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  PartWRITING  [45 MIN.]?

  ?Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a composition of about 150 words on the following topic:?? College life should be varied and colourful. And extracurricular activities are an important aspect of it. However, at present, there is much room for improveme nt in this regard. Write an article to the university radio entitled:???

                                      The Importance of Extracurricular Activities ??

   In the first part of your article you should clearly present your view, and in t he second part you should support your opinion with appropriate details. In the last part you should bring what you have written to a natural conclusion or summ ary.Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. Failur e to follow the above instructions may result in a loss of marks.???

   Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation:??
    Youve read on the notice board that the university library is looking for a par t-time library assistant who can work at weekends. You think that your classmate , George, is a suitable person for this vacancy. Write him a note, telling him w hat you know about the vacancy and trying to persuade him to go for an interview Marks will be awarded for content organization, grammar and appropriacy?

PartCLOZE  [15 MIN.]
Decide which of the choices given below would best complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the best choice for each blank on your answer sheet.??
   The difference between a liquid and a gas is obvious ?( 26 )?        the conditions of temperature and pressure commonly found at the sur face of the EarthA liquid can be kept in an open container and ?( 27  )?  it to the level of a free surface. A gas forms no free surface but ( 28 )?  to diffuse throughout the space available; it must ? ( 29 )? be kept in a closed container, as ?( 30 )?a planets atmosphereThe distinction was a prominent  feature of early theories ?( 31 )the phases of matter. In the nineteenth century, for example, one theory maintained that a liquid could bedissolvedin a vapor without losing its identity, and another  theory held that the two phases are ?( 32 )? different kinds o f molecules(分子).  The theories now prevailing ?( 33 )? a quit e different approach by emphasizing what liquids and gases have in common. They are both forms of matter that have no permanent structure, and they both flow ea sily. They are fluids.    ?

    The  ?( 34 )? similarly of liquids and gases becomes clear ly apparent when the temperature and pressure are raised somewhat.?( 35  )? a closed container partially filled with a liquid is heatedThe li quid expands or ?( 36 )?, becomes less dense; some of it evapor ates.?( 37 )?, the vapor above the liquid surface becomes dense r as the evaporated molecules are added to it. The combination of temperature an d pressure ?( 38 )? the densities become equal is ?( 3 9 )?    the critical point. Above the critical point the liquid and the gas can no longer be ?( 40 )?; there is    a single, undifferentiated fluid phase of uniform density.
26.  Ain          Bon? Cunder      Dbeyond ?
27.  Afills      Bbe filled  ?  Cfilling      Dto fill ?
28.  Aintends    Btends  ? Cinclines    Dcontends ?
29.  Ahowever  Bnevertheless  ? Cso      Dtherefore ?
30.  Ain the event of              Bin the case of? Cwith a view to        Dwith reference to ?
31.  Ahaving described        Bdescribed? Cdescribing        Dto have described ?
32.  Amade up of            Bconsisted of? Cconstituted of            Dmade from ?
33.  Aapply      Badapt? Ctake      Dconduct ?
34.  Aelementary      Bcrucial  ? Crudimentary      Dfundamental ?
35.  ASuppose                BTo suppose  ? CBeing supposed    DSupposed ?
36.  Ain a word          Bin the meantime  Cin other words          Din that case ?
37.  ASimilarly    BIn contrast ? CFurthermore  DInstead ?
38.  Aon that      Bon which  ? Cat that      Dat which ?
39.  Aknown    Bdefined ? Ccalled        Dreferred to ?
40.  Aclassified    Brecognized ? Ccategorized    D. distinguished#p#副标题#e#


There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.? Mark your answers on your answer sheet.??

41.    Acute hearing helps most animals sense the approach of thunderstorm s long before people___.?

      A. do        B. hear            C. do them          D. hearing it ?

42.  This is an illness that can result in total blindness ___ left u ntreated.?

      A. after    B. if  C. since D.unless ?

43.    The central provinces have floods in some years, and ___.?

A. drought in others    B. droughts are othersC. while other droughts  D. others in drought ?

44.    Do help yourself to some fruit,___ you??

A. cant  B. dont  C. wouldnt  D. wont ?

45.    There___ nothing more for discussion, the meeting came to an e nd half an hour earlier.?

Ato be          B. to have been        C. being      D. be

46.    My mother cant get ___ because she has rheumatism (风湿病). ?

  A. about          B.on          Cthrough          Din

47. I  was very much put ___ by Marks rude behavior; it really annoy ed me.?

      A.over      B.off  C.up          D.by ?

48.    You ___ Jim anything about it. It was none of his business.?
A. neednt have told              B. neednt tell    ? C. mustnt have told              D. mustnt tell ?

49.    All of us would have enjoyed the party much more if there___ q uite such a crowd of people there.?

      A. werent  B. hasnt been    C. hadnt been        Dw ouldnt be ?

50.  Firms that use computers have found that the number of staff ___ quality control can be substantially reduced.?

      A.whose      B.as  C.what      D.that ?

51.  ___ at in this way, the present economic situation doesnt seem so gloomy.?

   ALooking        BLooked      CHaving looked      DTo look ?

