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People in modern society live under a lot of pressure, from education, career, or family. So it is important for them to keep a good mood under whatever circumstances. Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a composition of about 150 words on the following topic:
You are to write in three parts.
In the first part, state specifically what your view is.
In the second part, support your view with one or two reasons.
In the last part, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion or a summary. Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a loss of marks.
Write on ANSWER SHEET ONE a note of about 50-60 words based on the following situation:
Your friend Clare has invited you to her house-warming party this weekend. However, you will be away then. Write her a note politely declining her invitation and expressing your best wishes to her.
Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriacy.

Part Ⅳ  CLOZE  [15 MIN.]
   Decide which of the choices given below would best complete the passage if inserted in the corresponding blanks. Mark the best choice for each blank on your answer sheet.
During McDonalds early years French fries were made from scratch every day. Russet Burbank potatoes were (26)____, cut into shoestrings, and fried in its kitchens. (27)____ the chain expanded nationwide, in the mid-1960s, it sought to cut labour costs, reduce the number of suppliers, and (28)____ that its fries tasted the same at every restaurant. McDonalds began (29) ____ to frozen French fries in 1966—and few customers noticed the difference. (30)____, the change had a profound effect on the nations agriculture and diet. A familiar food had been transformed into a highly processed industrial (31)____. McDonalds fries now come from huge manufacturing plants (32)____ can process two million pounds of potatoes a day. The expansion (33)____ McDonalds and the popularity of its low-cost, mass-produced fries changed the way Americans eat.?
The taste of McDonalds French fries played a crucial role in the chains successfries are much more profitable than hamburgersand was (34)____ praised by customers, competitors, and even food critics. Their (35)____ taste does not stem from the kind of potatoes that McDonalds (36)____, the technology that processes them, or the restaurant equipment that fries them: other chains use Russet Burbank, buy their French fries from the (37)____ large processing companies, and have similar (38)____ in their restaurant kitchens. The taste of a French fry is (39) ____ determined by the cooking oil. For decades McDonalds cooked its French fries in a mixture of about 7 per cent cottonseed oil and 93 per cent beef fat. The mixture gave the fries their unique (40) ____.
26. A. scaled      B. stripped   C. peeled      D. sliced
27. A. As          B. Due to      C. Owing to    D. With
28. A. ensue       B. ensure    C. enrich      D. enable
29. A. switching   B. diverting? C. modifying   D. altering
30. A. Still     B. Anyway? C. Besides    D. Nevertheless
31. A. brand       B. stuff   C. commodity   D. produce
32. A. this        B. that    C./           D. what
33. A. into        B. from    C. in          D. of
34. A. long        B. only    C. first       D. lonely
35. A. distinctive B. distinct? C. distinguished D. distinguishable
36. A. possesses   B. buys   C. acquires    D. grows
37. A. exact       B. identical   C. same        D. alike
38. A. woks        B. pots   C. boilers     D. fryers
39. A. adequately B. massively C. plentifully D. largely
40. A. flavour     B. fragrance   C. smell       D. perfume
? There are twenty-five sentences in this section. Beneath each sentence there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.
Mark your answers on your answer sheet.
41. Agriculture is the countrys chief source of wealth, wheat ____ by far the biggest cereal crop.
A. is      B. been      C. be     D. being
42. Jack ____from home for two days now, and I am beginning to worry about his safety.?
A. has been missing     B. has been missed?C. had been missing    D. was missed
43. Above the trees are the hills, ____ magnificence the river faithfully reflects on the surface.
A. where   B. of whose   C. whose   D. which
44. Who____ was coming to see me in my office this afternoon?
A. you said   B. did you say   C. did you say that    D. you did say
45. —Does Alan like hamburgers?
Yes. So much ____ that he eats them almost every day.
A. for   B. as   C. to   D. so
46. Your ideas, ____, seem unusual to me.
A. like her     B. like hers    C. similar to her     D. similar to herself
47. The opening ceremony is a great occasion. It is essential ____for that.
A. for us to be prepared     B. that we are prepared
C. of us to be prepared     D. our being prepared
48. Time ____, the celebration will be held as scheduled.
A. permit    B. permitting    C. permitted    D. permits
49. ____ I like economics, I like sociology much better.
A. As mush as    B. So much    C. How much   D. Much as
50. It is futile to discuss the matter further, because ____going to agree upon anything today.
A. neither you nor I are    B. neither you nor me am
C. neither you nor I am    D. neither me nor you are
51. They overcame all the difficulties and completed the project two months ahead of time, ____ is something we had not expected.
A. which    B. it    C. that    D. what
52. He is quite worn out from years of hard work. He is not the man ____ he was twenty years ago.
A. which    B. that    C. who    D. whom
53. She would have been more agreeable if she had changed a little bit, ____?
A. hadnt she     B. hasnt she    C. wouldnt she    D. didnt she
54. At three thousand feet, wide plains begin to appear, and there is never a moment when some distant mountain is not ____.
A. on view    B. at a glance    C. on the scene    D. in sight
55. The first two stages in the development of civilized man were probably the invention of weapons and the discovery of fire, although nobody knows exactly when he acquired the use of the ____.
A. latter    B. latest    C. later    D. last
56. It will take us twenty minutes to get to the railway station, ____traffic delays.
A. acknowledging    B. affording  C. allowing for     D. accounting for
57. He will have to____ his indecent behaviour one day.
A. answer to    B. answer for     C. answer back     D. answer about
58. With ____ exceptions, the former president does not appear in public now.
A. rare    B. unusual    C. extraordinary    D. unique
59. We have been hearing ____accounts of your work.
