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The new groupings of Podemos and the Citizen's Party will play an important role in deciding the make-up of any government. The conservative Popular Party will still fall short of a majority in parliament even with the support of Citizen's Party which finished fourth. Tom Barrage reports from Madrid. “The Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy just came out and said because his Popular Party got the most votes, they should form the government. But on paper at least, it's gotta be difficult for them to do that. And that leaves open the possibilities at least of a different type of coalition of left-wing parties, possibly with the support of pro-independence Catalan Parties. It would be messy. But it would include that anti-austerity movement Podemos, they have reason to this incredible position tonight, third in the election because of their anti-austerity ticket.”

key point
parliament n. 议会,国会

austerity n. 紧缩;朴素;苦行;严厉

新兴政党——西班牙“我们可以党”(Podemos)和“公民党”(Citizens Party)将在西班牙未来政府的组建中扮演重要角色。保守派人民党即使有得票数位居第四的公民党的支持仍不足以成为议会中的大多数。汤姆•拜瑞吉从马德里发回报道。“西班牙首相马里亚诺•瑞乔刚刚出来并表示他所属的政党人民党赢到了多数投票,那么他们就应该组建政府。但至少理论上来说,他们想要组建政府将不会那么容易。现在是有可能形成一个不同类型的左翼政党联盟,可能会和支持加泰罗尼亚地区独立的政党联合。整个局势会比较复杂。但可以得出一个结论,那就是反对紧缩政策的“我们可以党”,由于他们的反紧缩政策,他们在大选中的得票数位居第三,今夜他们谱写了传奇。”