52.  Many people are ___ to insect bites, and some even have to go to  hospital.?

A. insensitive        B. allergic          C. sensible        D. infected ?

53.    When youre driving on a motorway, you must obey the signs telling you to get into the right ___.?

      A.way  B.track      C.road      D.lane ?

54.    The motorist had to ___to avoid knocking the old woman down in the middle of the road.?

      A. swerve    B. twist    C. depart    D. swing ?

55.    In winter drivers have trouble stopping their cars from ___ on icy roads.?

      A. skating  B. skidding  C. sliding  D. slipping ?

56.    This project would ___ a huge increase in defense spending.?

      A. result    B. assure    C. entail    D. accomplish ?

57.    The chances of a repetition of these unfortunate events are ___ indeed.?

      A. distant  B. slim      C. unlikely  D. narrow ?

58.    We should make a clear ___ betweencompetentandproficientfor the purposes of our discussion.?

      A. separation      B. division  C. distinction    D. diffe rence ?

59.    In the present economic ___ we can make even greater progress than previously.?

      A. air      B. mood      C. area      D. climate ?

60.    Rite of Passage is a good novel by any standards;___, it shoul d rank high on any list of science fiction.?

      A. consistently    B. consequently    C. invariably      D. fortunately ?

61.    The diversity of tropical plants in the region represents a seeming ly___ source of raw materials, of which only a few have been utilized.?

      A. exploited      B. controversial  C. inexhaustible  Dremarkable ?

62.    While he was in Beijing, he spent all his time ___ some import ant museums and buildings.?

      A. visiting  B. traveling  C. watching  D. touring ?

63.    You must let me have the annual report without ___ by ten ocl ock tomorrow morning.?

      A. failure      B. hesitation  C. trouble    D. fail

64.    As the director cant come to the reception, Im representing the c ompany?

      A. on his account  B. on his behalf ? C. for his part    D. in his interest ?

65.  Dreams are___ in themselves, but when combined with other data, they can tell us much about the dreamer.?

   Auninformative                      Bstartling? Charmless    Duncontrollable 


  ?In this section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished stat ements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one th at you think is the best answer.??
Mark your answers on your answer sheet.??


? Clearly if we are to participate in the society in which we live we must communi cate with other people. A great deal of communicating is performed on a person-t o-person basis by the simple means of speech. If we travel in buses, buy things in shops, or eat in restaurants, we are likely to have conversations where we gi ve information or opinions, receive news or comment, and very likely have our vi ews challenged by other members of society.?

    Face-to-face contact is by no means the only form of communication and during th e last two hundred years the art of mass communication has become one of the dom inating factors of contemporary society. Two things, above others, have caused t he enormous growth of the communication industry. Firstly, inventiveness has led  to advances in printing, telecommunications, photography, radio and televisionsecondly, speed has revolutionised the transmission and reception of communicat ions so that local news often takes a back seat to national news, which itself i s often almost eclipsed by international news.?

    No longer is the possession of information confined to a privileged minority. In  the last century the wealthy man with his own library was indeed fortunate, but  today there are public libraries. Forty years ago people used to flock to the c inema, but now far more people sit at home and turn on the TV to watch a program me that is being channelled into millions of homes.? Communication is no longer merely concerned with the transmission of information . The modem communication industry influences the way people live in society and broadens their horizons by allowing access to information, education and entert ainment. The printing, broadcasting and advertising industries are all involved with informing, educating and entertaining.?

    Although a great deal of the material communicated by the mass media is very val uable to the individual and to the society of which he is a part, the vast modem  network of communications is open to abuse. However, the mass media are with us  for better, for worse, and there is no turning back.?

66.    In the first paragraph the writer emphasizes the___  of face-t o-face contact in social settings.?
A. nature        B. limitation      C. usefulness    D. creativity ?

67.    It is implied in the passage that___.?
A.    local news used to be the only source of information.?
B.    local news still takes a significant place.?
C.    national news is becoming more popular.?
D.    international news is the fastest transmitted news. ?

68.    Which of the following statements is INCORRECT??
A.    To possess information used to be a privilege.?
B.    Public libraries have replaced private libraries.?
C.    Communication means more than transmission.?
D.    Information influences ways of life and thinking. ?

69.    From the last paragraph we can infer that the writer is___.?
A.    indifferent to the harmful influence of the mass media?
B.    happy about the drastic changes in the mass media?
C.    pessimistic about the future of the mass media?
D.    concerned about the wrong use of the mass media ?? #p#副标题#e#


    The men and women of Anglo-Saxon England normally bore one name only. Distinguis hing epithets were rarely added. These might be patronymic, descriptive or occup ational. They were, however, hardly surnames. Heritable names gradually became g eneral in the three centuries following the Norman Conquest in 1066. It was not until the 13th and 14th centuries that surnames became fixed, although for many years after that, the degree of stability in family names varied considerably in different parts of the country.?

British surnames fall mainly into four broad categories: patronymic, occupationa l, descriptive and local. A few names, it is true, will remain puzzling: foreign names, perhaps, crudely translated, adapted or abbreviated; or artificial names .? In fact, over fifty per cent of genuine British surnames derive from place names of different kinds, and so they belong to the last of our four main categories. Even such a name as Simpson may belong to this last group, and not to the first , had the family once had its home in the ancient village of that name. Otherwis e, Simpson meansthe son of Simon”, as might be expected.?

