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It has emerged that a man who's now the subject of a huge manhunt of the Paris shootings and bombings was stopped by police and let go hours after the attacks on Friday. Officers stopped a car heading towards the Belgium border which was carrying 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam. Gavin Hewitt in Paris has more details. “News tonight well could be a hugely embarrassing episode for the French police. In the hours after the attacks here in Paris, they stopped a car heading towards the Belgium border. They questioned certainly one man. There may have been two others in the vehicle. But they questioned him for some period and then they examined his ID and then they let him go. He now is the focus of the manhunt. He now is the most wanted man in France. And it turns out that his brother was one of the suicide bombers in the attacks here. And of course this now as I said, is hugely embarrassing episode for the French police.”

manhunt n.(对逃犯等的) 搜捕,追捕

suicide bombers 人肉炸弹