BEC中级写作词汇 1

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absorb v. ①承受,承担 ②支付 ③并吞,兼并,吸收 
 be absorbed by 被……吞并;为……所吸引be absorbed in 全神贯注于……;一心从事……,热衷于…… 
例:We will not absorb these charges.我们不能承担这些费用。The company will absorb all the costs.公司将负担一切费用。They have disagreement on whether or not to absorb those small enterprises.在兼并小企业上,他们存在分歧。 

abstract n. ①概要,摘要 ②清单v. 摘要,节略 
transit abstract 中转货物摘录abstract of posting 过账分类表make an abstract of 把……的要点摘录下来 
例:The secretary is included at the top of the report.秘书将演说做一摘要。A abstract is included at the top of the report.报告书前加上摘要。 

acceptor n. 承兑人,受票人 

例:The bill of exchange was signed by the acceptor.汇票由承兑人签字。
access n. ①接近(或进入)的机会,享用权 ②市场销路 ③进入市场v. ①使用 ②获取,使用科技手段取得(货物或信) 
give access to 接见;准许出入access to market 进入市场的机会;进入市场 
例:He has access to classified material.他有权使用已归类的材料。 

accommodation n. ①设施 ②住宿 ③贷款

book accommodation at a hotel 向旅馆预定房间luggage accommodation 行李舱accommodation address 临时通信地址 
例:There traveling businessmen found accommodation at moderate terms.旅游的商人感到那儿的膳宿费是公道的。Please write to my accommodation address.请把信寄到我的临时通信地址。