    Hundreds of occupational surnames are at once familiar to us, or at least r ecognisable after a little thought: Archer, Carter, Fisher, Mason, Thatcher, Tay lor, to name but a few. Hundreds of others are more obscure in their meanings an d testify to the amazing specialisation in medieval arts, crafts and functions. Such areDay”, (Old English for breadmaker) andWalker” (a fuller whose job it was to clean and thicken newly made cloth).?

    All these vocational names carry with them a certain gravity and dignity, w hich descriptive names often lack. Some, it is true, likeLong”, “ShortorLi ttle”, are simple. They may be taken quite literally. Others require more thinki ng: their meanings are slightly different from the modem ones. “BlackandWhiteimplied dark and fair respectively. “Sharpmeant genuinely discerning, alertacute rather than quick-witted or clever.? Place-names have a lasting interest since there is hardly a town or village in a ll England that has not at some time given its name to a family. They may be pic turesque, even poetical; or they may be pedestrian, even trivial. Among the comm oner names which survive with relatively little change from old-English times ar eMilton”(middle enclosure) andHilton”(enclosure on a hill).?

70.    Surnames are said to be ___ in Anglo-Saxon England.?
A. common      B. vocational      C. unusual      D. descriptiv e ?

71.  We learn from the first paragraph ___ for many years after the 13th and 14th centuries.?
Afamily names became descriptive and occupational?
Bpeople in some areas still had no surnames?
Csome people kept changing their surnames?
Dall family names became fixed in England ?

72.  “Patronymicin the second paragraph is closest in meaning toforme d from ___.?
Athe name of ones father”      Bthe family occupation”? Cones family home”      Dones family history” ?

73.  Which of the following sentences is an opinion rather than a fact??
Ahundreds of occupational names are at once familiar to us.?
B.  “BlackandWhiteimplieddarkandfairrespectively.?
CVocational names carry with them a certain gravity and dignity.?
DEvery place in England has given its name to a family. ??


   Since the early 1930s, Swiss banks had prided themselves on their system of banking secrecy and numbered accountsOver the years, they had successfully w ithstood every challenge to this system by their own government who, in turn, ha d been frequently urged by foreign governments to reveal information about the f inancial affairs to certain account holdersThe result of this policy of secre cy was that a kind of mystique had grown up around Swiss bankingThere was a w idely-held belief that Switzerland was irresistible to wealthy foreigners, mainl y because of its numbered accounts and bankersreluctance to ask awkward questi ons of depositors. Contributing to the mystique was the view, carefully propagat ed by the banks themselves, that if this secrecy was ever given up, foreigners w ould fall over themselves in the rush to withdraw money, and the Swiss banking s ystem would virtually collapse overnight.?

    To many, therefore, it came like a bolt out of the blue, when, in 1977, the Swiss banks announced they had signed a pact with the Swiss National Bank (the Central Bank).  The aim of the agreement was to prevent to improper use of the c ountrys bank secrecy laws, and its effect was to curb severely the system of se crecy.?

    The rules which the banks had agreed to observe made the opening of numbere d accounts subject to much closer scrutiny than beforeThe banks would be requ ired, if necessary, to identify the origin of foreign funds going into numbered and other accountsThe idea was to stop such accounts being used for dubious p urposes. Also they agreed not to accept funds resulting from tax evasion or from crime.?

    The pact represented essentially a tightening up of banking rules. Although the banks agreed to end relations with clients whose identities were unclear or who were performing improper acts, they were still not obliged to inform on a client  to anyone, including the Swiss government. To some extent, therefore, the princ iple of secrecy had been maintained.?

74.    Swiss banks took pride in___.?
A.    the number of their accounts?
B.    withholding client information?
C.    being mysterious to the outsiders?
D.    attracting wealthy foreign clients ?

75.    According to the passage, the widely-held belief that Switzerland w as irresistible to wealthy foreigners was ___ by banks themselves.?
A.    denied      B.      criticized        C.    reviewed  D.    defended ?

76.    In the last paragraph, the writer thinks that___.?
A.    complete changes had been introduced into Swiss banks?
B.    Swiss banks could no longer keep client information?
C.    changes in the bank policies had been somewhat superficial?
D.    more changes need to be considered and made ?? #p#副标题#e#


  Coketown was a town of red brick, or of brick that would have been red if the sm oke and the ashes had allowed it; but as matters stood it was a town of unnatura l red and black like the painted face of a savage. It was a town of machinery an d tall chimneys, out of which smoke trailed themselves for ever and ever. It had a black canal in it, and a river that ran purple with ill-smelling dye, and vas t piles of buildings full of windows where there was a rattling and a trembling all day long, and where the piston of the steam-engine worked monotonously up an d down like the head of an elephant in a state of madness. The town contained se veral large streets all very like one another, and many small streets still more  like one another, inhabited by people equally like one another.?

    A sunny midsummer day. There was such a thing sometimes, even in Coketown. Seen from a distance in such weather, Coketown lay covered in a haze of its own. You only knew the town was there, because you knew there could have been no such blo tch upon the view without a town.?

