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Hello, I'm Sue Montgomery with the BBC news.

The electoral authorities in Venezuela have confirmed that the opposition alliance won a two-thirds majority in parliament in Sundays election. The super majority gives the Democratic Unity coalition extensive powers to challenge the Socialist President Nicolas Maduro. These include the ability to initiate a referendum on whether to revoke Mr. Maduro's mandate. It is said its first priority will be to secure the release of jailed opposition leaders and address Venezuela's deep economic crisis. Jesús Torrealba is the coalition secretary general. “At this point, we have to make a public appeal to the national government. We urge it to take emergency measures in the economic and social agenda. The country has severe problems in terms of food shortages.”

Buddhist monks in South Korea have warned there was a raid in the Jogye Temple in Seoul in search of a fugitive trade union leader Han Sang-gyun would be an active religious persecution. Police have said they would raid the temple within the next few hours unless he turns himself in. Steve Evans reports from Seoul. “The union leader has been in the temple since a big demonstration in Seoul nearly a month ago. The government alleges the protest which turn violent was illegal. The police say Mr. Han incited that violence. There is increasingly bitter feud between the right-center government and its left-wing critics who accuse it of diminishing democracy.”

The American billionaire and environment activist Douglas Tompkins has died after a kayak accident in Chili. He developed sever hypothermia after capsizing in a lake. He was 72. Douglas Tompkins made his fortune as cofounder of the clothing companies North Face and Esprit. Here's James Reed. “In his own words, Douglas made his fortune selling people countless things they don't need. He cofounded the clothing brands North Face and Esprit. But in the late 1980s, he turned his back on business to dedicate himself to conservation in Patagonia. He spends hundreds of millions of dollars on land in Chili and Argentina to establish vast natural reserves. The scheme was controversial, seen by some as a threat to economic development and even national sovereignty. But for Douglas Tompkins, preserving biodiversity trumped all. He died in the pristine wildness he loved and was so determined to protect.”

Afghan security forces are engaged in a standoff with Taliban militants for holding a family hostage after assaulting a military base in Kandahar on Tuesday evening. Nine people are confirmed dead in the attack on the heavily fortified compound which houses Kandahar's airport and the joint NATO and Afghan military headquarters. Local media say the number killed may be higher. BBC news.

Rwanda has announced that a referendum will be held next week on the 18th,the constitutional amendment that would allow President Paul Kagame to stand for a third term in 2017. Parliament approved the change last month after it was petitioned by three million people. Mr. Kagame has been credited with rebuilding Rwanda after the genocide in 1994. But opponents say he has become increasingly intolerant of dissent.

The UN special advisor on the prevention of genocide has warned that Burundi could descend into civil war if the political violence there does not stop. Adama Dieng said both government and opposition forces in Burundi were manipulating ethnicity. And heavy weaponry was being used. He said there was a danger the1993 Arusha peace accord could be destroyed. And if that happened, the worst was possible.

The United States says the investigation reports that Iran conducted a test of ballistic missile last month violating UN ban. The American ambassador to the United Nations is Samantha Power. “I don't want to get ahead of the work that people whore doing inside the US government to see if we can confirm it. But as happened last time, if we can confirm it and if there is a violation of any UN Security Council resolution, we will come here and we will seek appropriate action.” Iran says any sanctions would breach the nuclear it struck with world powers earlier this year.

Officials from Cuba and the United States have had a preliminary meeting to discuss the compensation the two former cold war enemies are seeking from each other. Cuba wants more than 120 billion dollars for the effects the economic embargo imposed on it after the 1959 revolution. Washington is processing claims to acclaim about eight billion dollars on behalf of the American companies and citizens. BBC news.




美国亿万富豪、环境保护主义者道格拉斯•汤普金在智利因皮艇发生事故死亡,享年72岁。汤普金的皮艇在湖中倾覆,他死于体温过低。道格拉斯•汤普金因联合创建知名品牌乐斯菲斯(North Face)和埃斯普瑞特(Esprit)服装公司而发家致富。杰姆斯•瑞德为您报道。 “用他本人的话来说,他成功的让人们买各种他们其实不需要的东西而财源滚滚。他与他人合作共同创建服装品牌乐斯菲斯(North Face)和埃斯普瑞特(Esprit)。但在上个世纪80年代晚期,他远离商业,转而致力于南美巴塔哥尼亚地区的环境保护。为了在智利和阿根廷建立庞大的自然保护区,汤普金不惜一掷千金。这个保护区饱受争议,有的人认为这不利于经济发展,甚至威胁国家主权,但是,对于道格拉斯•汤普金来说,保护生物多样性比什么都重要。最终他死在了他热爱并决心保护的这片原始大地上。