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PartWriting [45 min]

Section A Composition [35 min]

Nowadays people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of health. And they have different ways to stay healthy. For example, some exercise every day; others try to keep a balance diet. What do you think is the best way to stay healthy?


Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a composition of about 150 words on the following topic:

The Best Way to Stay Healthy
You are to write in three parts.

In the second part, state what you think is the best way.

In the second part, support your view with one or two reasons.

In the last part, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion or a summary.

Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a loss of marks.


Section B Note-writing [10 min]

Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation:

You have heard that your friend, Jack, wishes to sell his walkman. Write him a note expressing your interest in it, asking him about its condition and offering a price for it.


PartCloze [15 min]

Decide which of the choice given below would best complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the best choice for each blank on your answer sheet.


People thinking about the origin of language for the first time usually arrive at the conclusion that it developed gradually as a system of grunts, hisses and cries and ____26 a very simple affair in the beginning. ______27 when we observe the language behavior of ____28 we regard as primitive cultures, we find it _____29 complicates. It was believes that an Eskimo must have at the tip of his tongue a vocabulary of more than 10,000 words ___30 to get along reasonably well, much larger than the active vocabulary of an average businessman who speaks English. ______31, These Eskimo words are far more highly inflected (词尾变化的)than _____32 of any

Of the well-known European languages, for a ___33 noun can be spoken or written in ______34 hundred different forms, each ___35 a precise meaning different from that of any other. The forms of the verbs are even more _____36. The Eskimo language is, therefore, one of the most difficult in the world to learn, ______37 the result that almost no traders or explorers have ___38 tried to learn it. Consequently, there has grown up, in communication between Eskimos and whites, a jargon ___39 to the pidgin English used in Old China, with a vocabulary of from 300 to 600 uninflected words. Most of them are derived from Eskimo but some are derived from English, Danish, Spanish, Hawaiian and other languages. It is this jargon that is usually _____by travelers as the Eskimo language.

26. A. must be B. must have been C. ought to be D. should be

27. A. However B. Therefore C. probably D. undoubtedly

28. A. whose B. that C. which D. what

29. A. conspicuously B. usually C. surprisingly D. sufficiently

30. A. so as B. so that C. as such D. as well as

31. A. However B. Moreover C. Though D. Therefore

32. A. the others B. all others C. these D. those

33. A. single B. singular C. plural D. compound

34. A. some B. several C. various D. varied

35. A. getting B. causing C. having D. owning

36. A endless B. multiple C. uncountable D. numerous

37. A. with B. for C. owing to D. as

38. A still B. indeed C. just D. even

39. A. alike B. similar C. related D. relevant

40. A. referred to B. talked about C. spoken D. told#p#副标题#e#




There are twenty-five sentences in this Section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or expressions marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

Mark your answers on your answer sheet.

41. She did her work _________her manager had instructed.

A. as B. until C. when D. though

42. _______ of the twins was arrested, because I saw both at a party last night.

A. None B. Both C. Neither D. All

43. For some time now, world leaders _______ out the necessity for agreement on arms reduction.

A. had been pointing B. have been pointing

C. were pointing D. pointed

44. Have you ever been in a situation ______ you know the other person is right yet you cannot agree with him?

A. by which B. that C. in where D. where

45. Weve just installed two air-conditions in out apartment, _______should make great differences in our life next summer.

A. which B. what C. that D. they

46. AID is said _________ the number-one killer of both men and women over the past few years in that region.

A. being b. to be C. to have been D. having been

47. She managed to save ______ she could out of her wages to help her brother.

A. how little money B. so little money

C. such little money D. what little money

48. Fool ____ Jane is, she could not have done such a thing.

A. who B. as C. that D. like

49. The experiment requires more money than _____.

A. have been put in B. being put in

C. has been put in D. to be put in

50. _______ for the fact that she broke her leg, she might have passed the exam.

A. Had it not been B. Hadnt it been

C. Was it not D. Were it not

51. “ What courses are you going to do next semester?”

