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第一段: 话题引出段 / 图画图表描述段

第二段: 观点列举段 / 利弊分析段 / 举例论证段 / 原因列举段 /意义阐释段

第三段: 归纳结论段 / 未来趋势段 / 建议措施段



Nowadays, there is a growing concern over the issue of ……

People in growing numbers are directing their attention to ……

With the development of ……, the problem ofhas become increasingly serious.

When it comes to ……, peoples notions may vary from one to another.

Recently, a heated discussion has sprung up as to ……

Traditional virtue/value has it that……, yet people are……currently.


As is vividly shown in the picture,……

It is clearly depicted in the picture that ……

This picture depicts a thought-provoking scene of ……

According to the figures given in the chart……

The chart above provides a series of essential figures, illustrating the changes taking place in a time span ofyears.


Opposite voices are now rising in the debate. Some people firmly believe that……. On the contrary, quite a few people argue that……

The controversial issue has aroused opposite opinions. One focuses on …….. ;the other opinion revolves around……


Every coin has two sides, and this issue is no exception. Above all, …In additionMore importantlyHowever, the negative influence it renders should not be neglected. ..not onlybut also

Is this phenomenon a blessing or a curse.? The following list of advantages and disadvantages can explain everything.


For instance;

Takefor an example;

A case in point is……

The following illustrations can serve as strong evidence of the phenomenon.


Why should this phenomenon take place? There are generally three factors accounting for it.

Having taken everything into consideration, we may attribute the sharp change to three aspects.


The purpose of the picture is to show us that due attention has to be paid to….

The fact/phenomenon thatindicates that … …

Having scrutinized the details of the picture, we can discuss the implications subtly conveyed from it.


In conclusion,

In my opinion,

As far as I am concerned,

Taking into account all the analyses above, we may confidently come to the conclusion that……


There is no denying that ……will continue increasing/decreasing in the better/worse direction.

Undoubtedly, the tendency reflected from the chart will undergo a continuous increase/decrease in the near future.


Therefore, it is imperative that we should take some drastic measures.

As far as I am concerned, two effective measures must be immediately taken to pull through the crisis.

As a result, it is advisable to settle the problem by two means.