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The Iranian government has ordered schools and kindergartens in and around the capital Tehran to close for two days because of smog. Air pollution figures reached three times the level set by the World Health Organization as acceptable.

The British tennis star Andy Murray has won the BBC's sport personality of the year award for the second time. Murray helped Great Britain to secure the Davis Cup last month for the first time in nearly 80 years. He and his colleagues won the team award. He had this to say in his acceptance speech. “I would really like to thank my team, all of my teammates, all of the staff. They're over there. They were absolutely incredible. This has been a five-year journey. We were down really at the bottom level of tennis and we're ranked No.1 in the world. I never thought that would be possible.” Andy Murray. And that's the latest BBC world news.

key point

colleague n. 同事,同僚

rank n. 排;等级;军衔;队列adj. 讨厌的;恶臭的;繁茂的vt. 排列;把…分等