BEC写作: 抱怨和索赔信函(5)

来源:网络 2019-03-07

For Unacceptable Substitute (由于无法接受替代物而抱怨)  

Dear Mr .Cliff,   

During the past three months I have placed two sizable orders for The Handy Desk Companion by Roy .specifying the hard back binding .But both time you sent me paper-back binding because you were out of stock on the hard-back .   

Fortunately ,I am still selling a few of the paper backs ,but more and more customers ask for the hard-back ones .(At least two of our competitors have this reference book in hard-back in our cities).   

Enclosed is my order for 75 copies of The Handy Desk Companion in hard-back . Please do not , under any circumstances ,send me anything else . I have plenty of the paper-back in stock.    

Very sincerely yours , XXX