    The streets were hot and dusty on the summer day, and the sun was so bright that  it even shone through the haze over Coketown, and could not be looked at steadi ly. Workers emerged from low underground doorways into factory yards, and sat on posts and steps, wiping their faces and contemplating coals. The whole town see med to be frying in oil. There was a stifling smell of hot oil everywhere. The a tmosphere of those places was like the breath of hell, and their inhabitants was ting with heat, toiled languidly in the desert. But no temperature made the mad elephants more mad or more sane. Their wearisome heads went up and down at the s ame rate, in hot weather and in cold, wet weather and dry fair weather and foulThe measured motion of their shadows on the walls, was the substitute Coketown had to show for the shadows of rustling woods; while for the summer hum of insec ts, it could offer all the year round, from the dawn of Monday to the night of S aturday, the whirr of shafts and wheels.?

77.    Which of the following adjectives is NOT appropriate to describe Co ketown??
A. dull                        B. dirty    C. noisy                        D. savage ?

78.    From the passage we know that Coketown was mainly a(n) ___town .?
A. industrial        B. agricultural          C. residential  D. commercial ?

79.  Only ___ were not affected by weather.?
A.    the workmen                  B.      the inhabitants? C.    the steam-engines              Dthe rustling woods ?

80.    Which is the authors opinion of Coketown??
A.    Coketown should be replaced by woods.?
B.    The town was seriously polluted.?
C.    The town had too much oil in it.?
D. The towns atmosphere was traditional.

In this section there are seven passages with a total often multiple-choice ques tions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers on your answer s heet.???


First read the following question.??
81.    The writer is concerned about___.?
A.    budget housekeeping            B. the retail trade? C.    computer skills                D. mental arithmetic ?

?Now read Text E quickly and mark your answer on your answer sheet.??

    A lot of attention is being given to children who leave school unable to read or  write. I think there should be equal concern for those who are unable to cope w ith simple mental arithmetic -particularly girls.? It is often stated that todays children are growing up in a computer world and they dont need the same skills that their grandparents did. But is it any wonde r that many young girls trying to cope with budget housekeeping fail for the sim ple reason they cannot keep accurate checks on their purchases?? Shopping in markets is no source of cheap purchasing unless one is able to keep pace with the apparent mental agility of the vendor.? Must we face the thought that at some time in the distant future everyone will n eed to carry in their handbag or pocket one of the miniature calculators??


First read the following question.??

82.    This is a letter of___.?
A. reference                    B. application    C. inquiry                      D. complaint ?

Now read Text F quickly and mark your answer on your answer sheet.??

10 Garden Ave.?


The Personnel Officer?

Belgian Medico Ltd.?

P0 Box 920?



5th May 200___ ?

Dear Sir,?

    With reference to your advertisement in theDaily Star”,  Id like to apply for the position of translator with your firm.? I hold a degree in German and French from the University of London. And I have w orked as a translator for the past three years with Watson & Sons, Ltd., manufac turer of laboratory instruments, translating business correspondence from French  and German into English.? I am 25 years old and unmarried. I enjoy living and working in different countri es and I should welcome the chance of moving to Belgium.?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Yours sincerely,?

                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Miss) Janet Holbrooke??


First read the following question.??
83.    The passage is mainly about___.?
A.    loneliness        B.    experience    C.memory          D.    isolation ?

?Now read Text G quickly and mark your answer on your answer sheet.??

    Loneliness is a curious thing. Most of us can remember feeling most lonely when we were not in fact alone at all, but when we were surrounded by people. Everyon e has experienced, at some time, that strong sense of isolation that comes over you when you are at a party or in a room full of happy laughing people. It sudde nly seems to you as if everybody knows everybody else, everybody knows what is g oing on; everybody, that is, except you.?

    This feeling of loneliness which can overcome you when you are in a crowd is ver y difficult to get rid of. People living alone are advised to tackle their lonel iness by joining a club or a society, by going out and meeting people.??


First read the following question.??
84.    The author mainly discusses ___ of public transportation.?
A.    the price                      B. the types    C.    the improveme nt                D. the advantage ?

Now read Text H quickly and mark your answer on your answer sheet.??

    The price of public transportation in Beijing has doubled twice since 1989, but it is still a bargain. Using the subway and minibuses used to show class status; now people of all classes take them, while some wealthy prefer taxis or private cars. What a change in just a few years!But there are downfalls to having more cars on the roads. Fortunately, the gover nment is aware of the problem. No-lead gasoline is the only one permitted in the city, and the rest of the country follows. Thousands of trees are planted in an d around the city every year. Children are taught why and how to protect the env ironment. At the same time, public transportation has marked real progress: buse s are everywhere and run frequently. We no longer see those old buses with broke n windows. Instead, there are fast buses, double-decker buses, air-conditioned o r heated buses, all offering a good service.?? #p#副标题#e#


First read the following questions.??
85.  Each participating team should at least have ___?
A.    two        B.three      C.four      D.    five ?

86.    Participants can bring along their ___ to the competition.?
A.    Christmas trees B.    Christmas presents? C.    festival costumes D.    decoration materials ?