I dont know. But its about time _______ on something.”

A. Id decide B. I decided

C. I decide D. Im deciding

52. The police have offered a large ________for information leading to the robbers arrest.

A. award B. compensation C. prize D. reward

53. I arrives at the airport so late that I ______ missed the plane.

A. only B. quite C. narrowly D. seldom

54. The popularity of the film shows that the reviewersfears were completely ______

A. unjustified B. unjust C. misguided D. unaccepted

55. The head of the Museum was ____ and let us actually examine the ancient manuscripts.

A. promising B. agreeing C. pleasing D. obliging

56. The multinational corporation was making a take-over _____ for a property company.

A. application B. bid C. proposal D. suggestion

57. The partys reduced vote was ______ of lack of support for its policies.

A. indicative B. positive C. revealing D. evident

58. There has been a ______ lack of communication between the union and the management.

A. regretful B. regrettable C. regretting D. regretted

59. The teacher ________ expects his students to pass the university entrance examination

A. confidently B. proudly C. assuredly D. confidently

60. The ______ family in Chinese cities now spends more money on housing than before.

A. normal B. average C. usual D. general

61. The new colleague ____ to have worked in several big corporations before he joined our company.

A. confess B. declares C. claims D. confirms

62. During the reading lesson, the teacher asked students to read a few ______ from the novel.

A. pieces B. essays C. fragments D. extracts

63. During the summer holiday season it is difficult to find a(n) _____ room in the hotels here.

A. empty B. vacant C. free D. deserted

64. The old couple will never ______ the loss of their son.

A. get over B. get away C. get off D. get across

65. Scientific research results can now be quickly ________ to factory production.

A. used B. applied C. tried D. practiced


PartReading Comprehension [30 min]

Section A Reading Comprehension [25 min]

In this Section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. choose the one that you think is the best answer.

Mark your answers on your answer sheet.


Text A
Many of the home electric goods which are advertised as liberating the modern woman tend to have the opposite effect, because they simply change the nature of work instead of eliminating it. Machines have a certain novelty value, like toys for adults. It is certainly less tiring to put clothes in a washing machine, but the time saved does not really amount to much: the machine has to be watched, the clothes have to be carefully sorted out first, stains removed by hand, buttons pushed and water changed, clothes taken out, aired and ironed. It would be more liberating to pack it all off to a laundry and not necessarily more expensive, since no capital investment is required. Similarly, if you really want to save time you do not make cakes with an electric mixer, you buy one in a shop. If one compares the image of the woman in the womens magazine with the goods advertised by those periodicals, one realizes how useful a projected image cab be commercially. A careful balance has to be struck: if you show a labor-saving device, follow it up with a complicated recipe on the next page; on no account hint at the notion that a woman could get herself a job, but instead foster her sense of her own usefulness, emphasizing the creative aspect of her function as a housewife. So we get cake mixes where the cook simply adds an egg herself, to producethat lovely home-baked flavor the family love”, and knitting patterns that can be made by hand, or worse still, on knitting machines, which became tremendously fashionable when they were first introduced. Automatic cookers are advertised by pictures of pretty young mothers taking their children to the park, not by professional women presetting the dinner before leaving home for work.

66. According to the passage, many of the home electric goods which are supposed to liberate women_________

A. remove unpleasant aspects of housework.

B. Save the housewife very little time.

C. Save the housewifes time but not her money.

D. Have absolutely no value for the housewife.

67. According to the context, capital investment refers to money _____

A. spent on a washing machine. B. borrowed from the bank.

C. saved in the bank. D. lent to other people.

68. The goods advertised in womens magazines are really meant to ________

A. free housewives from housework.

B. Encourage housewives to go out to work.

C. Turn housewives into excellent cooks.

D. Give them a false sense of fulfillment.


Text B
Thestandard of livingof any country means the average persons share of the goods

and services which the country produces. A country's standard of living, therefore, depends

first and foremost on its capacity to produce wealth. "Wealth" in this sense is not money, for

we do not live on money but on things that money can buy.- "goods" such as food and cloth-

ing, and "services" such as transport and entertainment.

