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1. Although he was a f(   )e at school, he became a successful man later. 失败者

2. He was so c(   )s to know what was in the letter that he opened it ,even though it was addressed to his sister. 好奇的

3. Will you be quite f(   )k with me about this matter? 坦白的

4. In their school they have an i(   )l of ten minutes for recess. 间隔的时间

5. The police watched the cafe to which the robber was known to r(  )t. 常去

1. 正确答案:failure 题目翻译:尽管他在学校是个失败者,最后他还是成了一个成功的人.

2. 正确答案:curious 题目翻译:他太好奇信里是什么,就打开了,尽管是寄给他姐姐的.

3. 正确答案:frank 题目翻译:你能非常坦白的告诉我这件事吗?

4. 正确答案:interval 题目翻译:在学校里,有十分钟的休息时间.

5. 正确答案:resort 题目翻译:警察们监视了强盗们常去的咖啡馆.