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PartWRITING  [45 MIN.]?

  Travel has become part of our life. And more and more of us have come to know the significance of travel through our own experience.Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a composition of about 150 words on the following topic:??


You are to write in three parts.?
In the first part, state what the topic actually means to you.?
In the second part, give one or two examples to illustrate your ideas.?
In the last part, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion or a summary.?

  Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a loss of marks.???


Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation:???
Yesterday you failed to turn up for the appointment with your teacher, Profess or Wang. Write him a note of apology and make a request for another meeting. You should also suggest the time for the requested meeting.?Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy.

PartCLOZE  [15 MIN.]
Decide which of the choices given below would best complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the best choice for each blank on your answer sheet.??
   The translator must have an excellent, up-to-date knowledge of his source languages, full facility in the handling of his target language, which will be his mother tongue or language of habitual ?( 26 )?and a knowledge and understanding of the latest subject-matter in his field of specialization.?
   This is, as it were, his professional equipment. ?( 27 )? this, it is desirable that he should have an inquiring mind,wide interests, a good memory and the ability to grasp quickly the basic principles of new developments. He should be willing to work ?( 28 )?is own, often at high speeds, but should be humble enough to consult others ?( 29 )?his own knowledge not always prove adequate to the task in hand. He should be able to type fairly quickly and accurately and, if he is working mainly for publication, should have more than a nodding ?( 30 )?with printing techniques and proof-reading. If he is working basically as an information translator, let us say, for an industrial firm, he should have the flexibility of mind to enable him to ?( 31 )?rapidly from one source language  to another, as well as from one subject-matter  to another,since this ability is frequently ?( 32 )?of him in such work. Bearing in mind the nature of the translators work,i.e. the processing of the written word, it is, strictly speaking, ?( 33 )?that he should be able to speak thelanguage he is dealing with. If he does speak them, it is an advantage ?( 34 )?a hindrance, but this skill is in many ways a luxury that he can ?( 35 )?with. It is,  ?( 36 )?,desirable that he should have an  approximate idea about the pronunciation of his source languages even if this is restricted to ?( 37 )?how proper names and place names are pronounced. The same ?( 38 )? to an ability to write his source languages. If he can, well and good; if he cannot, it does not ?( 39 )?. There are many other skills and ?( 40 )?that are desirable in a    translator.

26.  A. application    B. use  ?C. utility          D. usage        ?
27.  A. More than B. Except for?C. Because of    D. In addition to  ?
28.  A. of  B. by?C. for  D. on ?
29.  Ashould B. when?C. because    D. if  ?
30.  A. familiariy  B. acquaintance?C. knowledge    D. skill ?
31.  A. change    B. transform?C. turn  D. switch ?
32.  A. lacked    B. required?C. faced D. confronted  ?
33.  A. essential B. unnecessary?C. advantageous    D. useless ?
34.  A. over B. despite?C. rather than    D. instead ?
35.    A. deal    B. concern?C. work    D. do away ?
36. Ahowever    B. accordingly?C. consequently D. thus ?
37.  A. knowing    B. having known?C. know    D. have known ?
38.    A. refers    B. comes?C. applies    D. amounts ?
39.    A. matter    B. mind?C. harm    D. work ?
40.    A. characteristics    B. qualities?C. distinctions D. features ??#p#副标题#e#

   There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.?
Mark your answers on your answer sheet.??
41.  I cant gofor one thing, I have no money, and___I have too much work.?
A. whats  more        B. as well          C. for another          Din addition ?
42.  Even as a girl,___to be her life, and theater audiences were tobe her best teacher.?
A. performing by Melissa were?
B. it was known that Melissas performances were?
C. knowing that Melissas performances were?
D. Melissa knew that performing was ?
43.  ___ him tomorrow??
A. Why not to call on                      B. Why dont call on?
C. Why not calling on                      D. Why not call on  ?
44.  There is no doubt ___the company has made the right decision on the sales project.?
A. why        B. that        C. whether        D. when ?
  45.  Intellect is to the mind ___sight is to the body.?
A. what        B. as        C. that            D.like
46.  ___I sympathize, I cant really do very much to help them out of the difficulties.?
A. As long as    B. As        C. While          D. Even
47.  The patients progress was very encouraging as he could ___ get out of bed without help.?
A. nearly        B. hardly      C. merely        D. barely
48.  He was___to tell the truth even to his closest friend.?
A. too much of a coward          B. too much the coward? C. a coward enough            D. enough of a coward ?
49.  Barry had an advantage over his mother ___he could speak French.?
A. since that      B. in that      C. at that      D. so that
50.  You neednt worry ___ regards the cost of the operation.?
A. with          B. which      C. as        D. about ?
51.  ___ is not a serious disadvantage in life.?
A. To be not tall    B. Not to be tall  ?C. Being not tall    D. Not being tall ?
52.  During the famine, many people were ___ to going without food for days.?
A. sunk        B. reduced      C. forced      D. declined
53.  The computer can be programmed to ___a whole variety of tasks.?
A. assign        B. tackle        C. realize      D. solve
54.  The teams efforts to score were ___by the opposing goalkeeper.?
A. frustrated    B. prevented      C. discouraged    D. accomplished ?
55.  I only know the man by___ but I have never spoken to him.?
A. chance      B. heart      C. sight      D. experience
56.  Being colour-blind, Sally cant make a ___between red and green.?
A. difference    B. distinction      C. comparison      D. division ?
57.  You must insist that students give a truthful answer ___ with the reality of their world.?
A. relevant      B. simultaneous    C. consistent      D. practical ?
58.  In order to raise moneyAunt Nicola had to ___with some of her  most treasured  possessions.?
A. divide        B. separate      C. part      D. abandon.
59.  The car was in good working ___when I bought it a few months ago
A. order        B. form        C. state      D. circumstance ?
60.  The customer expressed her ___for that broad hat.?
A. disapproval      B. distaste      C. dissatisfaction      D. dismay  ?
61.  In order to repair barns, build fence, grow crops, and care for animals a farmer must indeed be___.?
A. restless        B. skilled      C. strong        D. versatile ?
62.  His expenditure on holidays and luxuries is rather high in___to his income.?
A. comparison      B. proportion    C. association      D. calculation  ?
63.  Although he has become rich, he is still very ___ of his money.?
A. economic        B. thrifty        C. frugal      D. careful ?
64.  As the manager was away on a business trip, I was asked to ___the weekly staff meeting.?
A. preside          B. introduce      C. chair        D. dominate ?
65.  The ___ of the word is unknown, but it is certainly not from Greek.?
A. origin          B. generation      C. descent      D. cause

