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Buddhist monks in South Korea have warned there was a raid in the Jogye Temple in Seoul in search of a fugitive trade union leader Han Sang-gyun would be an active religious persecution. Police have said they would raid the temple within the next few hours unless he turns himself in. Steve Evans reports from Seoul. “The union leader has been in the temple since a big demonstration in Seoul nearly a month ago. The government alleges the protest which turn violent was illegal. The police say Mr. Han incited that violence. There is increasingly bitter feud between the right-center government and its left-wing critics who accuse it of diminishing democracy.”

key point
fugitive n. 逃亡者;难捕捉之物adj. 逃亡的;无常的;易变的

demonstration n. 示范;证明;示威游行

allege vt. 宣称,断言;提出…作为理由