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 Hello, I am Jerry Smit with the BBC News.

Shares on Chinese main stock market have fluctuated sharply in the hours of trading since the country's security's regulator lifted the safety mechanism introduced to prevent sharp falls. The market in Shanghai opened more than 2%higher, but then lost its initial gains. From Beijing Steve Evens. "Under whats called the circuit breaker, markets immediately shut when there was a big fall in prices. But that just pushed investors into sell mode more quickly. After two market closure this week, the authorities ended the mechanism. On Friday, share prices went up and down, but not into the downward spiral that was feared. On top of that, the Chinese authorities seem to be intervening in currency markets to prevent further devaluation of the Yuan. The immediate effect of all the measures is more stability than earlier in the week. It's impossible to tell what will happen in longer term."
key point
spiral :螺旋式的
currency :货币
devaluation :贬值
stability :稳定