阅读 A


   In this section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the best answerMark your answers on your answer sheet.??


        The train clattered over points and passed through a station.?Then it began suddenly to slow down, presumably in obedience to a signal. For some minutes it crawled along, then stopped; presently it began to move forward again. Another up-train passed them, though with less vehemence than the first one. The train gathered speed again. At that moment another train, also on a down-line, swerved inwards towards them, for a moment with almost alarming effect. For a time the two trains ran parallel, now, one gaining a little, now the other. Mrs. McGillicuddy looked from her window through the window of the parallelcarriages. Most of the blinds were down, but occasionally the occupants of the carriages were visible. The other train was not very full and there were many empty carriages.?

    At the moment when the two trains gave the illusion of being stationary, ablind in one of the carriages flew up with a snap. Mrs. McGillicuddy looked intothe lighted first-class carriage that was only a few feet away.?

    Then she drew her breath in with a gasp and half-rose to her feet.?

    Standing with his back to the window and to her was a man. His hands were round the throat of a woman who faced him, and he was slowly, remorselessly, strangling her. Her eyes were starting from their sockets, her face was purple. As Mrs. McGillicuddy watched, fascinated, the end came; the body went limp and crumpled in the mans hands.?

    At the same moment, Mrs. McGillicuddys train slowed down again and the other began to gain speed. It passed forward and a moment or two later it had vanished from sight.?

    Almost automatically Mrs. McGillicuddys hand went up to the communicationcord, then paused, irresolute. After all, what use would it be ringing the cord of the train in which she was travelling? The horror of what she had seen at such close quarters, and the unusual circumstances, made her feel paralysed. Some immediate action was necessary,—but what??

    The door of her compartment was drawn back and a ticket collector said, “Ticket, please.”?

66.  When Mrs. McGuillicuddys train passed through a station, it___.?
A. gained speed suddenly      B. kept its usual speed? C. changed its speed D. stopped immediately ?

67.  Mrs. McGuillicuddy seems to be a (an) ___ person.?
A. observant      B. interested      C. nosy      D. nervous ?

68.  What she saw in the parallel train made her feel___.?
A. excited      B. anxious      C. worried      D. horrified ?

69.  She didnt ring the communication cord immediately because___.?
A. she was very much afraid?
B. there was no point of doing so?
C. she was too shocked to move?
D. the ticket collector came in ??


? I am one of the many city people who are always saying that given the choice we would prefer to live in the country away from the dirt and noise of a large city. I have managed to convince myself that if it werent for my job I would immediately head out for the open spaces and go back to nature in some sleepy village buried in the county. But how realistic is the dream??

    Cities can be frightening places. The majority of the population live in massive tower blocks, noisy, dirty and impersonal. The sense of belonging to a community tends to disappear when you live fifteen floors up. All you can see from your window is sky, or other blocks of fiats. Children become aggressive and nervous - cooped up at home all day, with nowhere to play; their mothers feel isolated from the rest of the world. Strangely enough, whereas in the past the inhabitants of one street all knew each other, nowadays people on the same floor in tower blocks dont even say hello to each other.?

    Country life, on the other hand, differs from this kind of isolated existence in that a sense of community generally binds the inhabitants of small villages together. People have the advantage of knowing that there is always someone to turn to when they need help. But country life has disadvantages too. While it is true that you may be among friends in a village, it is also true that you are cut off from the exciting and important events that take place in cities. Theres little possibility of going to a new show or the latest movie. Shopping becomes a major problem, and for anything slightly out of the ordinary you have to goon an expedition to the nearest large town. The city-dweller who leaves for thecountry is often oppressed by a sense of unbearable stillness and quiet.?

