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 This is the BBC news. Hello, I'm Nick Kelly.

The World Health Organization has announced shortly that the Ebola outbreak in Guinea is over. The epidemic began in Guinea in March 2014. The BBC's global health correspondent Tulip Mazumdar reports. “The worst Ebola outbreak in history began in Guinea and the country is now the last of the most severely affected nations to declare an end to the epidemic. But there are warnings Guinea should prepare for further sporadic cases. In Guinea, there will now be three months of heightened surveillance. Keeping Guinea free of Ebola will mean communities staying vigilant which health workers say is the biggest challenge.”

The US defense secretary says Iraqi troops can make further gains against Islamic State militants after recapturing the city of Ramadi. Ash Carter said government forces had made a significant step forward. A BBC correspondent who was able to enter the city said Iraqi fighters were still trying to catch retreating militants.

Some of the relatives of Alan Kurdi, the Syrian boy whose body was photographed washed up on a Turkish beach, arrived in Canada. The three year old died with his mother and brother trying to reach Greece in September. Alan's father has refused to go to Canada while the boy's uncle, his wife and five children will meet him in Vancouver, by Alan's aunt Tima Kurdi, “Thank you Canadian people. Thank you to our prime minster Justin Trudeau for opening the door and show the world how everyone should welcome and save life.”

Central American nations have reached an agreement to allow about 7000 Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica to continue their journey towards the United States. They'll be airlifted to El Salvador and put on buses for the US. Leonardo Rucha has more. “The current crisis began in November when Nicaragua, a close ally of Cuba, denied access to thousands of migrants arriving from Costa Rica. They have been stuck at the border in precarious conditions for over a month. After a meeting in Guatemala, foreign ministers from Central American nations and Mexico agreed to give them passage. Many Cuban migrants feared that the thawing relations between Washington and Havana may put an end to the preferential treatment given to them. Cubans, who arrived at the US border by land, are allowed to enter the country and apply for residency.”

The head of the Prison Service in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires has been sacked after the escape of three prominent convicts from a high security jail on Sunday. The province's governor said she had taken the action because theres evidence the prisoners had been helped by officials. The prisoners were serving life sentences for kidnapping and murdering three businessmen over a drug trafficking dispute in 2008. World news from the BBC.

An American grand jury has decided not to indict two white police officers over the fatal shooting last year of a 12-year old black boy as he played with a pellet gun. The local prosecutor Timothy McGinty described the shooting of Tamir Rice in Cleveland Ohio as a perfect storm of human error. He said the evidence did not indicate criminal action by the police. The boy's family accused Mr. McGinty of abusing and manipulating the legal process.

A founder of one of the most violent drug cartels in Mexico has been found shot dead near a highway tollbooth. Katy Watson reports from Mexico City. “Carlos Rosales Mendoza went by the nickname of El Tisico. By the early 2000s, he was one of the most powerful drugs lords in the west of Mexico. At one point, he was the boss of 'La Tuta', the infamous drugs lord who was captured earlier this year. Prosecutors in the state of Michoacan say that all of victims were male and appeared to have been shot in one place. Drugs cartels have made Michoacán one of the most violent states in the country in recent years.”

Forest fires have continued to rage across northern Spain following months of unseasonably low rainfall. On Monday, more than 80 separate fires were burning in Cantabria region while 30 more were being fanned by strong winds in neighboring Asturias. One regional administrator accused arsonists of starting most of the fires.

And Ian Lemmy Kilmistera, a found member and front man of the British heavy metal rock band Motor head has died. He was 70. Lemmy was known for his fast and furious base guitar playing and gravelly voice. The cause of death was reported as being an aggressive form of cancer. Lemmy once spoke of the possible consequences of his hard rock life style saying he had no regrets. “If I have to die and theyre my desperate great decisions, I made them, I'm not interested in that, man. I want to die that I can completely satisfy that I did the best I could. You know what I mean?” BBC news.

key point
unseasonably adv. 不合时令地;不合时宜地;不适时地

consequences n. 后果,结果;影响(consequence的复数)

infamous adj. 声名狼藉的;无耻的;邪恶的;不名誉的

prosecutors n. 检查官;告发者(prosecutor的复数)

described v. 描述,描写(describe的过去式)adj. 描述的

manipulating v. 操纵;假造;手动

kidnapping n. 绑架;诱拐v. 绑架(kidnaping形式);诱拐

murdering v. 谋杀(murdering形式)adj. 杀人的;尖酸刻薄的 

precarious adj. 危险的;不确定的

preferential adj. 优先的;选择的;特惠的;先取的

correspondent n. 通讯记者;客户;通信者;代理商行

vigilant adj. 警惕的;警醒的;注意的;警戒的








墨西哥一极具bao li(violent)色彩的fan du(drug)组织创建者之一在一高速公路收费站处被枪杀。凯特•沃特森,墨西哥城报道。“绰号埃提西科(El Tisico)的卡洛斯•罗萨莱斯•门多萨,在2000年早期,是墨西哥西部地区最具势力的毒枭之一。他曾今一度是fan du(drug)组织拉图塔(La Tuta)的大老板。今年早些时候这个臭名昭著的毒枭被捕。墨西哥弥却肯州检察官表示,死者均为男性,并且显然是在同一地点被枪杀。近年来,由于fan du(drug)组织猖獗,弥却肯州成为墨西哥暴力问题最严重的地区之一。


英国著名重金属摇滚乐队Motor Head(暂无中文译名)的创建者之一,主唱伊恩•莱米•凯尔米特亚去世,享年70岁。莱米因快速而激烈的吉他演奏方式及低沉沙哑地嗓音而闻名。据报告导致莱米死亡的是恶性肿瘤。莱米曾今谈及其硬摇滚生活方式可能造成的结果,称他没有遗憾。“如果有一天我要离开这个世界,做音乐这一行是我最棒的决定,我创作了这些音乐,我对死亡无所畏惧。我尽我所能地实现梦想,此生无憾,死得其所,你懂得。”BBC新闻。