A. favoured    B. favourable    C. favourite    D. favouring
60. During the summer holiday season there are no ____ rooms in this seaside hotel.
A. empty    B. blank    C. deserted    D. vacant
61. Drive straight ahead, and then you will see a ____ to the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway.
A. sign    B. mark    C. signal    D. board
62. Whenever possible, Ian ____ how well he speaks Japanese.
A. shows up    B. shows around    C. shows off    D. shows out
63. The tenant left nothing behind except some ____ of paper, cloth, etc.
A. sheets    B. scraps    C. papers    D. slices
64. Shares on the stock market have ____ as a result of a worldwide economic downturn.
A. turned    B. changed    C. floated    D. fluctuated
65. I think you can take a(n) ____ language course to improve your English.
A. intermediate    B. middle    C. medium    D. mid#p#副标题#e#
 In this section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that you think is the best answer.
Mark your answers on your answer sheet.
The way in which people use social space reflects their social relationships and their ethnic identity. Early immigrants to America from Europe brought with them a collective style of living, which they retained until late in the 18th?century. Historical records document a group-oriented existence, in which one room was used for eating, entertaining guests, and sleeping. People ate soups from a sommunal pot, shared drinking cups, and used a common pit toilet. With the development of ideas about individualism, people soon began to shift to the use of individual cups and plates; the eating of meals that included meat, bread, and vegetables served on separate plates; and the use of private toilets. They began to build their houses with separate rooms to entertain guests-living rooms, separate bedrooms for sleeping, separate work areas-kitchen, laundry room, and separate bathrooms.?
In Mexico, the meaning and organization of domestic space is strikingly different. Houses are organized around a ?patio?, or courtyard. Rooms open onto the patio, where all kinds of domestic activities take place. Individuals to not have separate bedrooms. Children often sleep with parents, and brothers or sisters share a bed, emphasizing familial interdependence. Rooms in Mexican houses are locations for multiple activities that, in contrast, are rigidly separated in the United States.
66. Changes in living styles among early immigrants were initially brought about by ____.
A. rising living standard?
B. new concept?
C. new custom?
D. new designs of houses?
67. Which of the following is NOT discussed in the passage?
A. Their concepts of domestic space.
B. Their social relationships.
C. The functions of their rooms.
D. The layout of their houses.?
There are superstitions attached to numbers; even those ancient Greeks believed that all numbers and their multiples had some mystical significance.?
Those numbers between 1 and 13 were in particular to have a powerful influence over the affairs of men.?
For example, it is commonly said that luck, good or bad, comes in threes; if an accident happens, two more of the same kind may be expected soon afterwards. The arrival of a letter will be followed by two others within a certain period.?
Another belief involving the number three has it that it is unlucky to light three cigarettes from the one match. If this happens, the bad luck that goes with the deed falls upon the person whose cigarette was the last to be lit. The ill-omen linked to the lighting of three things from one match or candle goes back to at least the 17th? century and probably earlier. It was believed that three candles alight at the same time would be sure to bring bad luck; one, two, or four, were permissible, but never just three.?
Seven was another significant number, usually regarded as a bringer of good luck. The ancient astrologers believed that the universe was governed by seven planets; students of Shakespeare will recall that the life of man was divided into seven ages. Seven horseshoes nailed to a house will protect it from all evil.?
Nine is usually thought of as a lucky number because it is the product of three times three. It was much used by the Anglo Saxons in their charms for healing.?
Another belief was that great changes occurred every 7th and 9th of a mans life. Consequently, the age of 63(the product of nine and seven) was thought to be a very perilous time for him. If he survived his 63rd? year he might hope to live to a ripe old age.?
Thirteen, as we well know, is regarded with great awe and fear. The common belief is that this derives from the fact that there were 13 people at Christs Last Supper. This being the eve of his betrayal, it is not difficult to understand the significance given to the number by the early Christians.?
In more modern times 13 is an especially unlucky number of a dinner party, for example. Hotels will avoid numbering a floor the 13th?; the progression is from 12 to 14, and no room is given the number 13. Many home owners will use 12 1/2 instead of 13 as their house number.?
Yet oddly enough, to be born on the 13th? of the month is not regarded with any fear at all, which just shows how irrational we are in our superstitious beliefs.
68. According to the passage, which of the following groups of numbers will certainly bring good luck to people?
A.3 and 7.
B.3 and 9.
C.7 and 9.
D.3 and 13.
69. The ill luck associated with 13 is supposed to have its origin in ____.
A. legend
B. religion
C. popular belief
D. certain customs
70. What is the authors attitude towards peoples superstitious beliefs?
A. He is mildly critical.
B. He is strongly critical.
C. He is in favour of them.
D. His attitude is not clear. #p#副标题#e#
Womens minds work differently from mens. At least, that is what most men are convinced of. Psychologists view the subject either as a matter or frustration or a joke. Now the biologists have moved into this minefield, and some of them have found that there are real differences between the brains of men and women. But being different, they point out hurriedly, is not the same as being better or worse.?
There is, however, a definite structural variation between the male and female brain. The difference is in a part of the brain that is used in the most complex intellectual processes-the link between the two halves of the brain.?
