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The US house of representatives has overwhelmingly passed a bill to toughen the screening of the Syria men and Iraqi refugees entering the United States. The proposed new restrictions would require the heads of three US agencies to approve every Iraqi and Syrian refugee entering the country. The White House says threaten to veto the new bill. The Secretary of State John Kerry said the plan changes were contrary to American values. "Out of the entire total of refugees, who were let into our country since 2009, only 2% were male of a fighting age similar to those people who are picking up the battle in Syria. You know, its inappropriate for American, of all countries in the world to panic and to somehow turn our backs on our fundamental values. "

pass a bill 通过一项议案

veto n/v.行使否决权, 否决权,否认权

美国众议院压倒性地通过一项法案,即加强对进入美国的叙利亚和伊拉克难民的筛查工作。新规定要求美国三大机构的领导人审核批准每个进入美国的叙利亚和伊拉克难民。白宫威胁要否决这一新法案。国务卿约翰克里表示,这一项目的改变有违美国的价值观。“ 自2009年起,在进入我国的难民数量中,只有2%的男性与叙利亚战场的男士兵是处于同个年纪。你知道,美国不应该引起世界上别的国家的恐慌,也不应该背离我们的基本价值。“