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The Career Forum

0 If you work in the city centre then a visit to the Career Forum, is the
00 city's most successful recruitment exhibition, will give you the information

34 you need to determine whether you are making up the most of yourself.

35 Currently, there are advertising many new vacancies on the job market.

36 With good skills and a healthy work record in greater demand than ever, it is

37 the ideal time to ensure that your career is being on the right track. The Career

38 Forum has been responsible for helping many thousands of the people

39 improve their job potential, and it can do something the same for you.

40 Some of the best jobs in town never reach out the advertising pages, so

41 to be considered for one of these top jobs as they become available,

42 you will need to make closely contact with the employers' agents. The Career

43 Forum is making the perfect opportunity. It is set in an informal atmosphere

44 and there is no pressure put; you can choose which agents you talk to.

45 So if you are looking for a new job, come and join us at the Career Forum.


The Career Forum》,职业论坛。这篇文章其实是一则广告,为这个什么职业论坛做宣传的。

34题,make the most of yourself,固定说法。貌似爱默生的名言:Make the most of yourself,for that is all there is of you。这里UP是多余的。

35题,advertising在这里明显多余。很完整的句子,there主语,are谓语,many new vacancies是宾语,没有多余的位置给advertising


37题,be on the right track,在正确的轨道上。Being多余。


39题,do the same for you,固定的说法,为你做同样的。something是多余的。

40题,reach out是伸出援助之手的意思,在这个句子里不是这个意思,只是说好的工作从未到达广告页,所以去掉out


42题,make contact with,如果要用也是用close,不能用closely,去掉