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The authorities in Los Angeles have defended their decision to close all public schools for the day because of a suspected security threat. A similar threat was received in New York where the authority said it was not credible, the city's police chief for the Los Angeles' closure a significant overreaction. Peter Bowes reports. "Officials say they decided to closedown the entire public school system out of what they called an abundance of caution after theyve received a threat in an email. The authority said they would search every school in the district to make sure they were safe for pupils to return. As that got underway, New York City officials reviewed they had received the same threat, but quickly dismissed it. A member of the House Select Committee on intelligence has since said the threat is believed to be a hoax."

key point
significant n. 象征;有意义的事物adj. 重大的;有效的;有意义的;值得注意的;意味深长的

intelligence n. 智力;情报工作;情报机关;理解力