      What, then, is the answer? The country has the advantage of peace and quiet, but suffers from the disadvantage of being cut off: the city breeds a feeling of isolation, and constant noise batters the senses. But one of its main advantages is that you are at the centre of things, and that life doesnt come to an end at half-past nine at night. Some people have found (or rather bought) a compromise between the two: they have expressed their preference for thequiet lifeby leaving the suburbs and moving to villages within commuting distance of large cities. They generally have about as much sensitivity as the plastic flowers they leave behindthey are polluted with strange ideas about change and improvement which they force on to the unwilling original inhabitants of the villages.

? What then of my dreams of leaning on a cottage gate and murmuringmorningto the locals as they pass by. Im keen on the idea, but you see theres my cat, Toby. Im not at all sure that he would take to all that fresh air and exercise in the long grass. I mean, can you see him mixing with all those hearty malesdown the farm? No, he would rather have the electric imitation-coal fire any evening.?

70.  We get the impression from the first paragraph that the author___.?
A. used to live in the country ?
B. used to work in the city?
C. works in the city  ?
D. lives in the country ?#p#副标题#e#

71.  In the authors opinion, the following may cause city people to be unhappy EXCEPT___.?
A. a strong sense of fear    B. lack of communication?C. housing conditions    D. a sense of isolation ?

72.  The passage implies that it is easy to buythe following things in the country EXCEPT___?
A. daily necessities    B. fresh fruits? C. designer clothes    D. fresh vegetables ?

73.  According to the passage, which of the following adjectives best describes those people who work in large cities and live in villages??
A. Original.    B. Quiet.    C. Arrogant.    D. Insensitive. ?

74.  Do you think the author will move to the country??
A. Yes, he will do so.    B. No, he will not do so.?C. It is difficult to tell.    D. He is in two minds. ??


? Traditionally, the woman has held a low position in marriage partnerships. While her husband went his way, she had to wash, stitch and sew. Today the move is to liberate the woman, which may in the end strengthen the marriage union.?

    Perhaps the greatest obstacle to friendship in marriage is the amount a couple usually see of each other. Friendship in its usual sense is not tested by the strain of daily, year-long cohabitation. Couples need to take up separate interests (and friendship) as well as mutually shared ones, if they are not to get used to the more attractive elements of each others personalities.?

    Married couples are likely to exert themselves for guests - being amusing,discussing with passion and pointand then to fall into dull exhausted silence when the guests have gone.?

    As in all friendship, a husband and wife must try to interest each other, and to spend sufficient time sharing absorbing activities to give them continuing common interests. But at the same time they must spend enough time on separateinterests with separate people to preserve and develop their separate personalities and keep their relationship fresh.?

    For too many highly intelligent working women, home represents chore obligations, because the husband only tolerates her work and does not participate in household chores. For too many highly intelligent working men, home represents dullness and complaints - from an over-dependent wife who will not gather courageto make her own life.?

    In such an atmosphere, the partners grow further and further apart, both love and liking disappearing. For too many couples with children, the children are allowed to command all time and attention, allowing the couple no time to develop liking and friendship, as well as love, allotting them exclusive parental roles.?

75.  According to the passage, which of the following statements is CORRECT??
A. Friendship in marriage means daily, year-long cohabitation.?
B. Friendship can be kept fresh by both separate and shared interests.?
C. Friendship in marriage is based on developing similar interests.?
D. Friendship in marriage is based on developing separate interest. ?

76.  The passage suggests that married couples become___.?
A. unfriendly with guests?
B. uninterested in guests?
C. hostile when guests have left?
D. quiet when guest have left ?

77.  The passage seems to indicate at the end that children___.?
A. help couples reinforce their friendship?
B. make no impact on the quality of friendship?
C. may pose obstacles in marital friendship?
D. command less time and care than expected ??


    Sending a child to school in England is a step which many parents do not find easy to take. In theory, at least, the problem is that there are very many choices to make. Let us try to list some of the alternatives between which parents are forced to decide. To begin with, they may ask themselves whether they would like their child to go to a single-sex school or a co-educational school. They may also consider whether he should go to a school which is connected to a particular church or religious group, or whether the school should have no such connections. Another decision is Whether the school should be one of the vast majority financed by the State or one of the very small but influential minority of private schools, though this choice is, of course, only available to the small number of those who can pay. Also connected with the question of money is whether the child should go to a boarding school or live at home. Then there is the question of what the child should do at school. Should it be a school whose curriculum lays emphasis, for instance, on necessary skills, such as reading, writing and mathematics, or one which pays more attention to developing the childs personality, morally, emotionally and socially. Finally, with dissatisfaction with conventional education as great as it is in some circles in England and certainly in the USA, the question might even arise in the parentsminds as to whether the child should be compelled to go to school at all. Although in practice, some parents may not think twice about any of these choices and send their child to the only school available in the immediate neighbourhood, any parent who is interested enough can insist that as many choices as possible be made open to him, and the system is theoretically supposed to provide them.?

