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The African Union begins a two-day summit today aimed at finding ways of ending child marriage on the continent. United Nations children's fund, Unicef says one in three African girls are married before they are 18 years old. Nomsa Maseko reports from the Zambia capital Lusaka.

Millions of young girls dream of going to school, but instead they are forced to prepare for motherhood after being married off early. The African Union and other NGOs have joined forces to persuade governments to make child marriages illegal as it robs young girls of their rights to education and health. They also want a law that says the minimum ages of marriage must be 18. But in order to do this they have to convince local traditional leaders and parents that keeping girls in school and out of marriage is the way forward to break the cycle of poverty.

key point
traditional adj. 传统的;惯例的

summit n. 顶点;最高级会议;最高阶层adj. 最高级的;政府首脑的

persuade vt. 说服,劝说;使某人相信;劝某人做(不做)某事adj. 空闲的,有闲的vi. 说服;被说服