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Chairman's Report
      I am pleased to report that, although we had been expecting poor results for this half year because of slow growth in the world economy, the company has performed very satisfactorily.Operating profits for this first half are in fact very much (19) with those for the corresponding (20) last year. Profits reached £l 15 million before tax, compared with £l 16.3 million last year. Much of our success in the last six months can be (21) to the fact that all our major construction projects remained on schedule. Particularly pleasing was the early (22)of a major building contract in Canada.

The company has made good progress with the initiatives announced at the Annual General Meeting. The majority of shareholders (23) the Board's decision to sell the company's loss-making engineering (24). It was the Board's belief that the company would (25) most benefit by (26) its resources on the expansion of its construction activities. Negotiations with a potential buyer began in February and are now at a critical (27).However, we feel that we are not as yet in a (28) to comment on what the outcome is likely to be.

In June, we made a successful (29) for the Renishaw Construction Company of Hong Kong SAR, in order to give us greater (30) to markets in South East Asia. We still have sufficient resources to pursue our growth (31) and are at present (32) several other business opportunities which, like Renishaw Construction, would (33) new markets to us.

19.A in order B on track C in line D on target
20.A session B term C season D period
21.A attributed B referred C assigned D designated
22.A termination B ending C completion D finalising
23.A confirmed B maintained C agreed D supported
24.A portion B component C sector D division
25.A have B gain C find D earn
26.A focusing B directing C pointing D strengthening
27.A height B step C edge D stage
28.A condition B point C position D capacity
29.A request B price C demand D bid
30.A access B approach C admission D entrance
31.A strategy B process C promotion D system
32.A inquiring B deliberating C exploring D searching
33.A send B open C provide D give


19和20题需要在一起考虑,从整体上把握句子的意思。in line with与....一致;on trackdoing or saying things that are likely to be successful or correct步入正轨;on target(射击)准。20空选词关键要将空格前面的those for the corresponding和前面的for this first half对应,这里空格填入的词要能和this first half相匹配,表示时间段,时期,所以是period。因为是半年,所以不选season。整个句子的意思是这半年的营业利润(operating profit)实际上是与去年同期相一致的。
21题,attribute to,表原因,联系整个句子不难做出选择。designate是委任、指派
25和26题,句子的意思是公司将通过把资源集中在建筑活动的扩张上来获得大部分的收益。25题的AC容易排除,关键是看gain还是earnearn是通过努力挣到一笔钱(to receive a particular amount of money for the work that you do),gain是获得或者实现什么(to obtain or achieve something you want or need),因为是公司的战略,所以用gain更合适一些。
27题,at a critical stage,在一个关键的阶段。
28题,in a position to do sth.能够做某事。固定搭配
30题,give us greater access to markets给我们更大的市场准入
31题,growth strategy,增长策略,追求我们的增长策略。