有”;must+have done只用于肯定句中,表示对过去情况的肯定推测,意为“想必,一定”;neednt have done一般用于否定旬表示“本不必做的事情却做了”;couldnt have done表示“不可能做了”

62.  [A]
            【解析】考查句子的意思。no morethan表示对两者的否定,意为“与……一样不”,故选A

63.[A]【译文】下面哪一个词可以填入“Youd better do it by yourself,——you?”,以构成完整的句子?
            【解析】考查反义疑问句,疑问部分的形式。当陈述部分有had better,反意疑问部分用hadnt,故选A

64.[C]【译文】在“What do you think he likes?”一句中,what在句子中充当什么成分?
       【解析】考查句子成分间的关系。在该句中,do you think为插入语,在what he likes中,主语是he,谓语是likeswhat即为likes的宾语,表示他喜欢的“内容”,故选C

            【解析】考查句子意思。me last person意为“最不……”。如:He is the last person to tell a lie.(他最不可能说谎。),故C理解错误。





            【解析】动词短语含义辨析题。tear off“撕掉”;tear out“撕下”;tear away“疾驰,勉强离开”;tear down“拆毁,拆除”。为新公路腾地,那么建筑物肯定要拆毁了,故选D

            【解析】形近词词义辨析题。respective“分别的,各自的”,后面常常加名词的复数形式;respectful表示主动含义.意思是“对……恭 敬的,尊敬的”;respectable意思是“可敬的”;respected表示被动,它与respectable的区别在于后者表示受人尊敬的可能 性,但未必被respected


            【解析】形容词词义辨析题。由but可知Bob虽然考得不好,但并不表示他“迟钝的,笨的”,故选8。gloomy “黑暗的。令人沮丧的”和tedious“乏味的,单调的”可首先排除。awkward更偏指做事“不灵活的,不灵巧的”;dull则指“(反应,理解方 面)迟钝的,呆笨的”,故8更符合。

         【解析】动词词义辨析及固定搭配。assure sbsm.“使某人确信某事”;inform“通知”;avail of“利用”;notify“通知,报告”。由句意可知,应该是利用每个机会,故选C



            【解析】动词短语含义辨析题。go for“争取;抨击”;go on“继续做”;go by“依照,遵循”;go up“上升,增加”。newlyelectedestablished policy形成对照,故选C

78.[A]【译文】我很忙,难得回家看看父母。0nce in a blue moon这个短语和下面哪个单词同义?
            【解析】固定用法和副词词义。blue moon是一种罕见的天文现象,后来人们常用once in a blue moon来形容罕见的,不常发生的事情。Ararely“难得,很少”与此含义一致。Bbarely“仅仅,勉强”;Cnow and then“时不时”:Donce a year“一年一次”。

            【解析】固定短语含义辨析题。not SO muchas“与其说……倒不如说”;too much“太多”后接不可数名词;much t00“非常.太”后接形容词或副词。