78.  Parents find choosing a school hard because___.?
A. there is a limited number of choices?
B. some schools are very expensive?
C. some schools are government schools?
D. they are faced with a variety of offers ?

79.  According to the passage, some parents, if allowed, might let their children stay at home    because they___.?
A. dont find conventional education satisfactory?
B. dont know how to choose among different schools?
C. intend to educate their children themselves?
D. find conventional education too expensive to pay for  ?

80.  What is implied at the very end of the passage ?
A. Most parents are unconcerned about the choices available to them.?
B. Interested parents can request more school choices be open to them.?
C. The educational system may not provide as many choices as expected.?
D. Most parents usually send their children to the schools nearby.

阅读 B

  In this section there are seven passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers.??


First read the following question.?

81.  The main purpose of the passage is to___.?

A. warn people of pickpockets.          B. tell people what to wear.?C. describe how to catch thieves.      D. explain how to contact the police. ?

Now, go through TEXT E quickly and answer question 81.?

    Pickpockets operate in crowded places in the hope of getting easy pickings. Dont make it easy for them. Keep wallets, purses and other valuables out of sight. If wearing a jacket, an inside pocket is the best place to use. If not, your possessions are safest in a pocket with a button-down flap.?
   Please co-operate with the police by reporting any crime or suspicious activity immediately, either by dialling 110 or calling at your nearest police station.??


First read the following question.?

82.  The main topic of the passage is ___.?

A. agricultural products              B. irrigation methods?C. natural resources                  D. water shortages ?

  Now, go through TEXT F quickly and answer question 82.?

    It is widely accepted that China is a country faced with severe water shortages. Insufficient water resources have slowed agricultural development. And to
make matters worse, some of the traditional Chinese irrigation methods have wasted an astonishing amount of water.?
   In China today, the utilization efficiency of farming water is about 30-40 per cent. This figure stands in sharp contrast to developed countriesutilization average of 70-80 per cent. The low utilization efficiency has resulted from the adoption of some traditional Chinese irrigation methods.?
   Only by using modern irrigation methods can we reduce water shortage in agriculture.?
   One of the advantages of modern irrigation methods is that they alone can save 20-30 per cent of the present volume of wasted irrigation water.?#p#副标题#e#


First read the following question.?

83.  The letter is about___.?

A. cities in South-east Asia      B. holiday greetings?C. sightseeing                    D. travel plans ??

  Now, go through TEXT G quickly and answer question 83.

May 5th 2002?

Dear Mark,?

    Hello again! Here are my holiday plans. Ill leave on a tour of South-east Asia in August and will arrive in Singapore in September. Hope well be able to
meet there. These are my travel plans:?

August 28th London-Tokyo?

September 1st Tokyo-Bangkok?

September 4th                    Bangkok-Singapore?

September 7th                    Singapore-Manila?

September 9th                    Manila-London?

Looking forward to seeing you again.?

Best wishes?



First read the following question.?

84.  Who will read the following excerpt from a pamphlet??

A. Travellers.                      B. Baby-sitters.?C. Insurance agents.                D. Trattic police. ??

  Now, go through TEXT H quickly and answer question 84.?


Even if you are only going on a day trip to another country , accidents can happen. So please make sure you have adequate travel insurance.?


Bathing will cool you but remember that fatal accidents can happen very easily and in the most unexpected conditions. Adults should watch each other for signs of trouble when in water. Children should always be supervised by an adult who can swim well. Young children should never be left unattended near a stretch of water.?

Traffic accidents are the major cause of death among travellers. Whetherdriver or pedestrian, always check on local traffic regulations.?


First read the following questions.?

85.  How many performances will the Irish dancing troupe give between June 23 and 25??

    A. One.            B. Two.          C. Three.            D. Four. ?

86.  Whose works will NOT be played at the concert??

A. Chopin.            B. Schumann.        C. Beethoven.      D. Liszt. ?

  Now, go through TEXT I quickly and answer questions 85 and 86.?

Irish dance: The Irish International Dance Company, one of the most dynamic dance troupes in the world, will tour China with its classic productionSpirit of t

he Dancethe New Millennium.”?

    The dancers include such famous names as Patricia Murray, one of the Irish dancing champions, and first rate ballerina Claire Holding.?

    Sponsored by China National Culture and Art Company Ltd., the dancing troupe will give three performances at the Century Theatre.?

    Time:7:30 pm, June 23-25?

    Place: Century Theatre, 40 Liangmaqiaolu, Chaoyang District?

    Telephone: 6551 - 8888?

    Piano solos: twenty Chinese and foreign piano music works will be playedby three young, promising pianists from the China Central Conservatory of Music.?

    Programmes include: “Consolation No 3 in D-flat majorby Liszt,“ For Eliseby Beethoven, “Turkish Marchby Mozart, “Waltz in C-sharp minorandA Minute Waltzby Chopin, andHungarian Danceby Brahms.?

