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A 71-year-old Chinese investigative journalist jailed for leaking state secrets has had her 7-year-sentence cut to 5 on appeal. Celia Hatton reports from Beijing.

The guilty verdict in Gao Yu's case remained the same, though in a surprised twist her sentence has been slightly reduced from seven years to five years in prison. No reason has yet emerged from the court to explain the unusual reduction, though many pressed for a lighter sentence in consideration of Ms Gao's advanced age 71 and her chronic heart problems. Ms Gao's son, Zhao Meng, told the BBC he was concerned his mother would not survive another lengthy period in prison, her third since 1989.”

key point

reduction n. 减少;下降;缩小

consideration n. 考虑;原因;关心;报酬

sentence n. [语][计] 句子,命题;宣判,判决vt. 判决,宣判