BEC中级写作词汇 4

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across-the-board adj./adv. 全体,全面 

例1:The drop in sales applies across-the-broad.销售额全面下降。
例2:They have decided to increase prices by 4% across-the-board.他们决定全面提高价格4%。 

acting adj. 代理的 

the acting manager 代理经理 

active  adj. ①活跃的 ②流通的 

active capital 活动资本
active market 交易频繁的市场
active money 流通货币(相对于银行账户中的货币) 
例:The recession has reduced the amount of active money.经济衰退已使流通中的货币减少。
activity  n. ①业务类型 ②工作,业务具体活动[pl.] ①领域 ②活动范围 

auxiliary activity 附属业务
financing-activities 财务活动
contributing cost activity 分成成本活动
occupational activities 职业性活动
operation activity 维护,保养;(设备的)运行 

actual adj. 真实的,实际的,确实的 
actual loss 实际损失
in actual business activities 在实际商务活动中
the actual state of affairs 目前的形式 
例:The actual cost of repairs was a lot less than we had expected.实际的修理费用比我们预期的要低得多。