    Time:7:30 pm, June 16?

    Place: Beijing Concert Hall, 1 Beixinhuajie, Xicheng District?

    Telephone: 6605- 5812?


First read the following questions.?

87.  When is the deadline for the competition??

A. May 7.        B. May 5.          C. June 18.        D. June 15. ?

88.  The six lucky winners will ___.?

    A. visit Guiyang City.                B. contact the Press Office  C. go to China Daily.                    D. take an overseas trip.

  Now, go through TEXT J quickly and answer questions 87 and 88.?

Guiyang Customs and Scenery Competition


    Fifteen questions for the Guigyang Customs and Scenery Competition were published in China Daily on May 5 and 7, and on China Dailys web edition on May 7. Participants, please answer the questions and mail the answer card to:?Press Office, Guiyang Municipal Peoples Government?46 Zhongshan Xilu, Guiyang 550003, Guizhou, China or find the competitionon www. chinadaily, com. cn. Then answer the questions, fill in all information  needed and click the button below to send it back.The deadline for the competition is June 15(subject to postmark).?
   The prize-drawing Ceremony will be held on June 18 in Guiyang City ,and six  luck winners(three living in China,three from abroad)will be drawn from those who give correct answers to all questions. Their names will be published in China  Daily and its web edition on June 19.?

    The six lucky winners will be invited to visit Guiyang from August 8 to 18.?


First read the following questions.?

89.  If you want to travel to Shanghai on Air France on a Saturday, which flight would you take??

    A. AF129.            B. AF128.            C. AF111.      D. AF112. ?

90.  Does Lufthansa operate a flight between Beijing and Frankfurt everyday??

A. No.        B. Yes. ?C. Yes, except on Saturdays.        D. No, only three days a week.

   Now, go through TEXT K quickly and answer questions 89 and 90.?

Flight Schedule?

Air France  ..................................................................

...  Tel:  (010)6588 1388?

(020)6360 6688 ?

Day      From    To    Flight    Departure    Arrival?

1 - 7 Beijing Paris AFl29 09: 40 14:15?

1 - 7 Paris Beijing AFl28 15:55 07:40?

2,4,7 Shanghai Paris AFlll 10:55 17:05?

1,3,6 Paris Shanghai AFl12 15:55 09:05?

Lufthansa  .....................................................................  Tel:  (010)6465 4488?

  Tel:  (010)6465 4488?

(021)6248 1100 ?

Day From To Flight Departure Arrival?

1 - 7 Beijing Frankfurt LH721 10:30 14:25?

1 - 7 Frankfurt Beijing LH720 17:25 08:30?

1,2,3,4,5,7 Shanghai Frankfurt LH729 11:15 16:30?

1,2,3,4,5,7 Frankfurt Shanghai 111728 17:10  09:25#p#副标题#e#


Travel Broadens the Mind?

    Nowadays, travel has become a popular activity. More and more people have enough money to travel abroad or at home. As a matter of fact, travel has become part of our life. This situation is encouraging, for it not only broadens people's minds to the extend which may not be reached previously, but also relaxes the
m physically, which help people work out mental problems more actively.?

    One of my best friends is so exclusively engaged in his works that he did not even know what was happening out of his own discipline. Whats worse, his progress was nearly little. After accepting my advice, he travelled a few cities and towns. The experience gave him a good opportunity of learning. Today, he gets a bumper harvest in his knowledge——the longstanding dream of entering graduate school comes true.?

    In conclusion, travel opens our mind because it enables us to know about the history and culture of a nation. In a way, going on travels is like reading books..?

Dear Professor Wang,?

    Im deeply sorry that I was unable to keep my engagement to meet you. I fear you are displeased at my failing to keep my promise, but I hope you will forgive me, for my mother was suddenly taken sick early yesterday morning, and I had to send her to hospital.?

    I know youre very busy these days, but I wonder if you could arrange for another appointment me. I look forward to your early reply.?

26. 答案:B?
【详细解答】这四个选项都有“应用,运用”的意思。application指“(理论知识的)应用”;use表示“(工具等的)使用”;utility指“实用”,有效地使用某物使其发挥效用;usage侧重于“具体的用法”。此处是指语言的运用,故应该选 use。?

27. 答案:D?
【详细解答】 more than常用于比较级,意为“比…更加…”;except for意为“除…外”的意思;because of意为“由于,因为”;in addition to意为“加上;除…外,还有”。这里是说翻译人员除了应具备前面所说的基本知识外,还应有好学的品质,故选项D为正确答案。?

28. 答案:D?
【详细解答】 on ones own指依靠某人自己的力量做某件事,“独自,独立”。of onesown指某人自己拥有的东西;介词byfor都不与own搭配。根据句意,选项D为正确答案。?

29. 答案:A?

30. 答案:B?
【详细解答】 a nodding acquaintance意为“点头之交”;familiarity with意为“通晓;精通”;acquaintance with指“(从经验所得的)知识;了解”;knowledge指“知识”,skill指“技能;熟练”,都与of连用。?

