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Mexico has extradited two drug trafficking suspects to face trial in the United States. One of the men, Cesar Gastelum Serrano, was described by the US treasury department as one of the most prolific cocaine suppliers from Mexico Sinaloa cartel. The other, Pedro Rubio Perez, had been charged with drugs and organized crime offenses.

There has been a surge of resignations of Mormons from their church in the US state of Utah over the churches' new policy on gay married couples. Serval hundred resigned on Saturday but this swelled to about 1500 on Sunday. The new policy bars children of married same-sex couples from being baptized in the faith until they turn 18. BBC news.

trafficking n.非法交易

prolific adj.富饶的,多产的, 众多的

墨西哥日前从美国引渡回两名涉嫌毒品交易的嫌疑人。其中一人塞萨 盖斯特轮 塞罗,美联储将其描述为墨西哥锡那罗亚卡特尔最活跃的可卡因供应者。另一人,佩特罗 罗比,彼瑞兹面临贩毒和组织犯罪的指控。