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Police in Colombia have arrested more than 20 members of a gang accused of smuggling cocaine and heroin inside consignments of flowers for export. The drugs were hidden in the flowers of warehouses at the international airport near the capital Bogota. Police said the gang had sent small quantities of the drugs regularly to the US, Europe and to Central America.
key point

cocaine n. [药] 可卡因

warehouses 仓库,货栈(warehouse的名词复数)

一伙20多人因被指控利用出口鲜花托运走   私   可  卡 因和海 洛 因而被哥伦比亚警方逮捕。这些毒   品藏在首都波哥大附近国际机场用于存放花的仓库中。警方表示该犯罪团伙定期将少量的毒   品运送到美国、欧洲和中美洲。