The two halves are linked by a trunkline of between 200 and 300 million nerves, the ?corpus callosum. Scientists have found quite recently that the corpus callosum in women is always larger and probably richer in nerve fibres than it is in men. This is the first time that a structural difference has been found between the brains of women and men and it must have some significance. The question isWhat?”, and, if this difference exists, are there others? Research shows that present-day women think differently and behave differently from men. Are some of these differences biological and inborn, a result of evolution? We tend to think that is the influence of society that produces these differences. But could we be wrong??
Research showed that these two halves of the brain had different functions, and that the ?corpus callosum enabled them to work together. For most people, the left half is used for word handing, analytical and logical activities; the right half works on pictures, patterns and forms. We need both halves working together. And the better the connections, the more harmoniously the two halves work. And, according to research findings, women have the better connections.?
But it isnt all that easy to explain the actual differences between skills of men and women on this basis. In schools throughout the world girls tend to be better than boys atlanguage subjectsand boys better at maths and physics. IfWTHZthese differencesWTBZcorrespond with the differences in the hemispheric trunkline, here is an unalterable distinction between the sexes.?
We shant know for a while, partly because we dont know of any precise relationship between abilities in school subject and the functioning of the two halves of the brain, and we cannot understand how the two halves interact via the corpus callosum. But this striking difference must have some effect and, because the difference is in the parts of the brain involved in intellect, we should be looking for differences in intellectual processing.
71. Which of the following statements is CORRECT?
A. Biologists are conducting research where psychologists have given up.
B. Brain differences point to superiority of one sex over the other.
C. Results of scientific research fail to support popular belief.
D. The structural difference in the brain between the sexes has long been known.
72. According to the passage it is commonly believed that brain differences are caused by ____ factors.
A. biological
B. psychological
C. physical
D. social
73. “these differencesn paragraph 5 refer to those in ____.
A. skills of men and women
B. school subject
C. the brain structure of men and women
D. activities carried out by the brain
74. At the end of the passage the author proposes more work on ____.
A. the brain structure as a whole
B. the functioning of part of the brain
C. the distinction between the sexes
D. the effects of the corpus callosum
75. What is the main purpose of the passage
A. To outline the research findings on the brain structure.
B. To explain the link between sex and brain structure.
C. To discuss the various factors that cause brain differences.
D. To suggest new areas in brain research.
Information is the primary commodity in more and more industries today.?
By 2005, 83% of American management personnel will be knowledge workers. Europe and Japan are not far behind.?
By 2005, half of all knowledge workers (22% of the labour force) will chooseflextime, flexplacearrangements, which allow them to work at home, communicating with the office via computer networks.?
In the United States, the so-calleddigital divideseems to be disappearing. In early 2000, a poll found, that, where half of white households owned computers, so did fully 43% of African-American households, and their numbers were growing rapidly. Hispanic households continued to lag behind, but their rate of computer ownership was expanding as well.?
Company-owned and industry-wide television networks are bringing programming to thousands of locations. Business TV is becoming big business.?
Computer competence will approach 100% in US urban areas by the year 2005, with Europe and Japan not far behind.?
80% of US homes will have computers in 2005, compared with roughly 50% now. In the United States, 5 of the 10 fastest-growing careers between now and 2005 will be computer related. Demand for programmers and systems analysts will grow by 70%. The same trend is accelerating in Europe, Japan, and India.?
By 2005, nearly all college texts and many high school and junior high books will be tied to Internet sites that provide source material, study exercises, and relevant news articles to aid in learning. Others will come with CD-ROMs that offer similar resources.?
Internet links will provide access to the card catalogues of all the major libraries in the world by 2005. It will be possible to call up on a PC screen millions of volumes from distant libraries. Web sites enhance books by providing pictures, sound, film clips, and flexible indexing and search utilities.?
Implications: Anyone with access to the Internet will be able to achieve the education needed to build a productive life in an increasingly high-tech world. Computer learning may even reduce the growing American prison population.?
Knowledge workers are generally better paid than less-skilled workers. Their wealth is raising overall prosperity.?
Even entry-level workers and those in formerly unskilled positions require a growing level of education. For a good career in almost any field, computer competence is a must. This is one major trend raising the level of education required for a productive role in todays work force. For many workers, the opportunity for training is becoming one of the most desirable benefits any job can offer.
76. Information technology is expected to have impact on all the following EXCEPT ____.
A. American management personnel
B. European management personnel
C. American peoples choice of career
D. traditional practice at work
77. “digital dividein the 4th? paragraph refers to ____.
A. the gap in terms of computer ownership
B. the tendency of computer ownership
C. the dividing line based on digit
D. the ethnic distinction among American households
78. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT according to the passage?
A. By 2005 all college and school study materials will turn electronic.
B. By 2005 printed college and school study materials will be supplemented with electronic material.
C. By 2005 some college and school study materials will be accompanied by CD-ROMs.
D. By 2005 Internet links make worldwide library search a possibility.
79. Which of the following areas is NOT discussed in the passage?
A. Future careers.
B. Nature of future work.
C. Ethnic differences.
D. Schools and libraries.
80. At the end of the passage, the author seems to emphasize ____ in an increasingly high-tech world.