Now read Text I quickly and mark your answers on your answer sheet.??
With Christmas Day around the corner, Hong Kongs Provisional Regional Council announced that a Christmas tree decoration competition will be held on Sunday in conjunction with the ongoing Regional Council Festival.? Members of the public are welcome to take part in the competition as families or small groups. Each team should be formed by at least three persons.? A total of 99 Christmas trees of 1.5 metres in height will be available for the participating teams to decorate. Participants can bring along their own decorati on materials and to use their imagination and creativity to achieve the best res ults.?

    Each participating team can take home the Christmas tree it has decorated as a souvenir. In addition, there will be cash awards for the winners.??


First read the following questions.??

87.    If you only have time for a half-day trip, which day would you choo se??
A.    Sunday 23 July. B.    Saturday 15 July.? C.    Wednesday 9 August. D.    Saturday 5 August. ?

88.    Which of the following trips offers you the opportunity to see Geor gian architecture??

A.    Trip One.        B. Trip Two.        C.    Trip ThreeDTrip Four. ?

Now read Text quickly and mark your answers on your answer sheet.??

Summer Outings?

Trip One?

Saturday 15 July  Stratford-upon-Avon andJulius Caesar”?

The coach will leave at 9 am, allowing a couple of hours to visit Stratford befo re the performance ofJulius Caesarat the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Back aro

und 7:30 pm.??

Trip Two?

Sunday 23 July    Bath?

The spa town of Bath contains the countrys finest Roman ruins, and much elegant Georgian architecture. The coach will depart at 9 am, returning at around 6:30 pm.??

Trip Three?

Saturday 5 August    Stratford-upon-Avon andThe Taming of the Shrew”? Another chance to visit Stratford. “The Taming of the Shrewstars Josie Lawrenc e in the title role. The coach will leave at 9 am, returning at around 7:30 pm.??

Trip Four?

Wednesday 9 August  Oxford andA Midsummer Nights Dream”? A half-day trip to Oxford. The coach will leave at 2:15 pm, allowing an afternoo n to see the sights before one of Shakespeares most popular plays at the Playho use Theatre. Back after the show.??


First read the following questions.??

89.    Which nation is thought to be business-minded??
A.    The Dutch.              B.    The Italians.    C.    The British.              D. The Germans. ?

90.    The opinions seem to be most divided on___.?
A.    the Germans            B.    the Dutch    C.    the French    D.    the British ?

Now read Text K quickly and mark your answers on your answer sheet.??
Some of the data from a survey on national stereotypes in some European countries is summarized below:?
Germans Liked themselves best of all. Most Europeans agreed that the Germans had the highest proportion of good qualities. They considered themselves very tolerant, but nobody else did.

French Not really admired by anyone except the Italians. Other Europeans found them conservative, withdrawn, brilliant, superficial. Also, not very friendl y.

British  Mixed reactions. Some found them calm, reserved, open- minded, others thought they were insular and superior. The British most admired the Dutch.

Italians      Generally considered by everyone to be lazy and untrustworthy, an d the Italians agreed! Most also found them to be charming, hospitable and noisy

. The Italians admired the French. Hardly anyone loved the Italians except the  French.

Dutch      Most admired people in Europeexcept by their neighboursthe Belgians. Everyone agreed that the Dutch are hardworking, thrifty, good-natured, tolerant and business-minded.  #p#副标题#e#


The Importance of Extracurricular Activities?

Dear Editor,?

    People have different ideas about how students should spend their school days. Some believe that students should spend the whole day on academic studies. Others believe that extracurricular activities should be a required part of every school day. I think both ways have their advantages. But I prefer the latter.?As a student, our main task is to concentrate on our academic study. We have to attend classes, reading books and doing assignments. Only by working hard can we learn our courses well. But I dont think we should spend every hour and minute on academic study. A proverb says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Without good health and strong body, how can we improve our study efficiency and make great achievements in our academic study? Besides, spending the whole day on academic study may make us exhausted and weak. We should find other meaningful things to do besides studying. For example, doing extracurricular activities can make studentslife more colorful and beneficial. There are various forms of exercise. My favorite one is football. I play football with my classmates for one hour every afternoon. After a days hard work, how nice it is to stretch my arms and legs! By playing football Ive got both joy and strength. I always lookenergetic.?

    Actually doing extracurricular activities doesnt disturb our study if we make full use of our time. Instead it does help us study more efficiently. We can be good at learning as well as extracurricular activities. So I suggest that students do extracurricular activities along with their academic studies.?

Dear George,?

    I have read on the notice board that the university is looking for a part-time library assistance who can work at weekends. I think you are the suitable person for this vacancy, for you are free at weekends and it pays well, yet the job is not difficult. It is also a good chance to improve yourself. So you shouldgo for an interview. ?

【详细解答】undercondition搭配,表示“在……条件或状况下”;oncondition搭配,表示“在……条件下”;incondition构成习惯短语,表示“身体状况良好”,而be out of condition”则表示“身体状况不好”。 这里是说“在地球表面通常的温度和压强条件下……”,故选项B为正确答案。?

【详细解答】由于所填词前有and这一并列连词,这里缺少一个谓语与前面的“can be”并列。谓语动词fill意思是“使……充满”,具有使动意义,其后直接跟宾语,故选项A是正确答案。?

【详细解答】 intend意为“打算,意图”,主语通常是人;tend意为“有……倾向”,后接不定式,主语可以是人也可以是物;incline意为“使(某人)倾向于,使(某人)有意思(做某事)”,常用于被动语态be inclined tocontend意为“争夺;争辩”。这里是说“但(气体)往往会扩散到任何可能的空间”,故选项B为正确答案。?

