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The United Nations has passed are solution calling on countries including the US, Britain and South Africa to release records about a mysterious plane crash that killed the then UN Secretary of General Dag Hammarskjold in 1961. An independent inquiry earlier this year found new information suggesting that the plane might have been shot down by another aircraft over what is now was Zambia. Mr. Hammarskjold and 15others were killed while travelling to broker a ceasefire in the mining rich Katanga province in the newly independent Congo.

New Zealanders are voting in the first of two referendums on whether to adopt a new national flag. They've been asked to choose between five designs, most of which feature a silver fern, the countrys unofficial emblem. The winner will then go through to another referendum next year when voters will decide if it should replace the existing flag.

key point

independent n. 独立自主者;无党派者adj. 独立的;单独的;无党派的;不受约束的

province n. 省;领域;职权

referendum n. 公民投票权;外交官请示书