A. the variety of education
B. the content of education
C. the need for education
D. the function of education
  In this section there are seven passages with a total of ten multiple-choice questions. Skim or scan them as required and then mark your answers on your answer sheet.#p#副标题#e#
First read the following question.
81. The passage mainly discusses the effects of ____.
A. health
B. aspirin
C. hearing loss
D. heart attack
   Now, go through TEXT E quickly and answer question 81.?
Aspirin may be the most familiar drug in the world-but its power to heal goes far beyond the usual aches and pains. Exciting new studies suggest that aspirin can help fight a wide range of serious illnesser. “It now seems to be a benefit in so many areas of health,” says Dr Debra Judelson, medical director of the Womens Heart Institute in Beverly Hills, California. “I advise most of my patients, as long as they arent allergic to aspirin and dont have bleeding problems, to take low-dose aspirin.”?
Some of the major illnesses and conditions that aspirin or aspirin-like drugs might help prevent are: Alzheimers disease, diabetes-related heart disease, heart attack, cancer and antibiotic-induced hearing loss.
    First read the following question.
82. How many proposals does the passage put forward?
A. One.
B. Two.
C. Three.
D. Four.?
   Now, go through TEXT F quickly and answer question 82.?
What kind of environment do you want in the future? What can you do to help make it happen? What can other people do?
Education is one way to help the environment. You can learn about the environment in school.?
Radio and television can give you information. Newspapers, magazines, and books also help you learn.?
There are laws against littering and against making the air and water dirty. Other laws help people to save resources. The law lowering the speed limit for cars helps to save fuel.?
Another way to help the environment is to plan for the future. We may have to find new resources. In the future, people may heat their homes with atomic power. Without planning, some kinds of environment may not happen. People can act now to help make the future.?
 First read the following question.
83. The main theme of the passage is ____ in the G-7 nations.
A. aging
B. wealth
C. death rate
D. work force
Now, go through TEXT G quickly and answer question 83.
Citizens of the worlds wealthiest countries may live longer than previously predicted, according to a study sponsored by the National Institute on Aging. By 2050, people in the G-7 nations (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States) may be living anywhere from 1.3 years to 8 years longer than official estimates now predict. Researchers at Mountain View Research in Los Altos, California, examined 50 years of mortality data and found a long-term decline in death rates. That may mean that fewer workers will have to support many more elderly in the future than governments currently expect.
First read the following question.
84. Which is the best title of the passage?
A. How to protect your eyesight.
B. How to choose your computer.
C. A few tips for computer users.
D. Eye trouble and headache. ?
Now, go through TEXT H quickly and answer question 84.
Question: My eyes and head ache when I work at my computer for a long time. What can I do?
Vision It could just be your eyes. Make sure that youve had them checked and that youre wearing any necessary corrective lenses.
Screen Glare The light you read by may be too bright for your computer screen. Try to dim the light, and if you need to, get a desk lamp for other work. Also, if possible, move your computer so you arent directly underneath a light fixture.
Screen and Head Position
You shouldnt bend your neck when you read from the screen. That can cause headaches. Your eyeline should be 5 cm to 8 cm below the top of the monitor. The screen should be about an arms length away.
First read the following questions.
85. Clear weather is predicted in ____ Chinese cities.
A.2 B.3 C.4 D.5
86. Which foreign citys maximum temperature is the highest?
A. Cairo. B. Bangkok. C. New York. D. London.?
Now, go through TEXT I quickly and answer questions 85 and 86.
Forecasts for some major Chinese cities
Foreign cities
Min Beijing2417clearBangkok3328
Changchun2206cleardrizzle to cloudy
Fuzhou3123light rainFrankfurt1410
[5]cloudy to light rain
Hong Kong3226clear to cloudyLondon1411
Kunming2617clear to cloudy drizzle to cloudy
Shanghai2822cloudyclear to cloudy
Taipei2923light rain
Tianjin2717cloudy to clear New York2315
Wuhan3022clearclear to cloudy
Urumqi2210clear to cloudy
First read the following questions.
87. If you need travel shop information, you should go to ____.
A. Guide Friday Tourism Centre.
B. Tourist Information Centre.
C. Library.
D. Post Office.
88. Where can you find the Police Station?
A. In Henly Street.
B. In Arden Street.
C. In Bridge Street.
D. In Rother Street.
 Now, go through TEXT J quickly and answer questions 87 and 88.
General Information
Tourist Information Centre
Bridge foot. Tel. (01789) 29312
Summer:  9:30 am-6:00 pm Weekday
11:00 am-5:00 pm Sundays
Winter: 9:30 am-5:00 pm Weekday
Visitor Information, including information for the disable
Accommodation Booking
Bureau De Chang
Parkings and Toilets Leaflet
Guide Friday Tour Ticket
Travel Shop Information
Guide Friday Tourism Centre
The Civic Hall, 14 Rother Street
Te. (01789) 29986?
Open Daily from 9:00 am
Youth Hostel-Alveston (2 miles from Town Centre). Tel.(01789)29709?
Taxi Services
Bridgefoot, Bridge Street, Union Street, and Rother Market near White Swan Hotel
Police Station
Rother Street
Arden Street
Henly Street
Post Office
Henly Street
 First read the following questions.
89. How long is the Business English programme
A.3 months.
B.6 months.
C.4 weeks.
D.10 weeks.
90. Which certificate programme is NOT mentioned?
A. Teaching English for Specific Purposes.
B. Communications / Networking Engineering.
C. Global Operations Management.
D. Advanced Software Technologies.#p#副标题#e#
Now, go through TEXT K quickly and answer questions 89 and 90.
?English & Certificate Programs for Internationals
Live, Learn, and Enjoy on the Southern California Coast
Post-graduate certificates in 12 months[JZ)
Electronic Business
Global Operations Management
Communications / Networking Engineering
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Advanced Software Technologies
-6 months (focus on java -3 months)
Digital Art
[JZ]English Language Program
● 4-week Business English or Conversation & Culture-Jan, Feb, July, Aug
● 10-week Intensive ESL-Jan, Apr, June, Sept


