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President Obama has said he's deeply disturbed by video footage showing the death of a 17-year-old black man who was shot 16 times by policeman in Chicago just over a year ago. The footage was released on Tuesday after prosecutors announced that they had brought murder charges against the white police officer, Jason Van Dyke.

A court in the United States has convicted a man of murder after he shot dead his wife and posted a picture of her body on Facebook. The jury in Florida rejected Derek Medina's argument that he had acted in self-defence. The court was told that he had written on the social media site that he expected to go to prison or be sentenced to death for the killing.

key point
disturbed v. 干扰(disturb的过去分词)adj. 扰乱的;为心理失常者而设的

prosecutor n. 检察官;公诉人;[法] 起诉人;实行者