【详细解答】however表转折意为“然而”;nevertheless也表转折,意为“然而”;so表结果,但常放于句首; therefore表结果,意为“因此,所以”。这里是说气体容易扩散,所以必须保存在密闭的容器里。因此此处需要一个表结果关系的连词,故选项D为正确答案。

【详细解答】in the event of表示“如果发生……,万一……”;in the case of表示“在……的情况下,就……而言”; with a view of或者with a view to,意思是“以……为目的;为……起见”;with reference to意思是“关于”。根据上下文,这里是说“必须将气体存放在一个密封的容器里,如同一颗行星的大气一样。” 故选项B为正确答案。


【详细解答】consist of一般用主动式; be made from一般指某种产品由某种材料制成(但从外表上看不出原材料); be made up of表示“由……组成”。根据上下文理解,此处要求填一“由……组成”的短语,故选项C为正确答案。?

【详细解答】apply意为“应用”;adapt意为“使适应”;conduct意为“指导;处理”,均不能与approach搭配。take approach为固定搭配,意思是“采用……方法”,符合句意。

【详细解答】 elementary意为“初步的,基本的”,指事物处于基础的或开始的阶段;crucial意为“极紧要的,决定性的”;rudimentary意为“基本的,初步的”;fundamental意为“基础的,十分重要的”。文中说“液体与气体之间的根本相似性在温度和压强有所提高时变得十分明显。”故选项D最合题意。?

【详细解答】in a word表示对上文的总结;in the mean time表示“同时”;in that case表示“在那种情况下”;in other words意为“换句话说”。上文的“expands”和后文“becomes less dense”的意思一致,后一句是为了解释说明前一句,故用in other words

【详细解答】 similarly意为“同样的”;furthermore意为“而且”,表示更进一步的关系;instead意为“相反,反而”,表对比关系,一般针对相同人、事情或行为。上文说当加热的时候,液体蒸发变得稀薄,而下文说气体因为蒸汽分子的加入而变得稠密,因此两句之间存在明显对比关系,只有in contrast最合题意。?

【详细解答】本句子意为“使液体和气体密度相同的那个状态下的温度和压力被称作临界点。”句中的“temperature and pressure”是先行词,需要一个关系词引导一个定语从句修饰先行词。特定数值的temperaturepressureat搭配意为“在某个温度和压力下”。由于that引导定语从句时前面不能有介词,所以正确答案是D。?

【详细解答】known的常用结构是be known to bebe known asdefined 常用结构是be defined asrefer to意为“提到,说起”,不用于被动语态;只有called后可直接接主语补语。?





【详细解答】“Acute hearing helps”是主句和before引导的从句具有相同的主语和谓语,从句中省略了该相同部分,用助动词do代替了与主句重复的信息“sense the approach of thunderstorms.”故答案为选项A。?




【详细解答】 aftersince都是引导时间状语从句,since还可作“因为”讲,引导原因状语从句。if“如果”和unless“除非”都可以引导条件状语从句。但if后接过去分词短语,省略的成分为主语+系动词,该主语只有与主句的主语相同才可省略。根据句意和句子结构,选项B为正确答案。#p#副标题#e#?




【详细解答】这是一个并列句,句中and是并列连词,它后面连接的内容与前面的 “floods in some years”是并列成份,要求结构相同。drought in othersothers指代years。故选项A为正确答案。?




【详细解答】本句是一个由“祈使句+附加疑问”构成的附加疑问句,这种附加疑问部分通常用wont you表示一种征询意见的语气,因此答案选D。?




【详细解答】本句中的There being nothing more for discussion为独立主格结构,表示原因。?




【详细解答】get about表示“(尤指病后)走动,往来各处,(消息、谣言等)传开”; get on表示“进展;相处;上车;继续干”等;set through表示“(使)了解;熬过;干完工作”;get in表示“到达;收获”。根据句意,选项A为正确答案。?




【详细解答】put over表示“使被理解,传达……的意义,(尤指用欺骗手段)做成”等;putoff表示“推迟;关掉;消除使厌恶”等;put up表示“抬起,把……拿出来出售(拍卖等),张贴,提出(请愿、建议、问题等)”;put by表示“继续,储存,抛弃,回避”等。根据句意,选项B为正确答案。?




【详细解答】neednt have+过去分词,表示对过去的否定性猜测,为虚拟语气,表示“本来没必要做某事却做了”。?




【详细解答】由主句中的would have done可知,这里表示的是与过去相反的事实,那么从句中相应地使用had done。?




【详细解答】此处要求关系词引导定语从句,限定中心词“the number of stuff”,同时这个词还要在从句中作主语,用来指人,故只有选项D为正确答案。?




【详细解答】本题是分词作状语,因为主语the present economic situationlook的逻辑宾语,所以要用过去分词表示被动。?




【详细解答】 insensitive意为“反应迟钝的,不灵敏的”;Ballergic意为“过敏的”,常用于be allergic to结构,意为“对……过敏”;sensible意为“明智的;察觉的”,常用于be sensible of结构;infect意为“传染,感染”,不与介词to连用。根据句意和句子结构,选项B为正确答案。?