                              THE IMPORTANCE OF ?KEEPING A GOOD MOOD
    People in modern society live under a lot of pressure. I see three kinds of pressure working on people today: pressure from education, family and career. It is easy to blame the school for charging too much money, the family members for the heavy burden, the society for the fierce competition. I think people should relax. It is important for them to keep a good mood under whatever circumstances.?
    Long gone are the days when people lived their life with a certain relaxation, sampling a wide variety of activitiesfilm, music, art, poetry. But now, a lot of people suffer from a lot of pressure. They cant communicate well with co-workers and family members, and have unbalanced, one-dimensional lives. Some people complain of symptoms of stress, for instance, loss of appetite, a complete sense of exhaustion, insomnia and low morale. Thus have destructive effect on their health. People tend to lose temper easily, and this may interfere personal relationship. Whats more, a high rate of suicide may warn people of their emotional well-being.?
    To be a healthy person physically and psychologically, one should keep a good mood, according to some psychology experts. Those little things may seem relatively insignificantreading mystery novels, playing volleyball, spending time with family and friends, maintaining your emotional well-being, getting plenty of rest, going fishing. They can help you keep a good mood.??

Oct. 18, 2003?
Dear Clare, ?
Thank you for inviting me to your house-warming party this weekend. But Im afraid I couldnt go there, because I have an important business appointment on that day. I saw some pictures of your new house, which is so cozy and comfortable. I sincerely hope that you have a good day.?
                                                                                              Gou Ming??#p#副标题#e#
短文大意 :这篇短文介绍麦当劳薯条的发展及其成功之处。?
26. 答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为动词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 这句话是说“在厨房,土豆去皮切成条状煎炸。”scaled意为“刮(鱼)鳞”; stripped意为“脱衣;剥夺”; peeled意为“除掉(水果等)皮”;sliced意为“将某物切成薄片”。故选项C为正确答案。 ?
27. 答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为语法题,考查连词的用法。?
【详细解答】 As后面可接从句,选项BCD后面只能接名词词组。此处需要连词,故选项A为正确答案。 ?
28. 答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题为动词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 ensure意为“确保、保证”,后面可接从句;而ensue意为“因而发生,接着”;enrich意为“使...富有”;enable意为“使...能够”, 选项ACD不能接从句,故选B。 ?
29. 答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为动词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 这句话是说:麦当劳在1966年转向冷冻薯条的制作。switching to意为“改变”;diverting from/to意为“转移”;modifying 意为“修改”;altering 意为“改动(强调事物本身大小、好坏的变化)”。故本题A最恰当。?
30. 答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题考查副词的用法?
【详细解答】  本句译为:然而,这个变化在国家的农业和饮食上产生了深远的影响。still 意为“仍然”;anyway 意为“无论如何”;besides 意为“除...之外”;nevertheless意为“然而”。根据上下文,此处需要转折关系的副词,故选项D为正确答案。 ?
31.  答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题考查名词的用法。?
【详细解答】  brand意为“商标,商品的牌子”;stuff意为“东西”;commodity意为“商品,产品”,故选项C为正确答案。 ?
32.  答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题考查关系代词的用法。?
【详细解答】 这是考查定语从句的用法,“that”关系代词,指代前面的plants,而ACD均无此功能。 ?
33.  答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题考查介词的用法。?
【详细解答】  介词“of”表示所属关系,本句译为:麦当劳的扩张和低成本、高产量薯条的普及改变了美国人的饮食方式。?
34.  答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为副词用法辨析题。?
【详细解答】  本句译为:薯条长期受到消费者、竞争者,甚至食品评论家的赞扬。根据上下文,正确答案为选项A 。  ?
35.  答案:A ?
【试题分析】 本题为形容词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 distinctive意为“有特色的,与从不同的”;distinct意为“清晰的,明白的”;distinguished意为“卓越的,著名的”;distinguishable意为“可区别的”。根据上下文可知选项A为正确答案。 ?
36.  答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题为动词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 possesses意为“拥有,占有”;buys意为“购买”;acquires意为“获得,取得”;grows意为“种植”。本句意为:他们与众不同的口味,并不是源于麦当劳所购买的土豆,以及他们所拥有的技术。故选项B为正确答案。 ?
37.  答案:C ?
【试题分析】 本题为形容词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 exact意为“确切的”;identical意为“完全相同的,一模一样的”,如:identical twins(同卵双胞胎);same意为“同样的”;alike意为“相同的”,但alike一般在句尾,不修饰名词。故C为正确答案。 ?
38. 答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题为名词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 woks意为“锅”;pots意为“罐,壶”;boilers意为“锅炉”;fryers意为“油煎锅”。故选项D为正确答案。 ?
39. 答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题为副词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 这句话是说“薯条的口味在很大程度上取决于烹饪用的油。”adequately意为“足够地”; massively意为“巨大地”;plentifully意为“丰富地”;largely意为“在很大程度上”,故选项D为正确答案。 ?
40. 答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为名词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 本句是说“这种混合油使得薯条有着与众不同的口味。”flavour意为“口味”;fragrance意为“芳香,香气”;smell意为“气味”;perfume意为“香水”,故A为正确答案。 ?
41. 答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题考查对非谓语动词的掌握。?
【详细解答】 这是一个独立主格结构。wheat前用逗号,且没有连词,表示这一句起补充说明的作用,该空不能用动词的形式,则being为唯一之选。?
42. 答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题考查时态的用法。?
【详细解答】 由句中时间状语“for some time now”可知,这里要用现在完成时;选项A为现在完成进行时,表示动作从过去某一时间一直持续到现在,故为正确答案。?
43. 答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为语法题,考查关系代词的用法。?
【详细解答】 这是一个定语从句,此处缺少一个关系代词。whose 指代前面的hills, whose magnificence表示它的壮丽景色。?
44. 答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题考查插入语的用法。?
【详细解答】 did you say是一个插入语。比如说 Who do you think is the best teacher i
n our school? 即你认为谁是我们学校最好的老师? ?
45. 答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题考查连词的用法。?
【详细解答】 这句话实际上是 (He likes Hamburgers) so much so that he eats them almost every day. 连词“so that”如此...以致。  ?
46. 答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题考查对代词的掌握。?
【详细解答】 只有hers可指代她的想法。而her, herself表示她自己。故B为正确答案。 ?
47. 答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为语法题,考查对虚拟语气的掌握。?
【详细解答】 在类似essential, necessary之类的形容词后面,句子的动词形式为 (should)+动词原形。故选项B不对。 而essential 后面一般跟to/for, 故A为正确答案。 ?
48.  答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题考查独立主格结构的用法。?
【详细解答】 当从句的主语和主句的主语不一样时,且没有连词,从句的主语用独立主格结构。Time permitting相当于If time is permitted. 故B为正确答案。 ?
49. 答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题考查连词的用法。?
【详细解答】 在这四个选项中, as表示“尽管”,引导的条件状语从句时,从句需倒装,即将形容词、副词提至句首,故选项D为正确答案。?
50.  答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为语法题,考查对主谓一致原则的掌握。?
【详细解答】 若两个或两个以上的主语由 “or”, “nor”, “either...or”, “neither...nor”, “not only...but also”,连接,遵守就近原则。故选项C为正确答案。 ?
51.  答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题考查关系代词的用法。?
【详细解答】 这是一个非限制性定语从句,此处缺少一个关系代词,指代前面的整个句子。在这四个选项中,只有选项A有此功能,因此A项是正确答案。 ?
52.  答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题为考查关系词的用法。?
【详细解答】 这是一个定语从句,此处缺少一个关系代词。选项B为正确答案。 ?
53.  答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为考查反意疑问句的用法。?
【详细解答】 该题句子的主干 “She would have been more agreeable”, 故附加疑问句为 “wouldnt she”. ?
54.  答案:D?
参考译文:三千英尺处, 没有了宽广的平原, 遥远的山脉随处可见。?
【试题分析】 本题为词语辨析题。?
【详细解答】 on view意为“展览着”;at a glance意为“一看就”; on the scene意为“在场”;in sight 意为“(指某物)看得见”。根据句意,选项D为正确答案。 ?
55.  答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为形容词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 latter意为“(刚提到的两者之间的)后者”; latest意为“最近的,最新的”;later意为“后来”; last意为“最后的”。根据句意,只有选项A表示“后者”,选项A为正确答案。 ?
56. 答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为词语辨析题。?
【详细解答】  acknowledging意为“承认,供认”; affording意为“提供,给予”,allowing for意为“顾及”; accounting for意为“对...作出满意的解释”。 根据句意,选项C为正确答案。 ?
57. 答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题为动词短语词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】  answer to意为“对...有反应,顺从”; answer for意为“对…负责,承担后果”; answer back意为“无礼回嘴,顶嘴”。根据句意,选项B为正确答案。?
58. 答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为词语辨析题。?
【详细解答】  rare意为“稀少的,罕有的,”;unusual意为“不平常的”; extraordinary意为“不平常的,特别的”; unique意为“唯一的,独一无二的”。故选项A为正确答案。 ?
59. 答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题为形容词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】  favoured意为“有利的,称心的”; favourable意为“令人满意的,表示赞许的”;favourite意为“最受喜欢的”。根据句意,选项B为正确答案。 ?
60.  答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题考查固定搭配的掌握。?
【详细解答】  empty意为“空的”,强调房间里无物体; blank意为“空白的”,如 “a blank page空白的一页”; deserted意为“荒废的,(因被弃)无人住的”; vacant意为“(地方等)空的,未被占用的”,如 “vacant house / room空屋子(房间)”。根据句意,选项D为正确答案。?
61.  答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为名词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 sign意为“牌子,指示牌”;mark意为“(书写的,印刷的)符号”;signal意为“信号,手势,暗号”;board意为“木板”。根据句意,选项A为正确答案。 ?
62.  答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为动词短语词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 show up指“出现”;show around指“为某人作向导”;show off指“炫耀,卖弄”; 没有show out词组。根据句意,选项C为正确答案。 ?
63.  答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题考查固定搭配的掌握。?
【详细解答】 sheets指“片,块,张”,可以说 “a sheet of paper”,但一般不能和 “cloth”搭配;scraps意为“小片,碎片”;pages指“页”, 不能和 “paper, cloth”搭配;slices指“(食物上切下的)薄片”。根据句意,选项B为正确答案。 ?
64.  答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题为动词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 turned意为“旋转,转动”;changed意为“改变”;floated意为“漂浮”;fluctuated意为“波动,起伏”。根据句意,选项D为正确答案。 ?
65.  答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为形容词词义辨析题。?
【详细解答】 intermediate意为“中级的”,如 “intermediate course /level /book 中级课程/水平/书本”; middle意为“中间的”,表示方位; medium意为“传播媒介”;mid意为“在...中间“,诗歌中用的较多。故选项A为正确答案。 #p#副标题#e#