31. 答案:D?
【详细解答】这四个选项都有“转变,变更”的意思。change意为“改变,变化”,常用于change fromto…(由……转变成……);transform意为“使转化”;turn意为“转变”,常与介词from, into搭配;switch意为“转换”,指完全或突然的转变。本句是指从一种语言转换到另一种语言,应用动词switch。 ?

32. 答案:B?
【详细解答】 lack 常用于短语“lack of”; require常用于“require sth. of sb.”;face常用于“be faced with”;confront常用于“be confronted with”。故选项B为正确答案。?

【详细解答】上文中的“the nature of the translators work”就是“the processing ofthe written word”,而下文“this skill”指的是“be able to speak the languages he is dealing with”,故此处应选unnecessary,即他不必会讲他所处理的语言。

【详细解答】此处需要一个连词将“an advantage”和“a hindrance”连接起来。根据上下文,此处是肯定advantage否定hindrance,所以应选rather than表示“而不是”。

【详细解答】 concern常与about搭配,意为“关心”,而不与with搭配;deal with意为“处理”;work with意为“工作”,都不符合句意。do away with意为“除掉,取消”。这里指“没有掌握说这些语言的技巧”,故选项B为正确答案。?


【详细解答】 be restricted toto是介词,后面要求跟一个名词,故选项A为正确答案。

【详细解答】 refer to意为“提到,说起”;come to意为“谈到,关于”;apply to 意为“应用,适用”;amount to意为“相当于,总共达”。这里是说用源语言写作的能力也是如此,故应选apply to。?

【详细解答】 it does not matter意思是“不要紧,没关系”。这里是说如果译者没有这种能力,也不要紧。?

【详细解答】 characteristic意为“特征;特色”,比较注重外在的;quality指意为“特质;品质;素质”,比较注重内在的;distinction意为“区别;分别”;feature意为“特征,特色”,侧重具体的某个特征。这里指内在品质,与skills并列,故应选quality


【详细解答】 whats  more意为“更甚的是”;as well意为“也” ;for one thingfor another…意为“一则……再则……”;in addition“此外”。根据句意,选项C为正确答案。?

42.答案:D ?
【详细解答】从句子结构看,本句缺少表示某个人的主语。在这四个选项中,只有 as可充当表示某个人的主语,故为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 why not是习惯用法,其后直接跟动词原形,常用作建议,意思是“为什么不……”。?

【详细解答】 There is no doubt…后面应接由that引导的主语从句,故只能选B

【详细解答】 what引导的是一个类比性状语从句,说明主句行为的方式、方法,其结构为“A is to B what C is to D”,意思是“A对于B来说,就像C对于D一样”。根据句意,选项A为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 while意为“虽然”;as常引导原因状语从句;as long as意为“只要”;even意为“即使”。根据句意,选项C 为正确答案。?

47.答案:A ?
【详细解答】 can hardlycan barely意为“几乎不能”,是否定副词,不合题意。nearly意为“几乎”;merely意为“仅仅”。根据句意,此处需要填表肯定性副词,故选项A 为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 tooto…是习惯用法,意为“太……以至于不能……”。根据句意,选项A为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 in that意为“因为,既然”,是一个表弱原因关系的连词,一般用于书面语,故为正确答案。?

50.答案:C ?
【详细解答】在四个选项中,只有as可与regards搭配。as regards意为“关于,在……方面,至于”等意思。?

【详细解答】本题是不定式或分词的否定形式作主语,其正确形式应分别是not to benot being。当分词作主语时,短语若需否定,否定词应放在动名词前。根据句意,该题应选分词作主语,故选项D为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 reduce与介词 to搭配,意为“使陷入不良境遇”;sink意为“下沉;倒下”; force意为“迫使”,常带有主观色彩,受某种主观力量的驱使;declined意为“衰落;降低”。根据句意和句中介词to,本句应选B。?#p#副标题#e#

【参考译文】计算机可通过编程处理各种各样的任务。 ?
【详细解答】 assign意为“分配”;tackle意为“着手处理,对付”; realize意为“意识到” solve意为“解决,解答”。这里要表达的是“处理各种各样的任务”,故选项B为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 frustrated意为“受挫”;prevented意为“受阻止”,后接介词fromdiscouraged意为“使沮丧”,侧重于情绪; accomplished意为“完成”。根据句意,选项A为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 by chance意为“偶然”;by heart意为“用心”;know sb by sight意为“跟某人面熟”;by experience“通过经验”。根据句意,选项C为正确答案。?

56.答案:B ?
【详细解答】 difference意为“差别;差异”,是指事物自身客观存在的差异; distinction意为“区别;分别”,指主观意识能够辨别客观存在的差异;comparison意为“比较”,指将两物放在一起进行对比的过程;division意为“分开;分配”,并不强调事物的差异和关联,只是一个简单的外部行为。根据句意,选项B为正确答案。?