【详细解答】 way指的是为了到达某个地点而要经过的地方,比较笼统、抽象;track指“不平坦的小路”,还可以指铁轨,比赛的跑道等;road指“大道,公路”,通行的道路;lane指的是“公路上用黄线或白线划开的车道”。?

54.答案: A?











【详细解答】 result为不及物动词,常与in连用表结果,result in意为“造成;导致”;assure意为“使确信,使放心”; entail意为“使成为必要;需要”; accomplish意为“完成;实现”。根据句意,选项C为正确答案。?




【详细解答】 distant意为“遥远的;远离的;疏远的”; slim意为“(指希望、可能性等)微小的;渺茫的”; unlikely意为“未必有的;未必可能的” narrow意为“狭的;狭窄的”。这里是说“发生某事的可能性”,故选项B为正确答案。?




【详细解答】 separation意为“分开,裂开”;division意为“分开;分配”;division意为“分割,切分”;difference意为“差异”。在这四个选项中,只有division可与make搭配,make a clear distinction意为“清楚地区分……”,故为正确答案。?






【参考译文】无论参照什么标准,Rite of Passage都是一部好小说。因此,它应在任何科幻小说名录上名列前茅。?


【详细解答】consistently意为“一贯的,一致的”; consequently意为“因此,所以”;invariably意为“不变的,永恒的”;fortunately意为“幸运的,好运的”。根据句意,选项B为正确答案。?#p#副标题#e#




【详细解答】exploited意为“被开发的”; controversial意为“引起争论的,有争议的”; inexhaustible意为“用不完的,无穷无尽的”;remarkable意为“异常的,非凡的”,根据句意,选项C为正确答案。?








【详细解答】without fail为固定短语,意为“务必,必定”。without hesitation意为“毫不犹豫?




【详细解答】 on ones behalf是固定搭配,意为“代表某人”。?




【详细解答】 uninformative意为“不提供资料的”; startling意为“吃惊的”; harmless意为“无害的”; uncontrollable意为“不可控制的”。根据句意,选项A为正确答案。

阅读理解 A
【详细解答】短文第一段指出我们若要参与社会,如乘车、购物、下饭馆,我们就必须与别人进行面对面的接触,而且很多交流都是通过面对面的口头交流实现的。因此作者在第一段中强调的是面对面交流的特征,而不是其“性质”,“局限性”或“创造性”。故选项C 为正确答案。?

67. 答案:D?
【详细解答】短文第二段讲到“speed has revolutionized the transmission and reception of communications so that local news often takes a back seat to national newswhich itself is often almost eclipsed by international news.”即“现代传播发送和接收的速度起了革命性的变化,因此往往使地方新闻落后于全国新闻,而国际新闻往往又几乎超过全国新闻。”由此可知,国际新闻传播得最快。?

68. 答案:B?
【详细解答】根据短文的第三段第一句“No longer is the possession of information confined to a privileged minority”可排除选项A;根据第四段第一句“Communication is no longer merely concerned with the transmission of information.”,可排除选项C。根据第四段第二句“The modem communication industry influences the way people live in society and broadens their horizons by allowing access to information, education and entertainment.”,可排除选项D。根据第三段第二句“In the last century the wealthy man with his own library was fortunatebut today there are publiclibraries.”意思是说“上个世纪富人拥有私人图书馆是幸运的,但是今天已经有公共图书馆了。”我们知道过去富人拥有自己的图书馆,而今天人们也有了大众图书馆,这并不等于私人图书馆就不存在了,故选项B的说法是不正确的。?

【详细解答】作者在最后一段说“Although a great deal of the material communicated by the mass media is very valuable to the individual ... . However, the mass media are with us for better, for worse, and there is no turning back.” 作者指出,尽管媒体所传播的相当多的东西对个人和社会都是十分有益的,但偌大的现代通讯网络还是遭到人们的滥用。但尽管如此,不管是更好还是更糟,大众媒介总会伴随我们,而不会走回头路。可见,作者并没有表示大众媒介所发生的剧烈变化让他感到高兴,也没有对大众媒介的未来表示悲观,同样也没有对大众媒介的滥用表示担心,故选项D为正确答案。?



【详细解答】短文第一段第二句说“Distinguishing epithets were rarely addedThese might be patronymicdescriptive or occupationalThey werehoweverhardly surname.”即“用以区别的称号不多,这些称号可能是源自先辈名的、描述性的或职业的,但很少是姓氏。”由此可知,盎格鲁—撒克逊英国人的姓氏是“不常见的”。?

【详细解答】第一段最后一句说“for many years after that the degree of stability in  family names varied considerably in different parts of the country”,即13和14世纪后的许多年里,姓氏的稳定程度在英国不同地区有很大的差异,也就是说,仍有人在不停地更改自己的姓氏,所以选项C为正确答案。?

【详细解答】短文第三段第二句说“Even such a name as Simpson may belong to this last group, and not to the first, had the family once had its home in the ancient village of that name. Otherwise, Simpson means the son of Simon, as might be expected.”由Simpson这一姓氏的来历可知, patronymic一词意为“源于父名的姓”,因此选项A正确。?