短文大意 :这篇文章讲的是人们用社会空间反映人与人之间的社会关系。回顾了早期到美洲的欧洲移民生活方式的改变。比较了墨西哥人和美国人家庭空间感的不同。?
66. 答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 本题可从文中第五句找到答案“With the development of ideas about individualism, people soon began to shift to the use of individual cups and plates;”即随着个人主义思想的发展,人们开始转向使用个人的茶杯和碟子。故选项B为正确答案。 ?
67. 答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 短文第三句话说“...in which one room was used for eating, entertaining guests, and sleeping.”即一个房间作为吃饭、款待客人和睡觉的房间。此句说明房间的功能;第一段最后一句话说 “They began to build their houses with separate rooms to entertain guests... kitchen, laundry room, and separate bathrooms.”即他们开始用单独的房间款待客人...有厨房,洗衣房和洗澡间。此句说明房间的布局。选项B“他们之间的社会关系”是文章的主旨。由此可知,选项B,C,D文中已提。而选项A即家庭空间的概念,文中没有提到,故为正确答案。此题采取排除法。 ?

短文大意 :这篇文章首先介绍了人们对数字的迷信,以及对人们生活的影响。?
68.  答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 文中在提到幸运数字时讲到“Seven was another significant number, usually regarded as a bringer of good luck.” “Nine is usually thought of as lucky number...”即七是另外一个有特殊意义的数字,能带来好运。九也通常被认为是一个幸运数字。故选项C为正确答案。?
69.  答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 文中在提到数字十三时说“The common belief is that this derives from the fact that there were 13 people at Christs Last Supper.”即普遍认为是起源于耶稣的最后的晚餐上十三个人这个事实。故选项B为正确答案。 ?
70.  答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为态度题。?
【详细解答】 文中最后一段提到“Yet oddly enough, to be born on the 13th of the month is not regarded with any fear at all, which just shows how irrational we are in our superstitious beliefs.”然而非常奇怪的是,在十三日出生一点也不令人可怕,这恰恰显示出我们的迷信多么没有理性。故选项A即温和地讽刺,为正确答案。 ?

