BEC写作: 抱怨和索赔信函(10)

来源:网络 2019-01-15

For Poor Performance on a Service Contract (由于服务质量差而抱怨)   

Dear Mr .Weidner .   

Contract No. 17854   

You will recall that you and I have discussed at least three times during the past six months the low quality of service provided by your hotel. After each conversation, service is improved for a short time, and then reverts. back to the old standard that brought abort my original complaints. I will summarize in this letter my previous discussions about your performance.

You may wish to refer to our contract as you read my comments.   

1. Windows :According to the contract, all windows are to be cleaned once a month. This is not being done. Often from six to eight weeks elapse between cleanings. Even when the windows are cleaned, the job is less than satisfactory.   

2. Carpets: The carpets should be vacuumed after each workday. Although your service people do show up each day , their efforts can only be described as careless.   

3.Miscellaneous: I could mention a dozen other cleaning responsibilities that are not being met satisfactorily--furnitures, lavatories and ash trays, for example.   

I call your attention to paragraph 7 in the contract, Mr.Weidner, in which the provisions for revocation of the contract are described. I do not like to consider such a possibility, but I must have your written assurance that all provisions of the contract will be met.   

I will be pleased to meet with you once more to discuss the situation. I assure you that this is a matter of some urgency to me.   

Yours faithfully,XXX



1. 窗户:遵照合同,每月清洗所有窗户一次。然而。此项工作并未得到落实。每次清洗相隔六至八周。即使窗户被清洗过,效果也不尽人意。

2. 地毯:每个工作日之后,应对地毯真空吸尘。尽管贵方服务人员每天露面,但工作很不仔细。

3. 各种事务:我可列举许多令人不满意的清洁工作,例如家具、卫生间、烟灰缸等等。