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Hello, I'm Jim Lee with the BBC News.

Officials from North and South Korea are meeting for a rare round of talks, the first interaction between the two governments since August when they met to defuse a crisis that had brought them to the brink of armed conflict. Steve Evans reports.

The talks are unlikely to produce any grand results. This significance is more that they're taking place at all in what's been a continual atmosphere of mistrust. There aren't big issues on the agenda, but rather matters of how to continue meeting, perhaps at increasingly senior levels. There are some signs that North Korea wants more openness, particularly by getting in more tourists with hard currency. The regime in Pyongyang may be weighing up the Chinese route of economic liberalisation, but tight political control.

key point
interaction n. 相互作用;[数] 交互作用n. 互动

particularly adv. 特别地,独特地;详细地,具体地;明确地,细致地

liberalisation n. 自由化;开放