短文大意 :这篇有关大脑结构的文章,介绍男性、女性大脑结构及工作方式的不同,以及科学家的研究成果。?
71.  答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 选项A即心理学家已经放弃,而生物学家正在展开研究工作。而文中第三句话说 “Psychologists view the subject either as a matter of frustration or a joke.”即心理学家认为这个研究不是一件沮丧的事,就是一个笑话。此句和选项A含义不一样;选项B即大脑区别显示出一个性别优于另外一个性别。而文中第一段最后一句话说 “But being different, they point out hurriedly, is not the same as being better or worse.” 即他们指出尽管有区别,但并不能说明谁优谁劣,此句和选项B含义不一样;选项D两性大脑结构的区别早已为人所知。而文中第三段第三句话说 “This is the first time that a structural difference has been found between the brains of women and men...” 即这是第一次人们发现了两性大脑结构的不同。此句和选项D含义不一样。由此可知,选项C为正确答案。此题采取排除法。 ?
72.  答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 短文第三段倒数第二句话说 “We tend to think that is the influence of society that produces these differences.”即我们认为社会的影响造成了这些区别。故选项D为正确答案。 ?
73.  答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 短文第五段主题句说“But it isnt all that easy to explain the actual differences between skills of men and women on this basis.”即在此基础上解释两性技能的区别并不是很容易的事。由此可见,“这些区别”指的是两性技能。?
74.  答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 文章的结尾,作者说我们不知道学校学生的能力和大脑两半球功能之间的确切关系。我们不懂大脑两半球是如何通过corpus callosum相互作用的。间接地提出对于corpus callosum的影响,多作研究工作?
75.  答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为主旨题。?
【详细解答】 短文介绍科学家在有关大脑结构方面的研究成果。故选项A为正确答案。 ?

