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Hello, Im Julie Candler with the BBC news.

French warplanes have carried out strikes on the Syrian city of Raqqa, a stronghold of Islamic State militants. The mission comes two days after the deadly attacks in Paris which Islamic State says it was behind. Hugh Schofield sent this reports from Paris. “Twelve planes took part in the attack operating efforts, French bases in Gordon and the United Arab Emirates. The defense ministry said the targets had been identified in earlier reconnaissance flights and the attack carried out in coordination with the Americans. President Hollande had described Fridays attacks in Paris as an act of war and he promised that Frances reaction would be pitiless.”

stronghold n.据点, 要塞, 根据地

reconnaissance n.勘查,(对某地区的) 侦察或观测(尤指为军事目的),(执行侦察任务的)巡逻队、飞行队等