BEC写作: 抱怨和索赔信函(9)

来源:网络 2019-03-26

For Errors in an Invoice(由于发票错误抱怨)   

Dear Sirs ,   

When your sales representative, Helen Xu, called on me in late December, she told me that you were offering a special price of $ 147 on the, Wizard icemaker during the month of January .I ordered six on January 17, figuring the total amount of the order at $882. However ,the invoice that accompanied the shipment showed the amount due as $ 1098. It is apparent that I was charged the regular price of $ 183 instead of the lower price I was promised .   

I'm enclosing a check for $ 882 in payment of the order. Unless I hear from, you to the contrary, I will assume that this is the correct amount and that my account is clear. If this is not the case, I would like your permission to return the six Wizard icemakers to you at your expense.   

Sincerely yours, XXX