BBC英语新闻: 墨西哥格雷罗州发现至少19具尸体

来源:普特英语听力 2019-02-01
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The bodies of at least 19 people have been found in the Mexican state of Guerrero where 43 students disappeared last year. Police said the bodies have been thrown into a narrow canyon, 500 meters deep. Police are expected to compare the remains with DNA samples taken from over 600 families searching for missing relatives in the state.

Supporters of the main Shia sect in Nigeria say police have opened fire on protesters demanding the release of their leader who was arrested in lethal military raid at the weekend. The Islamic movement in Nigeria said three people were killed in the northern city of Kaduna, but police have denied it.

key point
demanding v. 要求;查问(demanding形式)adj. 苛求的;要求高的;吃力的

disappeared v. 消失,失踪(disappear的过去式和过去分词)adj. 消失的;消失了的