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Officials in Southern Afghanistan say Taliban militants have captured the district of Sangin in Helmand province. The insurgents have overrun the police headquarters and taken over other government offices. Grant Ferrett reports. “Sangin has long been a center of Taliban activities but there has been a dramatic increase in the past week. The militant has said to have seized the district's administration offices as well as a police headquarters which had been besieged for several days. Causally is reported to be heavy but there is no official confirmation. Earlier the deputy governor of Helmand complained of a lack of support from the government in an open letter on Facebook to President Ashraf Ghani.” This is the latest world news form the BBC.

key point
governor n. 主管人员;统治者,管理者;[自] 调节器;地方长官

confirmation n. 确认;证实;证明;批准