A country's capacity to produce wealth depends upon many factors, most of which have

an effect on one another. Wealth depends to a great extent upon a country' s natural re-

sources, such as coal, gold, and other minerals, water supply and so on. Some regions of

the world are well supplied with coal and minerals, and have a fertile soil and a favorable

climate; other regions possess none of them.

Next to natural resources comes the ability to turn them to use. Some countries are per-

haps well off in natural resources, but suffered for many years from civil and external wars,

and for this and other reasons have been unable to develop their resources. 'Sound and stable

political conditions, and freedom from foreign invasion, enable a country to develop its natu-

ral resources peacefully and steadily, and to produce more wealth than another country

equally well served by nature but less well ordered. Another important factor is the technical

efficiency of a country's people. Industrialized countries that have trained numerous skilled

workers and technicians are better placed to produce wealth than countries whose workers

are largely unskilled.

A country's standard of living does not only depend upon the wealth that is produced

and consumed within its own borders, but also upon what is indirectly produced through

international trade. For example, Britain's wealth in foodstuffs' and other agricultural

products would be much less if she had to depend only on those grown at home. Trade makes

it possible for her surplus manufactured goods to be traded abroad for the agricultural

products that would otherwise be lacking. A country's wealth is, therefore, much influenced by

its manufacturing capacity, provided that other countries can be found ready to accept its


69. The standard of living in a country is determined by___________

A. its goods and service.

B. the type of wealth produced.

C. how well it can create wealth.

D. what an ordinary person can share.

70. A country's capacity to produce wealth depends on all the factors EXCEPT________

A. peoples share of its goods.

B. political and social stability.

C. qualities of its workers.

D. use of natural resources.

71. According to the passage,________ play an equally important role in determining a

country's standard of living.


A. farm products

B. industrial goods

C. foodstuffs

D. export import#p#副标题#e#


Text C

How we look and how we appear to others probably worries us more when we are in our

teens or early twenties than at any other time in our life. Few of us are content to accept our-

selves as we are, and few are brave enough to ignore the trends of fashion.

Most fashion magazines or TV advertisements try to persuade us that we should dress in

a certain way or behave in a certain manner. If we do, they tell us, we will be able to meet

new people with confidence and deal with every situation confidently and without embarrassment. Changing fashion, of course, does not apply just to dress. A barber today does not cut

a boy's hair in the same way as he used to, and girls do not make up in the same way as their

mothers and grandmothers did. The advertisers show us the latest fashionable Styles and we

are constantly under pressure to follow the fashion in case our friends think we are odd or


What causes fashions to change? Sometimes convenience or practical necessity or just

the fancy of an influential person can establish a fashion. Take hats, for example. In cold

climates, early buildings were cold inside, so people wore hats indoors as well as outside. In

recent times, the late President Kennedy caused a depression in the American hat industry by

not wearing hats: more American men followed his example.

There is also a cyclical pattern in fashion. In the 1920s in Europe and America, short

skirts became fashionable. After World War Two, they dropped to ankle length. Then they

got shorter and shorter until the miniskirt was in fashion. After a few more years, skirts

became longer again.

Today, society is much freer and easier than it used to be. It is no longer necessary to

dress like everyone else. Within reason, you can dress as you like or do your hair the way

you like instead of the way you should because it is the fashion. The popularity of jeans and

the "untidy" look seems to be a reaction against the increasingly expensive fashions of the top

fashion houses.

At the same time, appearance is still important in certain circumstances and then we

must choose our clothes carefully. It would be foolish to go to an interview for a job in a law

firm wearing jeans and a sweater; and it would be discourteous to visit some distinguished

scholar looking as if we were going to the beach or a night club. However, you need never

feel depressed if you don't look like the latest fashion photo. Look around you and youll see

that no one else does either!