短文大意 :这篇文章预测信息技术对我们生活方式及职业的影响。?
76. 答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 短文第二段说“By 2005, 83%of American management personnel will be knowledge workers. Europe and Japan are not far behind.” “In the United States, 5 of the 10 faster-growing careers between now and 2005 will be computer related.” 由此可见信息技术对美国及欧洲人事管理的影响,及对美国人的职业取向的影响。故选项D为正确答案。此题采取排除法。 ?
77.  答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 运用第四段的具体数据进行分析。文中说2000年早期,一项调查发现,50%的白人家庭拥有计算机,43%的美国黑人家庭有计算机,他们的数字迅速扩大。由此可见,“数字分化”指的是拥有计算机的人的数字差距。故选项A为正确答案。 ?
78.  答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 短文中说“By 2005, nearly all college texts and many high school and junior high books will be tied to Internet sites that provide source material, study exercises, and relevant news articles to aid in learning.”这里提到了“几乎所有的大学课本,许多高中、初中课本将和因特网址连接,在学习中提供资源、学习材料及相关的文章。”由此可见,电子资料是一种辅助教学。而选项A说所有的大学和学校学习资料将转成电子教学是错误的。 ?
79.  答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 文中谈及未来职业的取向、种族差异、学校及图书馆。此题采取排除法。?
80.  答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 短文最后一段最后一句有“...the opportunity for training is becoming one of the most desirable benefits any job can offer.”据此知人们对于教育的需求。故选项C为正确答案。??

短文大意 :这篇短文向我们介绍的是阿思匹林的药效。?
81. 答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题为主旨题。?
【详细解答】 从文章第一段和第二段的主题句 “Aspirin may be the most familiar drug in the world - but its power to heal goes far beyond the usual aches and pain.” “Some of the major illnesses and conditions that aspirin or aspirin-like drugs might help prevent are:”可见这篇短文的中心论题就是阿思匹林的药效,故选项B为正确答案。?

短文大意 :这篇短文介绍的是保护环境的几种方式。?
82.  答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 短文谈到教育、媒体、法规和未来的计划四个保护环境的方案。?

短文大意 :这篇短文预测了世界七大工业国家的人均寿命。?
【参考译文】 这篇短文的主旨是关于七大工业国的什么问题??
【试题分析】 本题为主旨题。?
【详细解答】 短文中说“... people in the G-7 nations may be living anywhere from 1.3 years to 8 years longer than official estimates now predict.”即在七大发达工业国家,人们的寿命比现在官方预测的长1.3—8年。由此可知,正确答案为选项A。?

短文大意 :这篇短文给计算机使用者提了几条建议。?
84. 答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为主旨题。?
【详细解答】 短文谈及为了避免用眼过度和头痛,给计算机使用者提了几条建议。由此可知,正确答案为选项C。 ?

短文大意 :这是一个中国主要城市和国外城市天气预报的图表。?
85.  答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 抓住关键词 “clear”,中国主要城市的天气预报图表告诉我们“BeijingChangchunGuangzhouWuhan” 是晴天。由此可知,正确答案为选项C。 ?
86.  答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 从国外城市天气预报的图表中得知,Bangkok气温为33,最高。做对此题,学生必须知道Max 表示最高的,而Min表示最低的 ?#p#副标题#e#

短文大意 :这是一则信息。有关旅游、住宿、警察局、医院、图书馆、邮局的地址及电话号码。?
87.  答案:B?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 抓住关键词 “travel shop information”, 可在 “Tourist Information Center”处查询。正确答案为选项B。?
88.  答案:D?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 抓住关键词 “Police Station”, 查询地址。 ?

短文大意 :这是一则学校课程简介。?
89.  答案:C?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 在“English Language Programs”下找到 “4-week Business English”,正确答案为选项C。 ?
90.  答案:A?
【试题分析】 本题为细节题。?
【详细解答】 。在“Post-graduate certificates in 12 months”下发现“Global Operations management; Communications/Networking Engineering; Advanced Software Technologies...”,所以只有选项A没有提及。故选项A为正确答案。 ?

intermediate  中级的;    ?
ensure  确保、保证;    ?
proposal建议;      ?
favourable  令人满意的;    ?
distinctive  有特色的;      ?
vacant  空的?

show off  炫耀;  ?
answer for  对负责;    ?
allow for顾及; ?
stem from    源于;?
tend to      倾向于;  ?
shift to    转向