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Hello, I'm Fiona MacDonald with the BBC news.

The Colombian government and FARC left wing rebels have signed a key agreement in a step towards a definitive peace accord to end half century of conflict. The President Juan Manuel Santos is to address the nation shortly. Natalia Cosoy reports. "The agreement focuses on reparations for victims of the more than 50-year long Colombian internal conflictIt also confirmed as special peace jurisdiction will be set up once final and definite agreement is reached. The tribunal will give more lenient sentences for those who confessed to their crimes. It would be for the country's citizens to decide if they approve or reject the final peace deal. But the government and FRAC hope to sign by March 2016. If that happens, it would bring an end to a conflict that has claimed more than 220,000 lives."

key point
Claim. VERB 动词(战争、疾病、事故)夺去(生命),导致(死亡) If you say that a war,disease, or accident claims someone's life, you mean that they are killed in it or by it

e.g.The civil war claimed the life of a U.N. interpreter yesterday...

Heart disease is the biggest killer, claiming 180,000lives a year.心脏病是头号杀手,每年夺去18万条生命。