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Central American nations have reached an agreement to allow about 7000 Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica to continue their journey towards the United States. They'll be airlifted to El Salvador and put on buses for the US. Leonardo Rucha has more. “The current crisis began in November when Nicaragua, a close ally of Cuba, denied access to thousands of migrants arriving from Costa Rica. They have been stuck at the border in precarious conditions for over a month. After a meeting in Guatemala, foreign ministers from Central American nations and Mexico agreed to give them passage. Many Cuban migrants feared that the thawing relations between Washington and Havana may put an end to the preferential treatment given to them. Cubans, who arrived at the US border by land, are allowed to enter the country and apply for residency.”

key point
precarious adj. 危险的;不确定的

preferential adj. 优先的;选择的;特惠的;先取的