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Republicans vying to become their partys chosen candidate for next year's US presidential election have gathered in Las Vegas for their latest televised debate. National security is expected to be a key issue as James Cook reports. "Donald Trump will take central stage for this debate reflecting his lead in nationwide polls. Controversial statement he has made on the campaign trial about Mexicans and Muslims are expected to provoke intense discussion. Mr. Trump's suggestion that the United States should suspend all Muslims immigration has drawn strong criticism from most of his fellow presidential hopefuls in the Republican Party. The topic has been given added gravity by the attacks on Paris and the murders of 14 people in California, both of which have been investigated as cases of Islamist terrorism."

key point

campaign n. 运动;活动;战役vi. 作战;参加竞选;参加活动

presidential adj. 总统的;首长的;统辖的