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European leaders have agreed at a summit in Brussels that the Union's frontier guard force needs to be strengthened. But they've given themselves a further six months to decide whether the new force should be given powers to deploy in member states unable to manage their borders. The leaders also heard Britains demands for a renegotiation of the terms of its membership. Mr. Donald Tusk said there was room for compromise. “Tonight was a make or break moment. Prime Minister Cameroon set out in detail his position, in particular regarding benefits and free movement. Leaders voiced their concerns, but also demonstrated to align theyre still to look for compromises. Building on this positive debate, we have agreed to work together to find solutions in all four baskets raised by Prime Minister Cameroon.”

key point
demonstrated 演示

particular n. 详细说明;个别项目adj. 特别的;详细的;独有的;挑剔的