【试题分析】本题考查对固定搭配的掌握。?Relevant与介词to搭配,意为“相关的”;simultaneous意为“同时发生的”;consistent 常构成短语be consistent with,意为“与……一致,与……共存的”; practical意为“实际的”。根据句意,选项C为正确答案。?

【参考译文】为了筹集资金, Nicola姑姑不得不卖掉她的一些最珍爱的财物。?
【详细解答】 divide意为“分割;分开”,侧重将一个整体分成几部分;separate意为“分开;分离”;part with sth.意为“放弃”,尤指并非出自自愿地放弃;abandon意为“放弃”,为及物动词。根据句意,选项C为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 in order表示“按顺序,井然有序,处于良好(或正常工作)状态,合宜的”。in(goodbad)form一般指(运动员、赛马等)“处于良好(不好)竞技状态”。in good (working) order意为“处于良好的工作状态”。in a state在口语中表示“不整洁,凌乱;兴奋;焦急”等。根据句意,选项A为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 disapproval 与介词of搭配,意为“不赞成,反对”;distaste与介词for搭配,意为“不喜欢,厌恶”;dissatisfaction与介词with搭配,意为“不满”;dismay与介词at 搭配,意为“灰心,沮丧”。从句意和搭配上讲,选项B为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 restless意为“得不到休息的”;skilled意为“有技能的,熟练的”;strong意为“强壮的”;versatile意为“多才多艺的,多面手”。句意可知,农民必须多才多艺,故选项D为正确答案。?

62. 答案:B?
【详细解答】 in proportion to意为“与……成比例”。comparison意为“比较”,常用于byin comparison with结构中,意为“与……相比”;association意为“联系;合伙”,常用于in association with结构中,意为“与……联系;与……合伙”;calculation意为“计算”。根据句意和搭配,选项B为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 economic意为“经济的”,常用作定语,直接修饰中心词,不与介词搭配;thrifty意为“节俭的;节省的”,常与with搭配;frugal意为“节约的;俭朴的”,既可做前置定语,也可作表语,后与of搭配;careful意为“小心的”。故选项C为正确答案。

【详细解答】 presidechair都可作“主持会议”讲,但preside需与介词atover搭配使用,chair则可直接跟会议;introduce意为“介绍”;dominate意为“支配,控制”。根据句意,选项C为正确答案。?

【详细解答】 origin意为“起源,开端”,往往与过去的活动、风俗、事件等有关;generation意为“产生,发生”; descent意为“祖籍,血统”; cause意为“原因,起因”。这里是说字母的起源,故选项A为正确答案。

阅读 A

【详细解答】短文开头就说 “The train clattered over points and passed through astation.”“Then it began suddenly to slow down…”,由此可知,火车既没有突然加速,也没保持原速,更没有立刻停下来,而是改变了它的速度。所以选项B为正确答案。


【详细解答】短文第四段说“Then she drew her breath in with a gasp and half-rose to her feet”,即可怕的景象吓得她发呆,故选项D为正确答案。?

【详细解答】短文倒数第二段说“…MrsMcGillicuddys hand went up to the communication cordthen pausedirresoluteAfter allwhat use would it be ringing the cord of the train in which she was travelling?” McGillicuddy夫人看到的情景发生在另一列火车上,那么按响她所乘的火车的警报是不起任何作用的,也就是说她认为这样做没什么意义,故选项B为正确答案。?

  TEXT B  ?
【详细解答】短文第一段第一句说“I am one of the many city peopleif it werent for my job I would…”说明作者是在城里工作,故选项C为正确答案。?

【详细解答】短文第二段描写的是城市生活的弊端。由“The sense of belonging to a community tends to disappearpeople on the same floor in tower blocks dont even say hello to each other.”可知,城市生活“lack of communication”;由“The majority of the population live in massive tower blocksnoisydirty and impersonalAll you can see from your window is skyor other blocks of flats.”可知,城市生活“housing conditions”;由“Childrencooped up at home all daytheir mothers feel isolated from the rest of the world.”可知,城市生活是“a sense of isolation”。文中没有提及“a strong sense of fear”,故A为正确答案。?

【详细解答】短文第三段倒数第二句说“Shopping becomes a major problem, and for anything slightly out of the ordinary you have to go on an expedition to the nearest large town.”,即住在一个小村庄里,购物是一个大问题,即使只是稍微特别的物品,人们也必须到附近大城镇去买。由此可知,在乡村不容易买到的东西应是designer clothes


【详细解答】短文第四段最后一句说“They generally have about as much sensitivitythe unwilling original inhabitants of the villages.”即他们一般还是比较敏感的,……他们也把某些改变强加给当地农村居民。故用“Arrogant” (骄横的)来描述在大城市工作而在乡村生活的人最合适。?

【详细解答】最后一段说“Im keen on the idea, but you see theres my cat, Toby.Im not at all sure that he would take to all that fresh air and exercise in the long grass. I mean, can you see him mixing with all those hearty males down the farm? No, he would rather have the electric imitation-coal fire any evening.”作者以他的猫为例,说他没有把握它一定会喜欢新鲜空气及到草地练习,并在最后作了否定的答复。可见,作者是不会去农村生活的。?