72. The author thinks that people are____________

A. satisfied with their appearance.

B. concerned about appearance in old age.

C. far from neglecting what is in fashion.

D. reluctant to follow the trends in fashion.

73. Fashion magazines and TV advertisement seem to link fashion to _________

A. confidence in life. B. personal dress.

C. individual hair style. D. personal future.

74. Causes of fashions are ____________

A. uniform. B. varied

C. unknown D. inexplicable.

75. Present-day society is much freer and earlier because it emphasizes ________

A. uniformity. B. formality.

C. informality D. individuality.

76. Which is the main idea of the last paragraph?

A. Care about appearance in formal situations.

B. Fashion in formal and informal situations.

C. Ignoring, appearance in informal situations.

D. Ignoring appearance in all situations.


Massive changes in all of the world's deeply cherished sporting habits are underway.

Whether it's one of London's parks full of people playing softball, and Russians taking up

rugby, or the Superbowl rivaling the British Football Cup Final as a televised: spectator event

in Britain, ;he patterns of players and spectators are changing beyond recognition, We are

witnessing a globalization of our sporting culture ........

That annual bicycle race, the Tour de France, much loved by the French is a good case

in point. Just a few years back it was a strictly continental affair with France, Belgium and

Holland, Spain and Italy taking part. But in recent years it has been dominated by Colombian mountain climbers, and American and Irish riders.

The people who really matter welcome the shift toward globalization. Peugeot. Michelin

and Panasonic are multi-national corporations that want worldwide returns for the millions

they invest in teams. So it does them literally a world of good to see this unofficial world

championship become just that.

This is undoubtedly an economic-based revolution we are witnessing here,, one made

possible by. communications technology, but made to happen because of marketing considera-

tions. Sell the game and you can sell Coca Cola or Budweiser as well.

The skilful way in which American football has been sold to Europe is a good example of

how all sports will develop. The aim of course is not really to Spread the sport for its own

sake, but to increase the number of people interested in the major money-making events.

The economics of the Superbowl are already astronomical. With seats at US$125, gate

receipts alone were a staggering $10,000,000. The most important statistic of the day, however, was the $100,000,000 in TV advertising fees. Imagine how much that becomes when the

eyes of the world are watching.

So it came as a terrible shock, but not really as a surprise, to learn that some people are

now suggesting that soccer change from being a game of two 45-minute halves, to one of four

25-minute quarters. The idea is unashamedly to capture more advertising revenue, without

giving any thought for the integrity of a sport which relies for its essence on the flowing

nature of the action.

Moreover, as sports expand into world markets, and as our choice of sports as consumers

also grows, so we will demand to see them played at a higher and higher level. In boxing

we have already seen numerous, dubious world title categories because people will not pay to

see anything less than a " World Title " fight, and this means that the title fights have to be

held in different countries around the world!


77. Globalization of sporting culture means that ______-

A. more people are taking up sports.

B. traditional sports are getting popular.

C. many local sports are becoming international.

D. foreigners are more interested in local sports.

78. Which of the following is NOT related to the massive changes?

A. Good economic returns. B. Revival

C. Communications technology. D. Marketing strategies.

79. What is the authors attitude towards the suggestion to change soccer into one of four 25-

minute quarters?

A. Favorable. B. Unclear C. Reserved D. Critical

80. People want to see higher-level sports competitions mainly because______

A. they become more professional than ever.

B. they regard sports as consumer goods.

C. there exist few world-class championships

D. sports events are exciting and stimulating.


Section B Skimming and Scanning [5 min]

In this Section there are seven passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions.

Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers on your answer sheet.


First read the following question.


81. The main purpose of the passage is to ________-

A. warn people of pickpockets. B. tell people what to wear.

C. describe how to catch thieves. D. explain how to contact the police.


Now, go through TEXT E quickly and answer Question 81.


Pickpockets operate in crowded places in the hope of getting easy pickings. Don't make

it easy for them. Keep wallets, purses and other valuables out of sight. If wearing a jacket,

an inside pocket is the best place to use. If not, your possessions are safest in a pocket with

a button-down flap.

