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A founder of one of the most violent drug cartels in Mexico has been found shot dead near a highway tollbooth. Katy Watson reports from Mexico City. “Carlos Rosales Mendoza went by the nickname of El Tisico. By the early 2000s, he was one of the most powerful drugs lords in the west of Mexico. At one point, he was the boss of 'La Tuta', the infamous drugs lord who was captured earlier this year. Prosecutors in the state of Michoacan say that all of victims were male and appeared to have been shot in one place. Drugs cartels have made Michoacán one of the most violent states in the country in recent years.”

key point
infamous adj. 声名狼藉的;无耻的;邪恶的;不名誉的

prosecutors n. 检查官;告发者(prosecutor的复数)

墨西哥一极具bao li(violent)色彩的fan du(drug)组织创建者之一在一高速公路收费站处被枪杀。凯特•沃特森,墨西哥城报道。“绰号埃提西科(El Tisico)的卡洛斯•罗萨莱斯•门多萨,在2000年早期,是墨西哥西部地区最具势力的毒枭之一。他曾今一度是fan du(drug)组织拉图塔(La Tuta)的大老板。今年早些时候这个臭名昭著的毒枭被捕。墨西哥弥却肯州检察官表示,死者均为男性,并且显然是在同一地点被枪杀。近年来,由于fan du(drug)组织猖獗,弥却肯州成为墨西哥暴力问题最严重的地区之一。