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Setting up an appraisal scheme

Appraisals can be a wonderful opportunity for your staff to focus on their jobs and make plans to develop their unused potential. (0) ..........So, if you have decided that an appraisal scheme should be set up in your company, you need to establish some formal procedures and make some decisions before you begin. Even if your company already has a scheme, you need to consider what you want to achieve and how you are going to do this.
First of all, you need to decide on your key objectives and the real purpose of your scheme.(8).............A scheme should never be introduced at a time of redundancies, or simply for profit or competitive edge, because this will create fear and alienate staff. The next step is to decide how the scheme can most successfully be managed. It is essential that all senior staff are committed to the process and willing to make a positive contribution.
The person given responsibility for designing the scheme and the appraisal forms needs to have knowledge of all roles within the organisation. He or she must also be aware of employees' potential needs. (9).............It should be someone who is trusted and whom staff will turn to if they are concerned about their appointed appraiser or the appraisal interview. The design of the scheme should indicate who will be appraising whom. This needs great tact and sensitivity. First, remember that no manager can effectively appraise more than seven or eight people. It is equally important to remember that, if significant numbers of staff are appraised by someone they dislike, or by a person whose values they do not share, the success of your scheme may be threatened.(10) ............. So bear this in mind from the beginning and, if necessary, establish an appeals procedure.
Having decided on your policy and who will appraise which members of staff, you need to communicate this in the simplest possible way. Avoid lengthy documents - few people will read them. (11).............Most organisations choose a person's line manager to be the appraiser. This can be seen as an opportunity or a threat, so be ready to consider alternatives if necessary.
Once you have established the appraisal process, make sure that appraisal interviews take place at a convenient time, and ideally on neutral ground. It should be borne in mind that some appraisals may involve the disclosure of confidential information. (12) .............These will show the decisions that were taken during the interview and will also indicate any new performance targets that have been agreed.

  A It is important to select a manager who can deal effectively with any suspicions staff may have about appraisals.
B Such a measure can also reduce insecurity and unite staff in recognising the positive elements of appraisal.
C Having even one staff member in such a position may affect how others respond to the process.
D Ideally, this should be to provide a supportive framework that aids staff development.
E Simply make sure that staff know who will appraise them and why, and what form the interview will take.
F It is therefore important to decide who will have access to written records of the appraisal.
G They can also be a means of getting the best out of staff, both as individuals, and as team members.


  《Setting up an appraisal scheme》,制定评估计划。
第九题,这一段是讲选人的重要。空格前面说要挑选一个了解各个员工潜在需求的人,后面说这个人要能被大家信任,这样当员工有什么疑问时才会转向他。从上下文看,第九空仍然是和选人有关。A最符合这个特点,有两个关键地方。select a managerdeal with any suspicions,分别可以和上下文对应。Select a manager可以对应于前面的 the person given responsibilitydeal with any suspicions可以对应于后文的staff will turn to if they are concerned.
第十题,前面说让员工被自己不喜欢的或者是价值观不认同的人来评估的话,评估计划的成功会打折扣。所以这个第十空的讲的还是关于选人的。C可以填在这里,C选项的in such a position是个暗示:让即使只有一个员工处在这样的位置上都会影响他人的反应。意思是不能让一个被大家不喜欢的人处在评估人的位置上。
第十二题,前面说评估可能会涉及到一些机密信息的披露。后面说这些会展现一些访谈的决定。关键要理解空格后面的these代表什么。能够show the decisions that were taken during the interview,一般是文字材料。空格12应该填入Fwritten records是个关键暗示:因此决定谁来接触这些文字材料是很重要的。