Please co-operate with the police by reporting any crime or suspicious activity immedi-

ately, either by dialing 110 or calling at your nearest police station.


Text F
First read the following question.

82. The main topic of the passage is _________

A. agricultural products. B. irrigation methods.

C. natural resources. D. water shortages.


Now, go through TEXT F quickly and answer Question 82.

It is widely accepted that China is a country faced with severe water shortages. Insufficient water resources have slowed agricultural development. And to make matters worse,

some of the traditional Chinese irrigation methods have wasted an astonishing amount of water.

In China today, the utilization efficiency of farming water is about 30 to 40 per cent. This

figure stands in sharp contrast to developed country's utilization average of 70-80 per cent.

The low utilization efficiency has resulted from the adoption of some traditional Chinese irrigation methods.

Only by using modern irrigation methods can we reduce water shortage in agriculture.

One of the advantages of modern irrigation methods is that they alone can save 20-30

per cent of the present volume of wasted irrigation water.


First read the following question.


83. The letter is about _______

A. cities in South-east Asia. B. holiday greetings

C. sightseeing. travel plans.

Now, go through TEXT G quickly and answer Question 83.


May 5th 200_


Dear Mark,

Hello again! Here are my holiday plans. I'll leave on a tour of South-east Asia in August and will arrive in Singapore in September.

These are my travel plans:

August 28th London-Tokyo

September 1st Tokyo- Bangkok


September 4th Bangkok-- Singapore

September 7th Singapore-Manila

September 9th Manila-London


Looking forward to seeing you again.

Best Wishes,



First read the following question.


84. Who will read the following except from a pamphlet?

A. Travelers.

B. Baby-sitters.

C. Insurance agents.

D. Traffic police.


Now, go through TEXT H quickly and answer Question 84.


Even if you are only going on a trip to another country, accidents can happen. So

please make sure you have adequate travel insurance.


Bathing will cool you but remember that fatal accidents can happen very easily and in the

most unexpected conditions. Adults should watch each other for signs of trouble when in

water. Children should always be supervised by an adult who can swim well. Young children

should never be left unattended near a stretch of water.


Traffic accidents are the major cause of death among travelers. Whether driver or

pedestrian, always check on local traffic regulations.



First read the following questions.

85. How many performances will the Irish dancing troupe give between June 23 and 25?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three D. Four


Whose works will NOT be played at the concert?

A. Chopin. B. Schumann. C. Beethoven. D. Liszt.


Now, go through TEXT I quickly and answer Questions 85 and 86.


Irish dance: The Irish International Dance Company, one of the most dynamic dance

troupes in the world, will tour China with its classic production" Spirit of the Dance-----the

New Millennium."#p#副标题#e#


The dancers include such famous names as Patricia Murray, one of the Irish dancing

champions, and first-rate ballerina Claire Holding.

The dancers include such famous names as Patricia Murray,

Irish dancing

Sponsored by China National Culture and Art Company Ltd. , the dancing troupe will

give three performances at the Century Theatre.

Time: 7:30 pm. June 23--25

Place: Century Theatre, 40 Liangmaqiaolu,

Telephone: 6551-8888

Piano solos: twenty Chinese and foreign piano music works will be played by three

young, promising pianists from the China Central Conservatory of Music.

Programmes include: "Consolation No 3 in D-flat major" by Liszt, "For Elise' by

Beethoven, "Turkish March" by Mozart, "Waltz in C-sharp minor" and "A Minute Waltz" by

Chopin, and "Hungarian Dance" by Brahms.

Time: 7:30 pm, June 16

Place: Beijing Concert Hall,

Telephone: 6605-5812


First read the following questions.


87. When is the deadline for the competition?

A. May 7. B. May 5. C. June 18. D. June 15

88. The six lucky winners will _________

A. visit Guiyang City. B. contact the Press Office.

C. go to China Daily. D. take an overseas trip.


Now, go through TEXT J quickly and answer Questions 87 and 88.