  TEXT C  ?

【详细解答】短文第四段说“As in all friendship, a husband and wife must try to interest each other, and to spend sufficient time sharing absorbing activities to give them continuing common interests. But at the same time they must spend enough time on separate interests with separate people to preserve and develop theirseparate personalities and keep their relationship fresh.”即正如所有友情一样,夫妇必须尽力保持对彼此的兴趣,给予充足的时间来分享有趣的活动,以不断提供共同兴趣;同时还必须花费足够的时间于个人兴趣方面,以保持独立的个性,并使他们的关系保持新鲜。选项B全面地概括了这短话的意思,故为正确答案。?

【详细解答】短文第三段说“Married couples are likely to exert themselves for guestsand then to fall into dull exhausted silence when the guests have gone”, 即已婚夫妇很可能尽力使客人高兴,谈话时风趣、有感情且锐智;当客人走后,便陷入沉默。故选项D为正确答案。?

【详细解答】短文最后一段说“…the children are allowed to command all time and attentionallowing the couple no time to develop liking and friendshipas well as  love…”,由此可知,夫妻间感情变淡甚至消失的原因可能是孩子占用了两人过多的时间,孩子成为了婚姻关系的障碍,故选项C为正确答案。?

  TEXT D  ?

【详细解答】短文的第二句说“In theoryat leastthe problem is that there are very many choices to make.”即在理论上,父母至少有很多选择,文章还列举了很多可供选择的学校模式。故父母给孩子选择一所学校很困难是因为“有太多的选择摆在他们面前”。

【详细解答】短文倒数第二句说“Finallywith dissatisfaction with conventional educationthe question might even arise in the parentsmind as to whether the child should be compelled to go to school at all.”即,由于对传统教育不满意,父母们会考虑孩子是不是非得要去学校,故选项A为正确答案。?

【详细解答】短文最后一句说“Although in practice, some parents may not think twice about any of these choices and send their child to the only school available in the immediate neighbourhood, any parent who is interested enough can insist that as many choices as possible be made open to him, and the system is theoretically supposed to provide them.” 这里是说,尽管实际上有些父母想都不想就把子女送到了附近唯一的一所学校,但是有足够兴趣的父母能够坚持要求开放尽可能多的选择,并且,这种选择学校的体制从理论上讲,应该提供这些选择。由以可知,教育制度并没有提供那么多可供选择的机会,故选项B为正确答案。

阅读 B





【详细解答】从“Pickpockets operate in crowded places…. Dont make it easy for them”以及“co-operate with the police by reporting any crime…”可以看出这篇文章


  TEXT F  ?


82. 答案:B?



【详细解答】短文第一段谈到“some of the traditional Chinese methods have wasted an astonishing amount of water.”第二段谈“The low utilization efficiency has resulted from the adoption of some traditional Chinese irrigation methods.”其他两段也都谈到了“modern irrigation methods”,可见这篇短文的中心论题就是irrigation methods。?






【详细解答】本题问的是这封信的内容。信中提到“Here are my holiday plansIll leave on a tour of South-east Asia…”由此可知,这是一份假期到东南亚旅行的计划,信中详细列出了日期及旅行路线。?

  TEXT H  ?





【详细解答】从第一句“Even if you are only going on a day trip…”,以及“Bathing will cool you but remember” 可知,旅游者会看这篇手册节选。?



85. 答案:C?



【详细解答】海报第三段告诉我们“the dancing troupe will give three performances at the Century theatre.”由此可知,正确答案为选项C。?

86. 答案:B?



【详细解答】在介绍钢琴独奏(Piano solos)时,海报中提及“… by Liszt, …by Mozart…,by Chopin,…by Brahms.”只有Schumann没有提到,由此可知将不会演出Schumann的作品。?

  TEXT J  ?


87. 答案:D?



【详细解答】文中有“The deadline for the competition is June 15.” 由此可知,正确答案为选项D。?

88. 答案:A?



【详细解答】文章最后一句说“The six lucky winners will be invited to visit Guiyang from August 8 to 18.”由此可知,他们将游览贵阳。?

  TEXT K  ?


89. 答案:D?

【参考译文】如果想在星期六乘坐Air France公司的航班去上海,应该乘座哪一班机呢??


【详细解答】在“Air France”下找到终点站Shanghai,对应的班机为AFll2,在星期六可以乘坐。?

90. 答案:B?



【详细解答】。在“Lufthansa”下发现“1-7 Beijing Frankfurt LH721...; 1-7  Frankfurt Beijing LH720...”,所以答案是肯定的,即从星期一到星期天每天都有班机在两地之间来往。?



obliging  乐于助人的,恳切的?

vacant  空着的,无人住的?

extract  摘录,选录?

preset  预先安排?

late  已故的?

cyclical  循环的?

staggering  巨大的,令人吃惊的?


get over  痊愈,恢复?

refer to sth. as sth.  把……称作……?

apply to  应用到?

make a bid for  出价买?

on no account  无论如何?