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The UN says delegates at talks aimed at bringing peace to Yemen have agreed that there should be a full resumption of aid deliveries to the embattled southern city of Taizz. It's been the scene of months of fierce fighting between Houthi rebels and forces backing the government. You're listening to world news coming to you from the BBC.

The president of Niger has said government forces have foiled an attempt to overthrow him. Speaking at a national televised address, Mahamadou Issoufou said the coup plotters had been planning to use aerial firepower to force him from office. Local media reported on Monday that a number of soldiers and officers have been arrested.

key point
resumption n. 恢复;重新开始;取回;重获;恢复硬币支付

soldier n. 军人;[昆] 兵蚁;懒汉;一片烤面包vi. 当兵;磨洋工;坚持干;假称害病