【详细解答】短文第四、五段分别提到“All these vocational names carry with them acertain gravity and dignity…”,“Hundreds of occupational surnames are at once familiar to us, or at least recognisable after a little thought …” ,“‘BlackandWhiteimplieddarkandfair’…, ”,它们都是事实。短文最后一段说“there is hardly a town or village in all England that has not at sometime given its name to a family.”意思是“英格兰几乎每个村镇都在某个时期把它的名字赋予给一个家庭”,这里说“几乎”而不是“全都这样”,所以D项不是事实。?



【详细解答】短文第一段首句说“…Swiss banks had prided themselves on their system of banking secrecy and numbered accounts….”即“瑞士的银行以它们的银行保密和编码账户系统而自豪”,也就是说瑞士的银行在“维护客户的信息”方面的做法值得自豪。

【详细解答】短文第一段最后两句说“There was a widely-held belief that Switzerland was irresistible to wealthy foreigners, mainly because of its numbered accounts and bankersreluctance to ask awkward questions of depositors. Contributing to the mystique was the view, carefully propagated by the banks themselves, that if  this secrecy was ever given up, foreigners would fall over themselves in the rush to withdraw money, and the Swiss banking system would virtually collapse over night.”。这两句的意思是,有一个普遍认同的观点,那就是瑞士银行对外国富人来说是不可抗拒的,因为他们用编码账户,银行不过问任何储蓄者难以回答的问题。银行方面的解释是,如果放弃了保密性,外国人将会蜂拥而至撤回资金,瑞士银行系统将会一夜之间垮台。由此可知,选项Ddefend”(为某观点辩护)”最合题意。?

【详细解答】在此段中作者说“Although the banks agreed to end relations with clients whose identities were unclear or who were performing improper acts, they were still not obliged to inform on a client to anyone, including the Swiss government. To some extent, therefore, the principle of secrecy had been maintained.”此句说明契约虽然签订了,但银行的保密性原则还是一如继往。所以作者认为“银行政策方面的变革流于形式”。?

【详细解答】由“smoke trailed themselves for ever and ever”,“steam-engine worked monotonously up and down”等句子可知,Coketown是“单调的”(dull);由句子“river that ran purple with ill-smelling dye”,“there could have been no such blotch可知,Coketown是“肮脏的”( dirty);由“there was a rattling and a trembling all day long”可知Coketown 是“喧闹的” noisy。只在文中没有提及有关Coketown是“野蛮的”(savage)的文字,故选项D为正确答案。?#p#副标题#e#

【详细解答】由短文第二句“It was a town of machinery and tall chimneys, out of which smoke trailed themselves for ever and ever.”可知,Coketown应该是一个工业小城。?

【详细解答】短文最后一段说“But no temperature made the mad elephants more mad or more sane. Their wearisome heads went up and down at the same rate, in hot weather and in cold, wet weather and dry fair weather and foul.”由此可知,无论什么天气,蒸汽机都以相同的速度运转,也就是说,蒸汽机不受天气的影响。?


阅读理解 B


【详细解答】短文第二句说“I think there should be equal concern for those who are unable to cope with simple mental arithmeticparticularly girls”,由此可知,作者关心的是“mental arithmetic”(心算)。?



【详细解答】信的开头说 “…Id like to apply for the position of translator with your firm”,由此可知,这是一封应聘翻译职位的求职申请信。?



【详细解答】短文首句说“Loneliness is a curious thing”,第二段首句说“This feeling of lonelinessis very difficult to get rid of.”可见这篇文章的主要内容是关于“loneliness”的。?





【详细解答】短文第二段最后一句说“Each team should be formed by at least three persons.”,由此可知,每个参赛队至少应有3名队员。?

【详细解答】短文第三段最后一句说“Participants can bring along their own decoration materials and to use their imagination and creativity to achieve the best results.” 由此可知,参赛队员可将装饰物(decoration materials)带进赛场。?



【详细解答】第四个方案提到“A half-day trip to Oxfordleave at 2:15 pm….Back after the show”,只有该出行计划只用半天的时间就可以了,其时间是“Wednesday 9 August”,所以此题答案选C。?

【参考译文】哪个出行方案可以看到Georgian architecture??
【详细解答】第二个方案提到“The spa town of Bath containsmuch elegant Georgianarchitecture.”从这里直接得出正确答案是选项B。?



【详细解答】在Dutch栏可以看到“Everyone agreed that the Dutch are hardworkingthriftygood-naturedtolerant and business-minded.” 由此可知,荷兰人较有商业头脑。?

【详细解答】在British栏可以看到“Some found them calmreservedopen-mindedtrustworthyothers thought they were insular and superior.”由此可知,人们对英国人的看法是有分歧的。?



rudimentary  基本的,初步的?

swerve  (车突然地)转向一边?

controversial  引起争论的,有争议的?

uninformative  不提供资料的?

eclipse  超越?

pedestrian 缺乏想象力的?

mystique  神秘色彩,神秘性?

stifling  令人窒息的?


get about  (尤指病后)走动;往来各处;(消息、谣言等)传开?

put by  继续;储存;抛弃;回避?

be allergic to  对……过敏?

without fail务必,必定?

take a back seat to  位于……之后?

fall over oneself  不知所措?

as (the) matters stood  照目前的情况??