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The people of Slovenia have rejected a legislation that would grant same sex couples the rights to marry and adopt children. In a referendum, more than 60%said no to a law that had been approved by parliament in March. A gay rights activist Raymond Cougar said the referendum was a positive development in itself despite the outcome. “Regard today's result, we have won in a social sense even we didn't win a legal one. We have won in a sense that we are talking about these things. We live in a country which doesn't guarantee everyone equal rights. In that sense, we are exceptional in society. We will have to ask ourselves in what kind of society we want to live and what kind of society we will leave our children.”

key point
referendum n. 公民投票权;外交官请示书

guarantee n. 保证;担保;保证人;保证书;抵押品vt. 保证;担保