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1. [horrible] The little girl has a (  ) of snakes and spiders.

2. [intimate] The (  ) with which the two friends talked showed how fond they were of each other.

3. [confuse] If you write more clearly, you will prevent the (  ) of your readers.

4. [utter] His crazy (  ) disappointed everyone around him.

5. [proof] In order to (  ) the servant's honesty, she left a bag containing money on the table.

1.正确答案:horror 题目翻译:小女孩怕蛇和蜘蛛.

2.正确答案:intimacy 题目翻译:两个朋友亲密的谈话显得他们多喜欢彼此.

3.正确答案:confusion 题目翻译:如果你写的清楚一些,你读的时候就避免混淆了.

4.正确答案:utterance 题目翻译:他的疯话让周围的人失望.

5.正确答案:prove 题目翻译:为了证明servant的诚实,她留下了装有钱的袋子