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And scientists have discovered the species of songbird performs a tap dance so fast that it can't be seen by the naked eye. Researchers from Japan and Germany slow down footages of the blue capped cordon-bleu songbirds during courtship. Here's our science reporter Jonathan Web. "Now, theyve discovered that tap dance is in the courtship repertoire of both male and female cordon-bleus. The next step for the researchers is to try and pick whether the birds mate is wooed by the sight, the sound or the vibrations of this fancy foot work. Such is the agility of the songbirds show stopping quickstep that could only be fully appreciated in super slow motion." That's the latest BBC news.

key point

songbird n. 鸣禽,鸣鸟;女歌手;告密者

courtship n. 求爱;求婚;求爱期

agility n. 敏捷;灵活;机敏