Guiyang Customs and Scenery Competition Notice

Fifteen questions for the Guiyang Customs and Scenery Competition were published in

China Daily on May 5 and 7, and on China Daily's web edition on May 7. Participants,

please answer the questions and mail the answer card to:

Press Office, Guiyang Municipal People's Government

46 Zhongshan Xilu, Guiyang 550003, Guizhou, China

or find the competition on www. chinadaily, com. on. Then answer the questions, fill in

all information needed and click the button below to send it back.

The deadline for the competition is June 15 (subject to postmark)

The prize-drawing Ceremony will be held on June 18 in Guiyang City, and six lucky

winners ( three living in China, three from abroad) will be drawn from those who give correct

answers to all questions. Their names will be published in China Daily and its web edition on

June 19

The six lucky winners will be invited to visit Guiyang from August 8 to 18.



First read the following questions


89. If you want to travel to Shanghai on Air France on a Saturday, which flight would you


A. AFl29. B. AFl28. C. AFlll. D. AFll2.

90. Does Lufthansa operate a flight between Beijing and Frankfurt every day?

A. No. B. Yes.

C. Yes, except on Saturdays.

D. No, only three days a week.


Now, go through TEXT K quickly and answer Questions 89 and 90.

Flight Schedule

Air France Tel: (010) 6588 1388

(020) 6360 6688


Day From To Flight Departure Arrival

1 -- 7 Beijing Paris AF129 09:40 14:15

1 -- 7 Paris Beijing AF128 15:55 07:40

2,4,7 Shanghai Paris AF111 10:55 17:05

1,3,6 Paris Shanghai AF112 15:55 09:05



Day From To Flight Departure Arrival

1 -- 7 Beijing Frankfurt LH721 10:30 14:25

1 -- 7 Frankfurt Beijing LH720 17:25 08:30

1,2,3,4,5,7 Shanghai Frankfurt LH729 11:15 16:30

1,2,3,4,5,7 Frankfurt Shanghai LH728 17:10 09:25


Part One Writing
Section A Composition

The Best Way to Stay Healthy

If you have recently started or restarted an exercise program, you are not alone, and it proves to be the best way to stay healthy.

In the first place, exercise makes your body, most importantly, your heart stronger-by helping it pump more blood with each heartbeat. The blood then deliver more oxygen to your body. Exercise can also lower blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease. Besides, exercise is the best way to lose weight. Burning calories and working off the fat will help you look and feel better. In the second place, more and more people realize that mental health is nevertheless important than physical health. Focusing your energy on taking care of yourself with proper exercise is the best way to not just transform your body but to lift your spirits.

If you are blessed with a healthy body and healthy mind by getting into exercises like soccer, ice skating, jogging, running, swimming, bicycling or anything that involves lots of activities, you can be confident that you are thewealthiest”, thus the happiest man on the planet earth.#p#副标题#e#


Section B Note-writing

May 6, 2002

Dear Jack,

I have heard that you wish to sell your walkman. I am very interested in it. I am just wondering about its condition. Give me a call when you have a moment. My telephone number is 555-2436. I am willing to offer 30 dollars for it if everything is OK.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Part Four Cloze
26. B 27. A 28. C 29. C 30. A

31. B 32. D 33. A 34. B 35. C

36. D 37. A 38. D 39. B 40. A


Part Five Grammar & Vocabulary
41. A 42. C 43. B 44. B 45.A

46. C 47. B 48. B 49. B 50. A

51. B 52. D 53. C 54. A 55. D

56. B 57. A 58.B 59. D 60. B

61. C 62. D 63. B 64. A 65. B


Part Six Reading Comprehension
Section A Reading Comprehension
66. B 67. A 68. D 69. C 70. A

71. D 72. C 73. A 74. B 75. C

76. A 77. C 78. B 79. D 80. B


Section B Skimming and Scanning
81. A 82. D 83. D 84. A 85. C

86. B 87. D 88. A 89. D 90. B