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 The US Defense Department says that two Yemeni detainees held in its prison facility in Guantanamo have been transferred to Ghana. They are the first Guantanamo inmates to be relocated to Sub-Saharan Africa. Enn Buzby reports. “The Pentagon said one detainee Khalid al-Dhuby was approved for release ten years ago and the other Mahmud Umar Bin Atef in 2009. But they couldn't leave until a stable country was found to receive them. Although neither man has ever been charged with any crime, they aren't allowed to return to Yemen. The Foreign Ministry in Ghana said it is the request of the US government that it agrees to take in the men for a period of two years. It said their activities would be monitored.”

key point
detainee:被拘留者; 未判决囚犯;