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1. 如何随声附和?

可以说You're right. Right. Of course. Certainly. Quite right. Exactly.

2. 如何表达得更连贯顺畅?


表递增可以用also, in addition, not only ---- but also, what's more.

表举例可以用for example, for instance

表同位可以用 that is , in other words

表列举可以用first, finally

表总结可以用in conclusion, in summary

表因果可以用so, therefore, as a result, because of

表让步可以用despite, although, though,

表对照可以用on the contrary, while, on the other hand

表选择可以用rather than, instead of , either---or

3. 如何要求考官或搭档重复提问?

I am sorry I didn't catch you. Could you please say that again?

Pardon, please.

Sorry, I don't quite see what you mean. Could you explain it, please?

4. 如何表达同意,部分同意,完全不同意?

同意:I totally agree with you.

部分同意:You may be right, but-----?

That may be so, but-----?

完全不同意:I'm afraid I don't agree.

5. 如何询问信息?

Could you tell me-----?

I'd like to know-----.